Tuesday, April 10, 2012

18th session

18th session was all about building our kingdom using the kingdom building mini game, it takes a bit of getting used to but we founded a kingdom and built up a base of operations.  We clearly need to boost our economy up as much as possible over the next few rounds.  In a fit of Piety I insisted we build a road straight to the Temple of the Elk in accordance to our promise despite the smart thing being to absorb the mines, anyway.  We will be spreading farmland into valued lands next session as well as hopefully opening a tannery and some trade shops for extra economy.

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(3436) DM (enter): 19:14
(3421) Napalmmoose (enter): 19:14
(3427) Cairne: I guessed the password
(3421) Napalmmoose: sup guys
(3436) DM: Hi
(3421) Jeremiah: Working on nodes for my new Spells
(3427) Cairne: I just got a message from zel saying not to expect her, going to docotor apparently.
(3427) Cairne: his sinus infection is still with him.
(3427) Cairne: have we heard from rayenth?
(3427) Cairne: Also do we start our build phase before or after our first turn of city building?
(3421) Jeremiah: Not sure
(3437) Segrid (enter): 19:26
(3421) Jeremiah: Mind if I test my new Spells to make sure they function correctly?
(3427) Cairne: np
(3427) Cairne: Perception [1d20+11] => [5,11] = (16)
(3421) Jeremiah: L2: Defensive Shock: Casting Time 1 Standard Range Personal Duration 4 minutes or until Discharged Effect: Any Creature attacking me with it's body or a handheld weapon takes [2d6] => [3,4] = (7) Electricity Damage. Spell resistance Applies to the Damage. Each Discharge Halves the damage Dice, once it reaches 0 Dice Spell ends.
(3421) Jeremiah: L2: Elemental Touch, Acid: Casting Time 1 Standard Range Personal Duration 4 Rounds Saving Throw Fort Vs. DC15 Effect: Touch Attack [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15) Deals [1d6] => [2] = (2) Acid Damage.Target takes 1 point of ongoing Acid Damage for 1 Round, Fort Save or be Sicked for 1 Round
(3421) Jeremiah: L2: Elemental Touch, Cold: Casting Time 1 Standard Range Personal Duration 4 Rounds Saving Throw Fort Vs. DC15 Effect: Touch Attack [1d20+5] => [5,5] = (10) Deals [1d6] => [2] = (2) Cold Damage, Save Vs Fort or be Fatigued.
(3427) Cairne: you have so many touch attacks.
(3421) Jeremiah: I know
(3427) Cairne: you deliver them with your crossbow and your sword right?
(3421) Jeremiah: Just the sword
(3421) Jeremiah: has to be a melee attack
(3427) Cairne: interesting.
(3421) Jeremiah: and Ihave special ability that lets me turn ranged Touch Attacks into just Touch Attacks
(3427) Cairne: DM when you get a chance can you put up a map of the known world? I'd like to do some constructive doodling.
(3421) Jeremiah: L2: Elemental Touch, Electricity: Casting Time 1 Standard Range Personal Duration 4 Rounds Saving Throw Fort Vs. DC15 Effect: Touch Attack [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13) Deals [1d6] => [5] = (5) Electricity Damage, Save or be Staggered for 1 round.
(3421) Jeremiah: L2: Elemental Touch, Fire: Casting Time 1 Standard Range Personal Duration 4 Rounds Saving Throw Fort Vs. DC15 Effect: Touch Attack [1d20+5] => [11,5] = (16) Deals [1d6] => [1] = (1) Fire Damage, Hands Shed Light as a torch and may Ignite Object. Target May Also Catch Fire.
(3421) Jeremiah: Good they all Work as intended
(3427) Cairne: my (**sss**)nternet c(**sss**)nnect(**sss**)(**sss**)n (**sss**)s act(**sss**)ng funky. C(**sss**)mmun(**sss**)cat(**sss**)(**sss**)ns m(**sss**)ght e screwy.
(3427) Cairne: I say my dear chap, my communication may be affected by some d'alouge filter of some sort.
(3427) Cairne: Most people who're this situation, their life flashes before their eyes and they go through a list of regrets. For the next 45 seconds I want to go through the list of things I've done right. Number one. Full length back tattoo of the Hawaiian punch guy. 10% real fruit juice MOTHER FUCKERS!
(3421) Jeremiah: what?
(3427) Cairne: Quote from the movie the goods.
(3427) Cairne: Number three, had my wisdom teeth put back into my skull!
(3421) Jeremiah: ah
(3437) Segrid: .
(3445) Haskel (enter): 19:53
(3421) Jeremiah: Wonder were everyone is
(3427) Cairne: Zelata is dealing with medical issues.
(3427) Cairne: fairly serious sinus infection.
(3437) Segrid: hi carden
** (3445) Carden waves **
(3427) Cairne: I'm wondering if Andraste's internet connection, completely fashioned from spit and and tape as it is finnaly blew up for good.
(3437) Segrid: someone want to do the diplomacy roll for Kesten?
(3437) Segrid: (support roll)
** (3421) Jeremiah is terrabad at Diplomacy **
(3448) Siam (enter): 19:59
(3427) Cairne: I pointed out that with Andraste's +11 diplomacy it is not possible for her to fail the support check and the GM ruled that Kesten signed on.
(3437) Segrid: speakin of terribad, really Cairne, only a +1 on ruler stats?
(3448) Andraste: Hello all :3
(3421) Jeremiah: Sup
(3437) Segrid: Hiya beautiful! :)
(3427) Cairne: Hey andraste, when you leveled did you boost your cha?
(3448) Andraste: yep but its only 17
(3427) Cairne: The crown of the realm will boost all mental stats.
(3448) Andraste: By how much :o?
(3427) Cairne: well, I have not built it yet and I need 8500 gp to do it.
(3437) Segrid: So, Andraste, is the college thing going to work out?
(3448) Andraste: Sadly no, I have 2 hours morning class.
(3448) Andraste: So unless we start 2 hours earlier, I won't be able to make a full amount
(3427) Cairne: adraste, you have a masterwork mighty composite longbow made for your hand alone.
(3448) Andraste: ^_^ Thank you
(3427) Cairne: Mason has a Maul made for his.
(3448) Andraste: btw, how much gold does everyone have?
(3445) Carden: 1800
(3437) Segrid: 753 after improving my armor and shield
(3427) Cairne: I can tell you tommorow how much gold everyone gained over the course of the adventure but that means digging through 17 game logs.
(3436) DM: You already counted the reward money for the Stag Lord, correct?
(3427) Cairne: like 12 of them the gold was divided 7 ways and 5 8 ways.
(3427) Cairne: 2548.14 gp
(3445) Carden: I always gave extra to the party funds
(3448) Andraste: Nah its ok :P
(3421) Jeremiah: 1820 g and some change
(3427) Cairne: yeah people stop doing that, it just makes my job easier, the party fund is not hurting for money so just keep your exces or tip oleg or something.
(3448) Andraste: So did you guys officially start the kingdom yet?
(3427) Cairne: that is this session
(3448) Andraste: nifty :D
(3436) DM: So you arrived back at Oleg's yesterday.
(3427) Cairne: btw thank you Andraste for helping me convince Kesten to be our tax collecter.
(3436) DM: Today is 1 Desnus
(3448) Andraste: No problem?
(3436) DM: After breakfast Oleg shows you into his (remodeled) office.
(3448) Andraste: ((I find it rather funny that today is a public holiday in my country...because its a crowning ceremony)
(3436) DM: Waiting there is Gartan Orotho and four guards.
(3436) DM: There is a large chest sitting on the table at the end of the room.
(3436) DM: Orotho greets you have gives you the reward money for the Stag Lord.
** (3448) Andraste accepts the money gladly, thanking him for the cash. **
(3436) Orotho: And now I have something else to give you...
** (3436) Orotho hands you a parchment that reads as follows: **
(3436) Orotho: Be it so known that the bearers of this charter, having delivered the
northern reaches of the Greenbelt from the scourge of banditry,
having provided detailed maps of the lay of the land, and having
done no small amount of work in the exploration of said land and the
culling of hostile monsters and indigenous hazards, are hereby granted
the right to rule. The nature and laws of rule are theirs to define, and
the wellbeing of this new nation is theirs to protect. In accordance for
providing a stable nation to the south of central Rostland, let there
be a generous stipend of funds, support, and advice provided to this
fledgling nation as a token of Restov and Brevoy's goodwill, such
that future relations between kingdoms might be mutually beneficial.
So witnessed under the watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov and
by the authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of
the Dragonscale Throne.

Ioseph Sellemius, Lord-Mayor of Restov
** (3421) Jeremiah thanks hgim fr the reward **
** (3421) Jeremiah lets out a low whistle **
(3437) Segrid: "Huh." Segrid is flapped.
(3436) Orotho: This chest contains your stipend for starting the kingdom (represented by 50 building points)
(3436) Orotho: Even as we speak, settlers are beginning to make their way into the Greenbelt.
(3427) Cairne: (trying and failing to contain his excitement) This is most generous! Your faith in us willnot be retgretted.
** (3445) Carden is exceptionally silent **
(3437) Segrid: "Lord Cairne, you kno wmuch more of this world than I. What exactly does this mean? "
(3436) Orotho: I wish you good luck and continuing success!
** (3448) Andraste looks excited but keeps silently throughout the whole reading, looking at everyone for a few moments to catch their reactions before the speech ends. She gazes upon the chest, and then to the document signifying right of rulership. **
(3427) Cairne: Well, we have discussed it and to the south where the stag lord's fort lay there is a fine place to build a city. The stag lord's own fort can act as the foundation to a city with little renovation and the land around it is rich and ripe for farming.'
(3427) Cairne: It means this land is ours to rule.
(3421) Jeremiah: "It means We are now Lords and ladies unless I miss my guess"
(3427) Cairne: And ours to keep safe.
(3427) Cairne: If you are not a lord now you will be soon, such things are very important.
(3436) Orotho: Lord Sellemius and I look forward to hearing of your progress. Now I must return to Restov.
** (3437) Segrid slumps against the wall, sliding down it until sitting on the floor. A long breath escape him. **
(3436) DM: Gartan and the guards leave.
(3448) Andraste: "Right, the Stag Lord chose very well for the location of his fort, it will serve as an excellent starting point," she nods in agreement, "Yes, we now have a large responsibility to those who live in these lands," she continues, before walking up to Segrid and leaning next to him, a hand on his head patting it lightly.
** (3421) Jeremiah bids him farewell and a safe journey **
(3448) Andraste: "Goodbye Gartan, send my regards to my family back home," she says.
(3445) Carden: "So what is our first step?"
** (3437) Segrid grabs Andraste's hand, kissing it softly. "Lords." he looks up into her eyes, his brimming with joyful teariness. **
(3427) Cairne: Dm, quick question, do we start our first turn as rulers after spending our build points or do we start the turn without any claimed lands?
** (3437) Segrid wipes his eyes and clears his throat. "Right, to business. Help me up, milady." **
(3436) DM: You start without any claimed hexes.
(3448) Andraste: "And Ladies," she says, picking him up on his feet.
(3427) Cairne: I say we march our settlers to the stag lord's keep by way of the temple of the Elk, at the temple I want to take people
(3436) DM: So we start with the Improvement Phase for the first month.
(3427) Cairne: 's oaths and knight you people.
(3436) DM: You also can't claim resources until their hexes are part of your kingdom.
(3436) DM: Your kingdom hexes must be contiguous, except for your first one.
(3437) Segrid: So we have to claim the slf on the first turn?
(3436) DM: Yes, it will cost you 1 BP to claim the hex and 2 BP to clear the city district for a hills hex.
(3427) Cairne: Of building yes, but I want to take oathes first.
(3436) DM: So let's start with Step 1 of the Improvement Phase: Select Leadership.
(3436) DM: I think we already have that. I've updated my spreadsheet with the roles that Cairne posted on the forum.
(3448) Andraste: ((I cant access the forums for some reason xD))
(3427) Cairne: http://www.rpgobjects.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=18935#p18935 any objections?
(3427) Cairne: http://deadeyesfellowship.blogspot.com/2012/04/kingdom-sheet.html
(3421) Jeremiah: (( Economy From Magister should be 3 not 2 ))
(3436) DM: So I have E8, L6, and S11
(3437) Segrid: s13
(3427) Cairne: While I want to handle the Nuts and bolts of Kingdom building I think its important we start with the PCs standing a nights vigil at the temple and taking oaths to the people and being knighted.
(3436) DM: S11 = Edicts -1 + Leadership 10 + Alignment 2
(3427) Cairne: you are correct, I'll post the adjusted numbers later. +8 loyalty, not +7
(3448) Andraste: (what sort of edicts are we on at the moment?)
(3436) DM: none
(3436) DM: that's step 6
(3427) Cairne: none are currently declared.
(3436) DM: so these numbers will change as we get through the first cycle
(3437) Segrid: Ok
(3436) DM: So on to Step 2 if the leadership roles are OK
(3448) Andraste: I actually Feel a General role would suit Andraste pretty well.
(3436) DM: You spend a total of 3 BP to claim the hex and to clear it for a city district.
(3436) DM: (BP is now 47)
(3427) Cairne: check
(3436) DM: (Claim 1 hex on the 2nd tab)
(3436) DM: Population is 250
(3436) DM: and you get XP for starting a kingdom!
(3445) Carden: (mechanic question: does the roles give the characters anything special?)
(3437) Segrid: Congratualtions, Baron Garess
(3427) Cairne: I'd also like to claime the hex on the river crossing as a farm hex.
(3436) DM: You can only claim one hex a month while the kingdom is 1-10 hexes in size
(3436) DM: Note that it will take a month before you can start building since this is a hills hex
(3427) Cairne: Ah, well then I say we spend the 27 on the castle.
(3448) Andraste: I concur
(3437) Segrid: Indeed
(3445) Carden: ok
(3448) Andraste: (Should our alias now contain fancy titles :P))
(3437) Segrid: And we may want to build a house block also
(3448) Andraste: Oh yes, mayhaps a house :D
(3421) Jeremiah: houses would be good
(3436) DM: So we skip step 3 since the land isn't ready to build on yet
(3437) Segrid: Your first house block doesn't count against the building limit each turn
(3437) Segrid: (next month castle and house)
(3436) DM: But you can build roads in this hex if you want for 1 BP
(3448) Andraste: Yep
(3437) Segrid: Yes
(3427) Baron Cairne: OK, I spend my month being an executive, working out the enchantment on my tent and designing the basic guidlines of how the city is going to be built, not how every individual house looks but rather how the sewers will be built, how wide the streets are and where they will be etc.
(3436) DM: So now treasury is 46 BP and you can add 1 road resource
(3437) Segrid: I will see about war training Baron Cairne's Horse during my down time during this month
(3436) DM: Skip step 5 since you can't allocate farmland in a hex that has a city
(3437) Segrid: Handle Animal: [1d20+7] => [2,7] = (9)
(3436) DM: Now to Step 6, Edicts
(3437) Segrid: (d'oh, nope)
(3427) Baron Cairne: By the way, you are all Sirs now, try and remember it.
(3436) DM: p. 56 shows the effects of the various levels of edicts
(3448) Lady Andraste: (And ladies :P)
(3436) DM: What level of promotion do you want?
(3437) Ser Segrid: Should we do an edict to proclaim a founders holiday? (or should that wait until next year?)
(3448) Lady Andraste: (I would recommend Leaving promotion at none, we're very stable at the moment)
(3421) Jeremiah: (( Wait till next year ))
(3448) Lady Andraste: (Tax level at either none or light and Festivals at none or once per year)
(3427) Baron Cairne: I say no taxes, 1 festeval and token promotion.
(3448) Lady Andraste: (Thats my recommendations)
(3445) Carden: Tax=light or none, festivals= once a year
(3427) Baron Cairne: eventually I want at least 6 festavels, not for any other reason than I want to throw parties.
(3436) DM: ok bonuses are now E8, L8, and S13
(3436) DM: Now we move on to the Income Phase
(3436) DM: Do you want to make any deposits or withdawls?
(3448) Lady Andraste: I doubt any of us wants to withdraw or have the money to put in any xD
(3421) Jeremiah: ( brb ))
(3437) Ser Segrid: no
(3427) Baron Cairne: right now the kingdom should be self generating.
(3436) DM: Want to try and sell any magic items that you already have?
(3437) Ser Segrid: no
(3436) DM: ok, on to Step 4, Generate Income
(3436) DM: Roll an Economy check vs. your command DC of 21
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+8] => [16,8] = (24)
(3437) Ser Segrid: nice
(3448) Lady Andraste: (Four more BP :) ))
(3436) DM: 24 / 5 = 4 BP to add to your treasury
(3427) Baron Cairne: yay
(3436) DM: putting you back at 50 bp
(3436) DM: Now for the Event Phase
(3436) DM: [1d100] => [67] = (67)
(3448) Lady Andraste: (oh joy)
(3436) DM: no event this month
(3427) Baron Cairne: so next month?
(3421) Jeremiah: ((back ))
(3436) DM: yup, now it's the month of Sarenith
** (3448) Lady Andraste spends the first month at the founding of their new Kingdom, mostly spending it patrolling the woods for trouble, talking to the populace about any complains and easing any injuries and fatigue suffered from their labors. She looks rather pleased with how everything is going so far. **
(3436) DM: Now we start the first full cycle, starting with an Upkeep phase
(3427) Baron Cairne: Svetlana has another pavilion for us, Segrids I beleieve.
(3436) DM: Step 1: Make a stability check
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+13] => [9,13] = (22)
(3427) Baron Cairne: made it by one
(3437) Ser Segrid: Excellent. Finally a place to hang my helm I can take with me.
(3436) DM: gain 1 BP
(3427) Baron Cairne: 51
(3436) DM: Pay your consumption (3 BP)
** (3448) Lady Andraste takes the helm and places it back on his head, snickering like mad. **
(3436) DM: Skip Steps 3 and 4.
(3427) Baron Cairne: claim the hex with the river crossing as farmland
(3437) Ser Segrid: "What's that milady, you wish to preserve this plain face without any distinctive scarring?
(3427) Baron Cairne: that way farmers can barge their goods to market. (no game effect but it makes sense to me)
(3427) Baron Cairne: 48 bp
(3436) DM: pay 1 BP to claim the hex, 1 to build roads in it (required to make it a farmlands hex), and 4 BP for the farms
(3448) Lady Andraste: "Why yes, Ser knight, it would upset your lady very much"
(3427) Baron Cairne: 42 bp
(3427) Baron Cairne: "ou two are so adorable"
** (3437) Ser Segrid spends the month overseeing the construction of the castle, and once again attempts to train the Baron's rude horse **
(3436) DM: Population is now 500
(3421) Jeremiah: I suggest a Graveyard and a Dump If possable ))
(3437) Ser Segrid: Handle Animal: [1d20+7] => [19,7] = (26)
(3421) Jeremiah: and more houses or tenemants ))
(3437) Ser Segrid: ((huzzah!))
(3436) DM: So you're building a castle and a house in the city district?
(3427) Baron Cairne: begin work on turning the stag lord's fort into a proper castle.
(3437) Ser Segrid: yes
(3448) Lady Andraste: "Don't you have farmland to take care of, my Lord?" she smiles, "With it done, we no longer have to import our food...hope you all like Cabbages"
(3437) Ser Segrid: "Crack radishes, planted from the seeds of those we found to the north."
(3437) Ser Segrid: (Moon)
(3436) DM: 30 BP total?
(3436) DM: spent
(3448) Lady Andraste: "Cooked by our mistress of fire and Grand diplomat herself!"
(3427) Baron Cairne: yup
(3436) DM: So now E10, L10, S15
(3436) DM: Consumption is 3
(3436) DM: Population is 1750
(3436) DM: Any changes to edicts?
(3427) Baron Cairne: nope.
(3445) Carden: none
(3427) Baron Cairne: down to 10 bp.
(3436) DM: I have 12
(3427) Baron Cairne: edicts are -2
(3436) DM: on your consumption for next month
(3436) DM: we already paid consumption for this month
(3427) Baron Cairne: ok, 12 then
(3436) DM: Income Phase Step 4: make an economy check (Command DC is now 22)
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+10] => [9,10] = (19)
(3448) Lady Andraste: (da'aww)
(3436) DM: No extra income this month. But, hey, the crops are in the ground.
(3436) DM: Event Phase (75% chance this month): [1d100] => [43] = (43)
** (3448) Lady Andraste tells Zelata not to burn them down. **
(3436) DM: Who wants to roll the event % for what happens?
(3427) Baron Cairne: Lady zelata.
(3437) Ser Segrid: [1d100] => [79] = (79)
(3436) DM: Sensational Crime
(3427) Baron Cairne: fuuuuuuuuuuuuu-
(3448) Lady Andraste: Oh noes,
(3436) DM: Make a stability check to catch the criminal and prevent unrest
(3436) DM: DC is 22
(3437) Ser Segrid: our marshal should make that check
(3445) Carden: (hehehe)
(3448) Lady Andraste: Should I roll this one?
(3448) Lady Andraste: Marshals influence economy, Generals help stability
(3445) Carden: so 1d20+stability?
(3436) DM: If you don't succeed, the criminal is still on the loose (continuous event)
(3436) DM: bonus to Stability is +15
(3445) Carden: [1d20+15] => [18,15] = (33)
(3437) Ser Segrid: (Marshals catch criminals)
(3436) DM: so you are able to apprehend the culprit, sparing the kingdom from unrest
(3427) Baron Cairne: Please tell me the sensational crime is not Lady Zelata burning homes down.
(3448) Lady Andraste: I would, but it seems all too likely. And she has diplomatic immunity too.
(3437) Ser Segrid: She ain't immune to a good whoopin'!
(3427) Baron Cairne: you have my permission to spanke her.
(3445) Carden: lol
(3436) DM: Next month: Erastus 4711 AR
(3421) Jeremiah: (( It was a Ceral Killer, and No I didnt misspell that ))
(3436) DM: Upkeep
(3436) DM: Roll stability
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+15] => [19,15] = (34)
(3427) Baron Cairne: and we are stable.
(3436) DM: + 6 BP
** (3448) Lady Andraste is enjoying all these surplus goods. **
(3436) DM: Pay consumption of 3
(3436) DM: treasury is at 15
** (3437) Ser Segrid is seeing what he can do to enjoy Lady Andraste.... Let the courting commence! **
(3436) DM: No unrest
(3427) Baron Cairne: I'm thinking we capitolize on the river at our disposal and build a mill.
(3436) DM: Improvement Phase
(3436) DM: I will note here that you can switch leadership roles around month to month if you really wanted to
(3427) Baron Cairne: we need fresh cut lumber.
(3448) Lady Andraste: I think its a flour milll to be honest
(3448) Lady Andraste: We dont have any forest hexes yet for lumber
(3436) DM: Going to claim a new hex this month?
(3427) Baron Cairne: by the description it can be either.
(3427) Baron Cairne: how about up the thorn river?
(3437) Ser Segrid: moving towards the temple sounds good to me
(3448) Lady Andraste: (lets keep going upriver)
(3436) DM: pay 1 BP
(3436) DM: going to put roads in it?
(3427) Baron Cairne: yes
(3448) Lady Andraste: (btw, did Cairne devote his +1 to one type of roll per month?)
(3436) DM: 2 BP for roads since a bridge has to be built
(3427) Baron Cairne: yes, right now it goes to economy, as does mason's.
(3448) Lady Andraste: (Mason the spymaster ^_^))
(3436) DM: Building a mill in the city?
(3427) Baron Cairne: Yes.
(3436) DM: cost is 6 BP
(3436) DM: treasury is now at 6 BP
(3427) Baron Cairne: ok.
(3467) Jeremiah (enter): 21:07
(3467) Jeremiah: (( and Im back ))
(3467) Jeremiah: (( what did I miss ))
(3448) Lady Andraste: ( we cloned you)
(3448) Lady Andraste: (meet Jeremiah 2.0))
(3427) Baron Cairne: you are a sir now,
(3427) Baron Cairne: people call you sir and you have to wash your underwear.
(3436) DM: going to make the new hex a farmlands hex?
(3437) Ser Segrid: we have a castle, some housing, a mill, and few few bits of farmland connected by roads
(3467) Jeremiah: (( Implying Jeremiah Wear underware ))
(3427) Baron Cairne: and at this point I want to save up for a craftsman.
(3467) Jeremiah: (( What About houses have we been building House every turn ? ))
** (3448) Lady Andraste totally makes inappropriate jokes about the Mill with Segrid. **
(3448) Lady Andraste: ((We cant afford to xD houses are fairly expensive))
(3436) DM: any changes to edicts?
(3437) Ser Segrid: (no, we don't have much in the treasury right now)
(3467) Jeremiah: (( what about Tenements cost less than houses but build unrest ))
(3427) Baron Cairne: anyone want me to make them shinys?
(3436) DM: Income Phase
(3436) DM: Make an Economy Check (bonus is +11, Command DC is 23)
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+11] => [13,11] = (24)
(3448) Lady Andraste: (woot 4 more income!)
(3436) DM: treasury is at 10
(3436) DM: Chance of an event is 25%: [1d100] => [97] = (97)
(3436) DM: no event this month
(3436) DM: so that's basically three months of kingdom building
(3436) DM: everybody getting the hang of it?
(3437) Ser Segrid: yup
(3467) Jeremiah: Yep ))
(3437) Ser Segrid: Handle Animal: [1d20+7] => [18,7] = (25)
(3427) Baron Cairne: yes
(3437) Ser Segrid: (war trained my horse that last month)
(3448) Lady Andraste: (How many farmland hexes do we have?)
(3427) Baron Cairne: Segrid has a Pavilion, so does Jeremiah.
(3427) Baron Cairne: 2
(3436) DM: oh,did you build farms in your 3rd hex?
(3436) DM: I didn't add that
(3427) Baron Cairne: yeah.
(3467) Sir Jeremiah: (( neat, and I think so ))
(3436) DM: ok treasury is 9
** (3448) Lady Andraste sleeps in the real houses for now :P **
(3436) DM: So more kingdom building?
** (3437) Ser Segrid begins selcting men to become castle guards **
(3437) Ser Segrid: sure
(3445) Carden: I say use the old river camp as a highway guard post or small hamlet or such
(3436) DM: It is now the month of Arodus
(3448) Lady Andraste: ((So is it safe to assume we live in the castle?)
(3436) DM: Cairne, do you want to drive?
(3427) Baron Cairne: how much to prepare the forest hex for a road?
(3436) DM: 2 BP
(3436) DM: double if a bridge must be built
(3427) Baron Cairne: the map has a bridge on it.
(3437) Ser Segrid: we could go due west instead
(3445) Carden: true
(3437) Ser Segrid: not like we don't already have 2 bridges built
(3448) Lady Andraste: (Forest hexs are expensive to build on)
(3437) Ser Segrid: so west or northwest, Baron?
(3436) DM: If you claim the hext to the NE then you can count the gold mine as a resource
(3448) Lady Andraste: North east!
(3437) Ser Segrid: True, we should probably add that in to finance our way to the temple
(3427) Baron Cairne: we have a duty to make a road to the temple before the gold mine.
(3437) Ser Segrid: As you command, my Baron. But should we build west or northwest?
(3427) Baron Cairne: as soon as we have a road to the temple we make a road tot he mine(s) and then oleg's.
(3448) Lady Andraste: West is my recommendation,
(3436) DM: Cairne, did you want to step us through this month of building?
(3427) Baron Cairne: let me check the flowchart
(3436) DM: Do you have the rules section printed out?
(3427) Baron Cairne: Stability check first
(3427) Baron Cairne: I have it open in another window.
(3427) Baron Cairne: stability is I believe is +17
(3436) DM: +16 is what I have
(3437) Ser Segrid: Milady, would you do the honors?
(3427) Baron Cairne: 13+3 (buildings) +1 edicts
(3436) DM: 12 + 3 + 1
(3427) Baron Cairne: 10 from leaders, 2 from alignment, +1 recources from the stag lords fort, +3 buildings and +1 edict.
(3436) DM: actually 10 + 2 + 3 + 1
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+16] => [13,16] = (29)
(3436) DM: ok, I hadn't added the +1 misc. bonus to each check
(3437) Ser Segrid: so 30
(3436) DM: so they are 12, 11, and 17
(3427) Baron Cairne: so +1 bp for being stable and not in debt.
(3427) Baron Cairne: next is consumption
(3448) Lady Andraste: Hmm, yummy consumption
(3421) Jeremiah (exit): 21:35
(3436) DM: consumption is 2
(3436) DM: treasury is now at 8
(3427) Baron Cairne: ok ciool
(3427) Baron Cairne: unrest?
(3436) DM: You haven't incurred any unrest so far, so you just skip this step.
(3436) DM: Basically skip any step that doesn't apply or you don't want to do its activity
(3427) Baron Cairne: Ok cbuild a road to the temple
(3436) DM: claim the hex (1 BP)
(3436) DM: build roads (2 BP)
(3427) Baron Cairne: prep it for being a second city.
(3474) Ser Segrid (enter): 21:38
(3427) Baron Cairne: we should be down to 1 bp
(3436) DM: 4 more BP and two months to fully clear the district land
(3436) DM: treasury is at 1
(3427) Baron Cairne: Its going to be a while before we can spend the points for the cathedral but the land is ours now.
(3427) Baron Cairne: now income
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+12] => [8,12] = (20)
(3474) Ser Segrid (exit): 21:40
(3448) Lady Andraste: Doh
(3475) Ser Segrid (enter): 21:40
(3427) Baron Cairne: Erastil obviously wants us to suffer for his approval. Sheyln is not nearly as much of a bitch. Just sayin.
(3467) Sir Jeremiah: (( Should have gone for the Gold First ))
(3448) Lady Andraste: Sheyln doesnt have magic ressurection ponds either
(3436) DM: So you've claimed the hex with the temple in it too, right?
(3427) Baron Cairne: followed by the event phase.
(3475) Ser Segrid: not just yet
(3436) DM: that's what I thought you were buying
(3475) Ser Segrid: This is month 4 right
(3427) Baron Cairne: that was this months task yes./
(3475) Ser Segrid: oop, behind by a month, sorry
(3436) DM: now I'm confused
(3477) Ser Segrid (enter): 21:43
(3436) DM: maybe I got ahead of you
(3437) Ser Segrid (exit): 21:43
(3475) Ser Segrid (exit): 21:43
(3477) Ser Segrid: .
(3427) Baron Cairne: the temple square should have a road and is being prepped for a city. We can't build there for some time but its there.
(3436) DM: You have to claim the hex first, though, see
(3427) Baron Cairne: segrid did you borrow andraste';s interwebs connection?
(3448) Lady Andraste: Hmm..after this and the gold mine, lets take a break in expansion and prepare our money
(3477) Ser Segrid: Winter is coming anyway, right?
(3448) Lady Andraste: I am not sure.
(3427) Baron Cairne: should be mid summer
(3467) Sir Jeremiah: (( heh))
(3436) DM: I think we're still in the month of Arodus
(3436) DM: didn't get any income
(3436) DM: Event 75%: [1d100] => [40] = (40)
(3427) Baron Cairne: well after claiming the hex with the temple (Claim, road, city prep) I went to the income phase and failed.
(3477) Ser Segrid: c'mon 20-24!
(3436) DM: Someone roll d%
(3477) Ser Segrid: [1d100] => [98] = (98)
(3436) DM: Ooh, visiting celebrity
(3477) Ser Segrid: Heh Nice!
(3436) DM: increase treasury by [2d6] => [3,2] = (5)
(3477) Ser Segrid: someone roll some exploding d6s
(3427) Baron Cairne: sweet!
(3477) Ser Segrid: We'll take it!
(3427) Baron Cairne: we thank that mysterious man.
(3436) DM: Cairne, I think you claimed your 4th hex (Tuskgutter's Lair)
(3436) DM: Now it's the month of Rova
(3477) Ser Segrid: or Chelish Opera singer,whatever. :)
(3436) DM: roll stability
(3448) Lady Andraste: Hey, we finally claimed the temple, and someone famous comes :P
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+17] => [14,17] = (31)
(3436) DM: 1 more BP
(3436) DM: consumption is 3
(3477) Ser Segrid (exit): 21:50
(3477) Ser Segrid (enter): 21:50
(3427) Baron Cairne: ok, did we spend the 7 to claim the temple last round or not?
(3436) DM: you spent the 7 to claim TL's hex and build roads on it
(3477) Ser Segrid: (I think this is month 5, so the temple would be this month)
(3477) Ser Segrid: (never mind)
(3427) Baron Cairne: so we have 3 bp.
(3436) DM: Rova is the 5th month
(3448) Lady Andraste: Maybe we could start some taxes?
(3436) DM: so you now have 5 hexes
(3445) Carden: light
(3445) Carden: taxes
(3467) Sir Jeremiah: (( Gold Mine Time? ))
(3448) Lady Andraste: Light taxes to start would be nice : )
(3448) Lady Andraste: Indeed, lets mint some official gold coins!
(3477) Ser Segrid: (yes, gold mine next month)
(3427) Baron Cairne: yes
(3436) DM: Now that you've claimed the Temple hex, you can count the temple as a landmark
(3427) Baron Cairne: we actually need the gold.
(3448) Lady Andraste: I was thinking one side has Carden's face whilst the other can be the rest of us.
(3445) Carden: I think a stag head on one side
(3427) Baron Cairne: I was thinking a bear on one side and a stag 's head on the other.
(3436) DM: I changed taxation to light
(3436) DM: bonuses are now 14, 10, 17
(3436) DM: Control DC is 25
(3436) DM: go ahead and make the economy check for this month
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+14] => [4,14] = (18)
(3427) Baron Cairne: ffffffffffffffff
(3445) Carden: Remove the Baron!!
(3427) Baron Cairne: I balem the diplomat!
(3477) Ser Segrid: (("You are bankrupting us!"))
(3427) Baron Cairne: blame
(3436) DM: Event 25% chance: [1d100] => [39] = (39)
(3436) DM: no event
(3436) DM: so we'll stop here
(3467) Sir Jeremiah: (( maybe I should do the economy Rolls from now on ))
(3427) Baron Cairne: sure.
(3448) Lady Andraste: Good idea
(3427) Baron Cairne: lets go kill something and use its corpse to fill our coffers.
(3436) DM: actually, I'd like to stop for tonight
(3448) Lady Andraste: da'aww :(
(3467) Sir Jeremiah: kk
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+14] => [11,14] = (25)
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+14] => [6,14] = (20)
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+14] => [20,14] = (34)
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+14] => [15,14] = (29)
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+14] => [3,14] = (17)
(3436) DM: The treasury is at 3 bp
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+14] => [16,14] = (30)
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+14] => [7,14] = (21)
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+14] => [20,14] = (34)
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+14] => [17,14] = (31)
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+14] => [14,14] = (28)
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+14] => [17,14] = (31)
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+14] => [11,14] = (25)
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+14] => [10,14] = (24)
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+14] => [8,14] = (22)
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+14] => [3,14] = (17)
(3427) Baron Cairne: [1d20+14] => [10,14] = (24)
(3448) Lady Andraste: I'd like to ask if we can start earlier to be honest
(3436) DM: but you did already pay to start clearing a forest hex for a city
(3427) Baron Cairne: I'd like to second that emotion, I'm in virgina and its 10 pm here.
(3436) DM: so that will be in the temple hex?
(3448) Lady Andraste: what shall it be named
(3427) Baron Cairne: I'll have a grid up on the forum and the blog later.
(3477) Ser Segrid: I still like Promise
(3427) Baron Cairne: Promise works for me.
(3448) Lady Andraste: Wordkeep :P?
(3436) DM: I'll send my copy of the spreadsheet along with the chat log.
(3445) Carden: I dont like Promise
(3477) Ser Segrid: no? what do you like?
(3445) Carden: stagfell was one I tossed out there
(3448) Lady Andraste: I think our capital is called that already
(3477) Ser Segrid: I thought we were doing Stagfell for the capital or the kingdom
(3445) Carden: what was your naming?
(3477) Ser Segrid: Promise was for the city we'll build at the temple site
(3427) Baron Cairne: Capital is Boudica, the town being built around the temple is promise.
(3467) Sir Jeremiah: Deeppond?
(3427) Baron Cairne: nation is stagfall.
(3467) Sir Jeremiah: Debt?
(3448) Lady Andraste: maybe call the temple, Bondholme or such
(3445) Carden: Promise is ok for temple
(3477) Ser Segrid: or Staghome
(3477) Ser Segrid: Or Elkhome
(3448) Lady Andraste: Lifesprings, Sentinel (after the Bear who guarded it for so long)
(3445) Carden: I like Elkhome
(3427) Baron Cairne: I think we should drop our promotion level so boost our economy for a little while.
(3448) Lady Andraste: Yea
(3448) Lady Andraste: Since we arent expanding anymore for awhile
(3445) Carden: Indeed; was it token?
(3448) Lady Andraste: Saving up for a cathedral?
(3427) Baron Cairne: the cathedral may have to wait.
(3448) Lady Andraste: we're fairly ambitious! Already two cities :P Or at least plots of cities
(3427) Baron Cairne: 29 bp.
(3448) Lady Andraste: Anyway I have around 2 thousand gold coins...
(3448) Lady Andraste: I would like to purchase a suit of Full plate armor!
(3427) Baron Cairne: with your agility?
(3427) Baron Cairne: I would go breastplate and save up for the mithril.
(3467) Sir Jeremiah: Hold out on Buying Fullplate we may Find some
(3448) Lady Andraste: I am not sure about breastplate though
(3448) Lady Andraste: I cant afford an enhancement, and this scalemail +1 is pretty good
(3467) Sir Jeremiah: Well any way I will see ytall next Week
(3467) Sir Jeremiah: Disconnecting from server...
(3467) Sir Jeremiah (exit): 22:12
(3436) DM: I just emailed the log and spreadsheet
(3448) Lady Andraste: thanks
(3436) DM: each PC earned 1115 XP from the kingdom building so far
(3448) Lady Andraste: Anyone wanna RP ?
(3427) Baron Cairne: yup
(3485) Ser Segrid (enter): 22:12
(3448) Lady Andraste: Segrid, wanna stick around for RP?
(3477) Ser Segrid (exit): 22:13
(3485) Ser Segrid: yes
(3436) DM (exit): 22:13
(3445) Carden: Disconnecting from server...
(3445) Carden (exit): 22:13
(3485) Ser Segrid: If open will let me :P
(3485) Ser Segrid: An evening after the castle has been built, perhaps...
(3485) Ser Segrid: Milord Baron, hanging too?
(3427) Baron Cairne: yes
(3427) Baron Cairne: but feeling drained.
** (3448) Lady Andraste looks at the newly created castle, beaming with pride at the work they'd done in just two months. What once was a center of Bandit power was now a place dedicated to protection and stability under Baron Cairne's leadership. She pats her trusty horse, and looks at Ser Segrid, "We've done pretty well for ourselves. Don't suppose we have a name for this fine castle?" **
(3485) Ser Segrid: "I have given it some thought, milady."
** (3485) Ser Segrid reins in Halafos. **
(3485) Ser Segrid: "It is quite a sight to behold. I'm still getting used to people calling me Ser."
** (3485) Ser Segrid shakes his head with a small wry smile. **
(3485) Ser Segrid: "Some of the townfolk have been calling it Bandit's End."
(3485) Ser Segrid: "Others call it The Fellowship Keep."
(3448) Lady Andraste: "Appropriate, what does his Lordship think?" she says to Cairne, "And yes, I have always dreamed of being a noble ever since I was young, but being called a Lady is unexpected."
(3427) Baron Cairne: I've just been thinking of it as Tuskwater castle.
** (3485) Ser Segrid smiles broadly this time. "But you are every bit a Lady, my love, regardless of the circumstances of your birth. You have noble blood, and, perhaps more importantly, a noble heart." **
(3427) Baron Cairne: The trick is remembering that you need to keep earning the title every day you have it.
(3485) Ser Segrid: "Tuskwater. I like that, My Baron."
(3427) Baron Cairne: thats the name of the lake tot he south.
(3448) Lady Andraste: "I trust I have not been found wanting, My Lordship?" she asks, her hand wrapping around Segrid's.
(3485) Ser Segrid: Aye, My Baron, that can be a trick indeed. You keep only what you kill.
(3485) Ser Segrid: "Any man fool enough to find you wanting is looking in the wrong place, Milady."
(3427) Baron Cairne: The way you vanquished the stag lord when he nearly had us was truely astounding.
(3485) Ser Segrid: (is their an officiation like 'Your Grace' for a Baron?)
(3485) Ser Segrid: "Heh, I was just afraid the party would be pinched between the Staglord and that ferocious owlbear after it tore Mason down so quickly."
(3448) Lady Andraste: (Your grace is typically for religious leaders I think)
(3448) Lady Andraste: "Ah you are too kind, both of you, my lords. And yes, a ferocious owlbear is hard to take on in melee, luckily, many of us were adept with the bow and crossbow."
(3485) Ser Segrid: (wikipedia says "The Noble Lord", so I guess its Baron or My Noble Lord)
(3427) Baron Cairne: (Tuskwater Keep, I like that.)
(3448) Lady Andraste: (I like that too.)
(3427) Baron Cairne: by the way the hide of that beast has been treated, are you interested in it?
(3448) Lady Andraste: (I wonder if we could each be assigned a city to Govern once its big enough :P)
(3485) Ser Segrid: "It would make a fine adornment in my pavillion, My Baron. A most wonderful gift for you to offer."
(3448) Lady Andraste: (Did we ever spend the cash for noble clothes? Or a crown for Ciarne?)
(3485) Ser Segrid: (I don't think so yet)
(3485) Ser Segrid: (I could make him a nice wooden crown :P ))
(3427) Baron Cairne: No crown yet, I'm thinking a simple mithril band.
(3485) Ser Segrid: ((Wait, we got the clothes with the party funds, yes?)
(3427) Baron Cairne: the money is spent I just need to update the party fund.
(3427) Baron Cairne: I'll send out an e-mail listing the stuff you get,.
(3485) Ser Segrid: "Trouble lived up to his name milord, but he should be ready for combat when next we need him."
(3427) Baron Cairne: heheh
(3485) Ser Segrid: "I trust Tiberius will do as commanded and keep the rats out of Tuskwater Keep." Segrid smiles.
(3427) Baron Cairne: It would be awkward if he threw me next time some bandits took a shot at us.
** (3448) Lady Andraste removes her helmet, letting a golden shower of shiny hair fall down about waist level, "Fret not, my Baron. I am sure, Ser Segrid has done a fine job keeping Trouble tame." **
(3485) Ser Segrid: "Aye, I think I spent more time with Trouble than I did with my Lady this last week. Which may keep me in the vicinity of trouble for weeks to come." Segrid enjoys a good stare at Andraste.
(3485) Ser Segrid: "We've gone through more gold than I thought I'd ever see in my life. Building a land is more costly than I could have imagined."
(3427) Baron Cairne: (speaking of which, in all of these months I have several weeks I can spend on item creation.)
(3485) Ser Segrid: "but to see families get a new start, to see people building their lives here, in our Barony, to give themselves over to our protection, that is more overwhelming than all of the rest. It fills my heart with warmth."
(3448) Lady Andraste: "Indeed, but it will all be worth it in the end, my love," she says, "In a mere four months, the foundations of a Nation has been laid out. Yes, I agree. I wish to commence the training yard for the militia soon however,"
(3427) Baron Cairne: "To think I would in the position to guide the creation of a city, its hard to believe I could be this lucky."
(3485) Ser Segrid: "Aye, Milady. In the stolen lands you only keep what you hold. These lands have seen countless would be Lords come and go. My Baron, it has been your will and leadership which has led us to this place, and the Grace of the Gods that has bestowed this luck upon all of our heads."
(3448) Lady Andraste: "Nowt luck, for any fool can have luck, it is worth, my Baron," she nods, putting a hand on his shoulder, "And you have the support of all those you started with, and those of your people to ensure a good, prosperous reign."
(3485) Ser Segrid: "I am so pleased that you have decided to forge the way to the temple, and that our promise to Deadeye will be fulfilled.
** (3485) Ser Segrid peers into his lady's eyes. "For when the temple is properly restored, I intend to make other promises." **
** (3448) Lady Andraste gives a coy smile, massaging Segrid's hand, "I am sure, Father Jhod, would be pleased, Ser Segrid." **
(3427) Baron Cairne: Earstil is looking down on us, and has done right by us many times. I honor his hand in our successes. Later I will build a cathedral to my goddess, and Zel and Jeremiahs dietys as well.
(3485) Ser Segrid: "Aye, I have something to show you in that regard, My Baron. A little further east."
(3485) Ser Segrid: Other: Woodworking [1d20+11] => [6,11] = (17)
(3448) Lady Andraste: "Ah but for now, I feel we should help the economy with some shops and other places of bussiness. Perhaps a few inns in the new city for Pilgrims willing to see the Miracle Pond of Erastil."
(3485) Ser Segrid: Other: Woodworking [1d20+11] => [4,11] = (15)
(3485) Ser Segrid: Other: Woodworking [1d20+11] => [17,11] = (28)
(3427) Baron Cairne: I'm thinking of those being the boundries of boudica when we are massive.
** (3485) Ser Segrid leads his lady and his Baron to a small glade of trees where (after a few tries) he has carved out a set of dancing ,harping, and singing ladies, one among them carved in the image commonly associated with Shelyn. "I call it The Circle of The Rose." **
(3485) Ser Segrid: "I though My Baron might appreciate a garden he can find solace and solitude in for his meditations."
(3427) Baron Cairne: I am speechless.
** (3448) Lady Andraste would look at the Glade and give a silent smile of appreciation. **
(3485) Ser Segrid: "I hope it does some small justice to your Godess."
(3427) Baron Cairne: this is incredible
(3485) Ser Segrid: "I am but a small student of the arts of Beauty and Love, but my teacher is a genius." Segrid smiles back at Andraste, his eyes twinkling.
(3427) Baron Cairne: oh you two.
(3485) Ser Segrid: "Thank you, My Baron."
** (3448) Lady Andraste turns a bit red at the compliment, and puts her helmet back on to hide it. **
** (3485) Ser Segrid pretends to study his handywork. **
(3448) Lady Andraste: "Were you always this skilled with wood, Segrid? I have not seen you and your woodwork since we met," she says.
** (3485) Ser Segrid 's turn to blush. "Ah, I've played with knives since I was a little boy. My father always said control is the key to swordplay. See how little knicks can fashion a battle's outcome." **
(3485) Ser Segrid: "So I used to practice with carving sticks. But I fell out of the habit once a real sword was placed in my hand."
(3485) Ser Segrid: "But lately... I find myself thinking back to those days before my dad died."
** (3448) Lady Andraste gives a comforting hug, "I am sure your Father would have been proud of you." **
(3427) Baron Cairne: ok guys its late for me, see you later.

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