Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cairne's Tent

Cairne's personal tent is an Expedition Pavilion that he lovingly crafted out of a pavilion tent that was crafted with his families heraldry by Svetlana.

On the outside it is a dark blue and grey 10'x10' tent but on the inside it is a comfortable 30'x30' structure divided into four rooms.

Room 1 is the main room, Carine receives most guests here, currently it is unremarkable.

Room 2 is Carine's personal bedchamber, currently he uses a bedroll but as more extra dimensional space and money becomes available it will receive more elaborate furnishings.

Room 3 is Carine's study, it is currently unfurnished but will eventually have chests, a desk and bookcases.  Carine  uses this room for the study of magic and to draft designs for buildings.

Room 4 is Cairne's spare room.  Cairne generally thinks of the entire tent as his personal space and is generally irritated by anyone entering deeper than the main room but when he must provide for guests he assigns them the 4th room.  He has vague plans to turn the room into a bathroom so he does not have free space to share with others in his tent but it may end up going to a servant or a Cohort.

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