Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First Session

we get told we are authorized to enact Brevoy's manifest destiny in the Greenbelt, I'm thrilled with this because as my father's bastard I can't really rise up in my own society but if I kick ass in the Riverlands I will be able to fulfill my life's ambition to design and build a great city.
We head to our contact in the area's fort and after meeting with him get into an altercation with bandits. We kill two thirds of them and assign the remaining few to work off their crimes at Oleg's trading post after rewarding ourselves with everything they had of value, because as we all know the adventurers code clearly states: "You can kill people and take their stuff and its OK".
Once we did that and sold whatever at way too good of a return to Oleg (does he not understand he's the only shop in town and can set prices to whatever?) Oleg and his wife Svetlana get these golden exclamation points over their heads and start popping out quests, we collect a few quests that have me wondering if moon radishes aren't what cocaine comes from in Golarion and divvy up our murder loot.

In our party we divide all treasure up into equal parts +1, and leave the final share becomes the party fund. You see we feel that we are important people, and as important people we should have the clothes, cribs and unimportant hangers on that important people have so we set aside a fund specifically for the purpose of buying things like food, communal gear, pavilion tents, extra mounts, outfits and other silly things that either make us look important or handle the little things we basically don't need but helps us look like we are in charge. I call it the Saint's Row school of management.

Attempting to assign the role of GM to (26903) DM...
(26887) Napalm Moose (enter): 18:03
(26887) Napalm Moose: sup
(26862) Siam (enter): 18:04
(26903) DM: Hi
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (26887) Napalm Moose...
(26862) Gabriel Holt: Hello
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (26862) Andraste...
(26862) Andraste: Hello*
(26903) DM: Hey
(26862) Andraste: Did you guys come up with a plan ;P?
(26901) Cairne Garess (enter): 18:06
(26901) Cairne Garess: today is a good day
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (26901) Cairne Garess...
(26901) Cairne Garess: I'm doing some work for a friend and at his local gorcery store they where selling dry aged steaks 2/3s off, you are talking to a man who is full of beef and red wine./
(26862) Andraste: Does that mean you have supped on beef and red wine or that you have plenty?
(26901) Cairne Garess: I have supped.
(26887) Jeremiah Nixon: and no we did not come up with a plan
(26862) Andraste: Ah well I have one.
(26862) Andraste: Pretty simple one too :p
(26901) Cairne Garess: (does it invoulve me not dying, because I like that plan)
(26887) Jeremiah Nixon: well what is it?
(26862) Andraste: Hold on I wrote it in a node
(26862) Andraste: Unfortunately Carine, the plan involves you jumping into the throng of enemies
(26887) Jeremiah Nixon: seems like it should work
(26901) Cairne Garess: how does one check a tree node?
(26862) Andraste: Just double click it
(26862) Andraste: Well if you wish to come up with your own, or make any modifications, feel free. I am comfortable with most plans.
(26901) Cairne Garess: double clicking what?
(26903) DM: what do you want to do to the node?
(26901) Cairne Garess: "Andraste has sent you a tree node..." I want to know what that is
(26903) DM: look right at the top of your tree
(26902) Segrid (enter): 18:17
(26903) DM: it should have been inserted there
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (26902) Segrid...
(26903) DM: if it's a form node then double-clicking on it should open it up as its own window
(26903) DM: or you can right-click on it once and select "use" from the pop-up menu
(26862) Andraste: uh yep, Hey Segrid
(26862) Andraste: Testing
(26901) Cairne Garess: I don't get how a Aasamir can take the bastard backgorund, how is ahaving sex with an angel in any way bad?
(26862) Andraste: Simple, a bastard is still a bastard.
(26862) Andraste: Which is an illegitamate child.
(26901) Cairne Garess: not if you are a miracle.
(26901) Cairne Garess: My mom and dad claimed me, I just don't really fit in the chain of inheritance.
(26862) Andraste: Besides it means that somewhere up the aasimar's family tree, was a good outsider.
(26901) Cairne Garess: so did you guys like my idea of adding an extra share of party loot to have a "party fund"?
(26920) Zelata (enter): 18:26
(26920) Zelata: Hola 8-)
(26862) Andraste: Yep, should help us acquire the nessesary resources
(26862) Andraste: such as a wand of cure light or something
(26862) Andraste: Hey Zelata
(26862) Andraste: Maybe more pack horses as we acquire more stuff.
(26920) Zelata: Yo Andraste 8-)
(26862) Andraste: Just Carden left *sits in a corner*
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (26920) Zelata...
(26901) Cairne Garess: I set people on fire cause I'm a sorcerer and could not get my ged/
(26928) GM (enter): 18:36
(26901) Cairne Garess: Next level I can make scrolls of cure light whatever.
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (26928) Carden...
(26862) Andraste: Woot
(26862) Andraste: Hei Carden
** (26928) Carden waves **
(26902) Segrid: full hzill
(26862) Andraste: So I have a plan, wanna see it :D?
(26928) Carden: sure
(26928) Carden: I thought we had one last time
(26862) Andraste: Yea its the same one
(26928) Carden: Ok I would suggest one of the archer types be up high
(26862) Andraste: Like who?
(26902) Segrid: Right, hidden up in the towers
(26902) Segrid: I think that's you, with my longbow
(26928) Carden: also where is the supplies piled up at?
(26902) Segrid: plus the sorcerer?
(26903) DM: I'll draw them...
(26920) Zelata: O_o what about me?
(26920) Zelata: I am too lazy to walk, you must all carry me.
(26928) Carden: Zeleta you and me on ground; hiding. aka to flank
(26902) Segrid: Z, what kind of range do you have?
(26862) Andraste: Doesnt Z chuck spells?
(26920) Zelata: Yes I do
(26920) Zelata: I hurl tons and tons of spells, and lost of FYIHA!
(26928) Carden: last week you wanted me on ground for melee support
(26920) Zelata: Actually, I can create artificial walls of fire if you guys line the ground with greased burnables.
(26902) Segrid: But what kind of range can Z reach?
(26920) Zelata: As far as I can see <#>
(26920) Zelata: Gotta love MM :D
(26934) Jeremiah Nixon (enter): 18:48
(26934) Jeremiah Nixon: (( ANd Im back ))
(26934) Jeremiah Nixon: (( what did I miss ))
(26920) Zelata: wb 8-)
(26862) Andraste: Yes I mixed Segrin and you up xD
(26862) Andraste: nothing much just discussing what to do.
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (26934) Jeremiah Nixon...
(26862) Andraste: So who wants to be up the walls?
(26903) DM: Booting '(26887) Jeremiah Nixon' from room...
(26887) Jeremiah Nixon (exit): 18:49
(26928) Carden: brb
(26928) Carden (exit): 18:50
(26928) Carden (enter): 18:50
(26902) Segrid: So if I hide here I should be able to get into melee pretty easy while still hiding until they enter
(26928) Carden (exit): 18:50
(26928) Carden (enter): 18:50
(26928) Carden (exit): 18:50
(26928) Carden (enter): 18:50
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (26928) Carden...
(26903) Oleg: Well, I'm willing to act as "bait" for your plan to ambush the bandits, but Svetlana will need to stay in our bedroom.
(26928) Carden: Disconnecting from server...
(26928) Carden (exit): 18:51
(26862) Andraste: "Fair enough, but we still must prevent them from leaving the fort."
(26902) Segrid: "Agreed, as long as that won't make the bandits suspiscious."
(26935) Carden (enter): 18:51
(26902) Segrid: (sp)
** (26862) Andraste looks at Oleg, "No problem. She has a good reason to be hiding after all." **
(26903) Oleg: I'll try to keep them occupied, but once the fighting starts, I'm heading for cover!
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (26935) Carden...
(26934) Jeremiah: "Of course
(26862) Andraste: "Of course, Oleg," she says, "then walks over to the gate, testing how fast she can raise it.
(26920) Zelata (exit): 18:54
(26920) Zelata (enter): 18:54
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (26920) Zelata...
(26903) DM: The gate is made of two thick, heavy wooden doors that swing inward
(26862) Andraste: (Doors I see. So its quick to close)
(26938) Cairne Garess (enter): 18:56
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (26938) Cairne Garess...
(26920) Zelata: brb need to make a run to the store real fast, gimmie 5 mins
(26862) Andraste: "Who wishes to close the doors before the bandits can make their escape?"
(26903) DM: Booting '(26901) Cairne Garess' from room...
(26901) Cairne Garess (exit): 18:56
(26934) Jeremiah: "I'll can do that"
(26938) Cairne Garess: weirdness
(26903) DM: Do you have your plans figured out?
(26862) Andraste: Yep, I'll be hiding on top of the walls behind the catapults.
(26903) DM: ok
(26903) DM: so you spend the afternoon finalizing the plans for your ambush
(26902) Segrid: I'll take one of the potions of cure light wounds [1d8+1] => [3,1] = (4) and will be hiding in the stables so where I can see them and hopefully they won't see me
(26903) DM: and turn in for the evening in order to get a good night's sleep (feels good to be sleeping in a bed again)
(26862) Andraste: (Who wants the second potion?)
(26862) Andraste: (Can someone use heal on us :P So we can heal 2 hp?)
(26943) Cairne Garess (enter): 19:01
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (26943) Cairne Garess...
(26943) Cairne Garess: back
** (26935) Carden isn't a true healer **
(26903) DM: Booting '(26938) Cairne Garess' from room...
(26938) Cairne Garess (exit): 19:01
(26862) Andraste: (Anyone with a decent wisdom score will do xD)
** (26935) Carden guesses he could try **
(26902) Segrid: I have the heal skill and can tend to people:
(26902) Segrid: Heal: [1d20+4] => [17,4] = (21)
(26862) Andraste: nice! We're all healing !
(26903) DM: Early the next morning, 1 Pharast, Oleg opens up the gates and begins stacking the firs and goods outside the storage building.
(26862) Andraste: "Carden, could you heal my wounds before the battle commences?"
(26903) Oleg: Is somebody going to serve as look-out?
** (26862) Andraste is holding segrid's longbow in her hands and a quiver of 20 arrows is attached to her back as she climbs up the fortifications. **
(26943) Cairne Garess: (I
** (26935) Carden tries his best [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12) **
(26943) Cairne Garess: (I'll act as lookout)
(26862) Andraste: (Not bad :s)
(26943) Cairne Garess: [1d20+8] => [5,8] = (13)
(26902) Segrid: Stealth: [1d20+3] => [14,3] = (17)
(26902) Segrid: (hiding in barn)
(26903) DM: where is Zelata?
** (26934) Jeremiah prepares his spells for the day and then goes to his assigned post for this ambush **
(26903) DM: and where is Cairne going to be looking from?
(26920) Zelata: ((Back, and btw, my character has multiple personality disorder)
(26862) Andraste: "Erastil favor us for this battle, Brother Carden," she says, hiding behind the ramparts.
(26862) Andraste: [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3) Look out from her vantage point.
(26903) DM: where are you Z in prep for the ambush?
(26862) Andraste: (nevermind :s)
(26920) Zelata: Zelata sends a fast prayer to her goddess of nature.
(26920) Zelata: ((I am there))
(26943) Cairne Garess: A hole in the ground where I am hiding, or a tower.
(26902) Segrid: tower will give better vantage
(26862) Andraste: (Yep)
(26862) Andraste: (Not to mention isn't obscured by walls)
(26903) DM: About an hour after sunrise, you see off in the distance to the south what looks like 5 people on horseback, with the back rider also leading a 6th horse
(26943) Cairne Garess: but I have few hit points and a desire not to die.
(26862) Andraste: (Drink the last bottle cure lights)
(26862) Andraste: (Also did you heal 2 hp for sleeping?)
(26903) DM: Those that can see Oleg watch him swallow hard as the men ride inside the fort.
(26903) DM: Once inside, they dismount...
** (26862) Andraste counts....5 men and 6 horses. Not impossible to defeat.... **
(26903) DM: leaving their riding horses back towards the entrance
(26903) Happs: Well, Oleg, where's that pretty wife of yours?
(26920) Zelata: I stay hidden along with Segrid
(26903) Happs: I'd sure like to show her a good time.
** (26934) Jeremiah carefully makes his way to the gates **
(26903) Happs: You guys start loading up the stuff...
(26920) Zelata: I growl quietly at the sound of the womans voice.
(26903) Happs: What's the matter, Oleg, cat got your tongue?
** (26902) Segrid moves out of hiding, brandishing his sword and shield. "Gentlemen, throw down your weapons and surrender. You are under arrest." ((readies action to attack if slightest offensive move)) **
(26862) Andraste: (I think Happs is a guy)
(26903) DM: ok, when you want to spring the ambush, you get a surprise round and can take one action
** (26935) Carden casts divine favor on himself as prepares to charge. **
(26920) Zelata: I rush out and stand at the door.
(26903) DM: Happs wears a hood and appears to have a longbow
** (26862) Andraste gets up and moves further down the fortifications, notching an arrow and aims at Bandit 3. (My action) **
** (26934) Jeremiah moves to shut and bar the gates **
(26902) Segrid: (so move is my surprise round action)
(26862) Andraste: "You are surrounded by competent warriors, brigants. I suggest you surrender," she says.
(26935) Carden: (I cast on surprise round thats all)
(26902) Segrid: (free action speech :) ))
(26920) Zelata: i cast Firebolt on my surprise round at the female bandit.
(26862) Andraste: (There are no female bandits xD)
(26943) Cairne Garess: I say dear chaps, it seems like we 'ave some rude guests.
(26903) DM: they are all men
(26920) Zelata: Oh, the leader then**
(26943) Cairne Garess: (dammit, i wanted to sell Zel to the lesbian bandit)
(26902) Segrid: ((Happs is the female's lieutenant-the female hasn't come the last time or two))
(26862) Andraste: (We'll have our chance.)
(26862) Andraste: ((The leader is the guy with the hood)
(26903) DM: Z, roll MM damage...
(26902) Segrid: .
(26862) Andraste: (....))
(26903) DM: going once...
(26903) DM: ok, gonna delay that one
(26903) DM: everyone roll initiative
(26902) Segrid: Initiative: [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15)
(26862) Andraste: [1d20+3] => [15,3] = (18) Init
(26920) Zelata: sorry thing froze >.
(26920) Zelata: [1d4+1] => [3,1] = (4)
(26935) Carden: Init [1d20+2] => [11,2] = (13)
(26934) Jeremiah: Initiative: [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5)
(26903) DM: hah, right between Happs and the bandits (who got a 1!)
(26903) DM: need Z and Cairne's initiatives, please
(26943) Cairne Garess: [1d20+4] => [20,4] = (24)
(26943) Cairne Garess: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6)
(26920) Zelata: [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11)
(26920) Zelata: [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22)
(26862) Andraste: "(take the first one. Protip)
(26920) Zelata: Sorry, still had the 1
(26943) Cairne Garess: my mouse double clicks somethimes, I'll take the one that rules instead of the terrible one.
(26903) DM: ok, you manage to completely catch the bandits off guard
(26903) DM: the first indication that something was going on was Happs getting zapped by Zelata!
(26920) Zelata: xD
(26943) Cairne Garess: <--- full of meat and wine>
(26903) DM: start of round 1, Cairne's turn
(26943) Cairne Garess: cast grease on the exit.
(26903) DM: please use the whiteboard to draw the greased area
(26943) Cairne Garess: yeah. I suck
(26903) DM: right underneath Jeremiah?
(26934) Jeremiah: (( Thats right were I am ))
(26862) Andraste: (Jeremiah trips xD)
(26920) Zelata: ((ROFL! Imma light it on fire O_O))
(26943) Cairne Garess: there we go
(26903) DM: Jeremiah, make a reflex save
(26934) Jeremiah: Defenses: REF: [1d20+0+2] => [16,0,2] = (18)
(26903) DM: you're fine
(26903) DM: Andraste's turn
(26862) Andraste: "At least keep the Leader alive, comrades," she says, firing her arrow at Bandit 4 [1d20+4] => [16,4] = (20) To hit [1d8] => [3] = (3) Damage
(26920) Zelata: "NO! HE"S MINE!"
(26862) Andraste: "Alive, Zelata. We need him alive."
(26903) DM: Segrid's turn
(26902) Segrid: "Dammit!" Segrid attacks Bandit 2
(26902) Segrid: Melee: Longsword vs. Human [1d20+6] => [11,6] = (17) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [1d8+4] => [7,4] = (11) damage
(26862) Andraste: (nice hit :D)
(26903) DM: Bandit 2 goes straight down!
(26903) DM: Carden's turn
(26943) Cairne Garess: afk
(26920) Zelata: "No, he rapes woman! I HAVE to kill him, at least let me kill him afterwards!"
** (26935) Carden comments "May Erastil protect us" (judgemnt protection; swift action) then charges down the alley to swing his blade at the bandit (#4) [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15); dmg [1d6+3] => [3,3] = (6) **
(26903) DM: bandit 4 falls prone
(26862) Andraste: "Your murderous bloodlust is unwarranted. He did not rape anyone you care about, let Oleg decide."
(26903) DM: (he's at 0 hp exactly)
(26903) DM: Zelata's turn
(26920) Zelata: I frown and say "Bloodlust? I will set a example, for when I rule my own piece of land, rapists will recieve the most horrid of punishments"
(26920) Zelata: kk I cast Mage Armor.
(26920) Zelata: ((gives me 15 AC))
(26903) DM: Oleg's turn: he withdraws around the stack of goods away from the melee...
(26943) Cairne Garess: back
(26920) Zelata: ((wb))
(26903) DM: Happ's turn...
(26943) Cairne Garess: Zel, just focus on being police, we can be judge, jury and exicutioner later.
(26920) Zelata: ((sorry forgot to move my mini xD))
(26920) Zelata: I growl and say "FINE!"
(26903) DM: He moves back several feet, drawing his bow as he does so, and then takes a shot at Segrid
(26903) DM: Mwrk comp longbow [1d20+5] => [6,5] = (11), Damage [1d8+2] => [8,2] = (10)
(26903) DM: but misses
(26902) Segrid: Segrid knocks the arrow aside with his shield.
(26903) DM: Jeremiah's turn...
(26920) Zelata: ((not complaining, but I'm the only person to attack him so far))
(26862) Andraste: ((Mostly because we have other enemies to worry about)
(26934) Jeremiah: (( Using my Arcane pool to add +1 enchantment to my light Crossbow as a swift action then attacking Bandit 1 ))
(26920) Zelata: ((Btw, just wondering, but, how long will this campaign go on? Like a esitmate of years?))
(26934) Jeremiah: Ranged: Light Crossbow: Attack [1d20+2] => [12,2] = (14) Damage [1d6+2] => [6,2] = (8) Crit 19-20/x2 Range 80ft
(26903) DM: you don't have a clear shot over the wagon
(26862) Andraste: (ah...lol)
(26903) DM: but you can move over towards the side of the guesthouse and shoot from there
(26934) Jeremiah: (( ah how about bandit 3 ))
(26903) DM: or shoot at bandit 3, yeah
(26862) Andraste: (yea that works)
(26920) Zelata: ((woah, ummm, my chat background just turned pink, wtf?!))
(26862) Andraste: (Think your open is glitchy)
(26903) DM: so, shooting at 3?
(26920) Zelata: ((Same))
(26934) Jeremiah: (( Yeah and the total is 15 to hit and 9 damage ))
(26903) DM: bandit 3 falls prone (also at 0 hp)
(26903) DM: Bandit 1 draws his short sword and tries to poke Segrid
(26903) DM: Short sword [1d20+2] => [2,2] = (4) melee, Damage [1d6+1] => [2,1] = (3)
(26920) Zelata: ((poke))
(26903) DM: but misses badly
(26903) DM: start of round 2
(26903) DM: Cairne's turn
(26920) Zelata: ((wait, I didn't get to go that turn!))
(26920) Zelata: ((nvm))
(26903) DM: oh, and one of the horses moves over into the grease...
(26920) Zelata: ((:P))
(26903) DM: Reflex [1d20+5] => [16,5] = (21)
(26934) Jeremiah: (( LOL ))
(26903) DM: but doesn't trip
(26862) Andraste: (Darn it horse :V)
(26920) Zelata: (( I want to see that horses face, btw, is the spell grease flamable? ))
(26862) Andraste: (Magical grease is not flammable)
(26903) DM: I'll say no, since it is magical grease
(26920) Zelata: ((nuuuuuuuuu))
(26920) Zelata: ((kk, well, I still have 3 vials of grease, and then I'm out :D ))
(26903) DM: Cairne, you going?
(26903) DM: (Z, you cast mage armor on your turn)
(26903) DM: Cairne delays
(26903) DM: Andraste's turn
(26920) Zelata: ((yes, sorry, I had forgotten))
(26943) Cairne Garess: I cast enlarge on our scary guy carden
(26862) Andraste: (Too far :o)
(26862) Andraste: "Your numbers are down to almost nothing, brigant. Surrendering will only make this easier for you!" she says, firing off a shot into Happ's left leg *Smite Evil on Happs* [1d20+7] => [4,7] = (11) [1d8+1] => [3,1] = (4) Damage
(26943) Cairne Garess: I mean segrid
(26920) Zelata: ((xD))
(26862) Andraste: (Blast)
(26903) DM: the arrow shoots just past Happs
(26903) DM: Segrid's turn
** (26902) Segrid says "You should have surrendered. Perhaps your boss will be smarter than you." and attacks #1 **
(26902) Segrid: Melee: Longsword vs. Human [1d20+6] => [13,6] = (19) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [1d8+4] => [5,4] = (9) damage
(26943) Cairne Garess: (segrid, your sword is a d10 now, +1 str.
(26902) Segrid: (not till next turn)
(26934) Jeremiah: (( brb ))
(26862) Andraste: (Large longsword is 2d6 not 1d10 xD)
(26902) Segrid: (1 round casting time on Enlarge Person)
(26903) DM: Roll to confirm crit...
(26862) Andraste: (whut?)
(26943) Cairne Garess: (well then, I suck obviously.
(26920) Zelata: ((leave something for me to kill))
(26902) Segrid: (I only rolled a 13 plus 6)
(26902) Segrid: ((so 19 total, not nat 19)
(26903) DM: oh, never mind
(26903) DM: B 1 falls prone (again exactly at 0 hp)
(26943) Cairne Garess: (ok, anyone else worried about burny chick?)
(26862) Andraste: (its like we're the exactly at 0 hp party)
(26903) DM: Carden's turn
(26920) Zelata: ((ikr?))
** (26935) Carden sidesteps the fallen bandit and goes for the leader. "Now justice will be served" (swift action to change judgement to justice!!) He swings his sickle blade at Happs' flank to keep a defensive posture (combat expertise -1 to hit for AC bonus) [1d20+3] => [3,3] = (6); dmg [1d6+3] => [2,3] = (5) **
(26935) Carden: (or not)
(26862) Andraste: (xD)
(26902) Segrid: ((heh, my first PFS character was a gnome sorcere with enlarge/reduce. I was so disappointed in that rule change)
(26903) DM: Z's turn
(26920) Zelata: ((we also seem to miss a lot))
(26920) Zelata: I cast MM at Bandit 3
(26920) Zelata: Firebolt sorrt
(26920) Zelata: sorry**
(26862) Andraste: (Are any of the bandits still standing?)
(26902) Segrid: (he's prone, you know?)
(26902) Segrid: Only Happs
(26903) DM: (just Happs)
(26920) Zelata: No, sorry wrong spell, I cast finger fire at bandit leader.
(26920) Zelata: [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20)
(26920) Zelata: woop!
(26920) Zelata: [1d6+4] => [5,4] = (9)
(26920) Zelata: ^_^ Wha? Yes, yes I do rock.
(26902) Segrid: ((nice, crazy lady scores a scorch))
(26903) Happs: Ok...Ok...I give up!
** (26903) Happs drops his bow... **
** (26935) Carden holds blade to him "on your knees" **
(26920) Zelata: (( xD ))
(26902) Segrid: "Smart move."
** (26903) Happs drops to his knees **
** (26862) Andraste gets on ground level. Sheathing her bow. **
(26920) Zelata: I pull out rope and stare at him vehemitley.
(26903) Happs: Wha..What are you going to do to me?
** (26902) Segrid bends down to tend to the wounded bandits' wounds.. first the one bleeding to death (#2) **
(26902) Segrid: Heal: [1d20+4] => [8,4] = (12)
(26862) Andraste: "What is your name?" she says to Happs.
(26903) Happs: Happs Bydon, ma'am
(26935) Carden: "maybe let Oleg decide on that Happs"
** (26935) Carden checks Happs for other weapons as Zeleta finishes tying him **
(26902) Segrid: (Segrid fails to stop the bleeding)
(26862) Andraste: "Yes, I agree. This is his land. And by right he should have right to judge those who do him wrong. But before that."
(26862) Andraste: "There are more of you correct?"
(26935) Carden: perception if needed [1d20+6] => [7,6] = (13)
(26902) Segrid: "Jeremiah, want to get those horses under control?"
(26903) Happs: Yeah, maybe 8 or ten back at camp, including my boss, Kressle
(26903) Oleg: That's the bitch with the hand axes!
** (26902) Segrid decides he can't help this man, and looks to see if any of the others can be saved. **
(26862) Andraste: "Kressle is...the female with two hatchets I assume?"
(26902) Segrid: Heal: [1d20+4] => [18,4] = (22)
** (26934) Jeremiah does his best to get the horses under control **
** (26935) Carden thinks Happs clean otherwise and checks the bow on the ground **
(26862) Andraste: "Where is this camp of yours, Happs?"
(26903) DM: Happs is wearing leather armor and has a dagger, some rations, two flasks of alchemists' fire
(26903) DM: 35 gp
(26903) DM: and a silver stag's skull amulet
(26862) Andraste: "Well Happs?"
** (26935) Carden tossed those things in a pile **
(26903) Happs: Our camp is about two days' journey S/SW of here, on the banks of the Thorn river
** (26934) Jeremiah walks over to the others **
(26862) Andraste: "Chances are they will expect the bandits to return home within a day or two."
(26903) Happs: Bandits 1, 3 and 4 are alive
(26903) Happs: only Bandit 2 died
(26862) Andraste: "After that they will either hold ground or send another party here to investigate."
(26934) Jeremiah: "What should we do with these other bandits?"
(26903) DM: each bandit also wears leather armor has a longbow a short sword and 10 gp
(26903) DM: Happ's bow looks nice
** (26935) Carden tests the strength of that bow **
(26903) DM: (it's a composite lowbow +2 str)
(26902) Segrid: we'll strip each bandit down to his clothes.
(26902) Segrid: (nice)
(26862) Andraste: "Segrid, would you like the bow? You did most of the fighting."
(26943) Cairne Garess: there was how many bandits?
(26862) Andraste: "8 to 10, including their boss."
(26862) Andraste: "As for the bandits, Oleg...what do you think?"
(26903) Oleg: You were telling me about your charter. Didn't it say something about banditry?
(26902) Segrid: "It is a fine bow, and we all played our parts. I would be honored to accept it, if Andraste will accept my previous bow."
(26934) Jeremiah: "It says we hang'em"
(26902) Segrid: "The charter declares they are to die by the sword or hanging."
(26903) Oleg: "The punishment for unrepentant banditry remains, as always, execution by sword or rope."
(26902) Segrid: "Unrepentant."
(26935) Carden: "I say rope as sign for the others"
(26862) Andraste: "Heavy handed, but I agree."
(26920) Zelata: ((sorry, thing crashed)) I hold up my rope and jingle it a bit.
(26903) Oleg: Well, thing is, I guess they can swear off banditry, but you'd probably have to mark them somehow
(26903) Oleg: so if they're ever caught thievin' again...
(26902) Segrid: "Do any of you deny your banditry? If no, will you repent? Will you repair the damages you have done to Master Oleg and his good wife?"
** (26903) Oleg draws his finger across this throat **
** (26935) Carden hears about marking them "Well I could" **
(26862) Andraste: "I am always willing to give mercy to those who wish to repent."
(26862) Andraste: "let us start with those horses."
(26862) Andraste: 'We do not need anymore horses, true my comrades?"
(26903) DM: They all say "sure, we repent. We just want to LIVE!"
(26920) Zelata: I nod.
(26934) Jeremiah: "I don't need another horse"
(26943) Cairne Garess: we could use the extra horses, and these people are likely liars
** (26935) Carden looks to other "Forehead? Back of hand? Cheek?" **
(26920) Zelata: "I say forhead" I sniff disdianfully.
(26943) Cairne Garess: I say we tie these men to a block andf be off with their eds, they are not worthy of the hunter's mercy.
(26903) Oleg: Why don't you burn the shape of that stag skull into their foreheads?
(26903) Oleg: That'll teach 'em!
(26943) Cairne Garess: (I tuck my holy symbol into my robe as I say this)
** (26935) Carden nodss to Oleg **
(26920) Zelata: I say "I can do the branding"
(26934) Jeremiah: "I like the way you think Oleg"
(26920) Zelata: ((cantrips changed into fire type))
(26902) Segrid: "Aye, that could do. And perhaps satisfy Zelata's burning desires as well."
(26862) Andraste: "It is agreed then. You shall all be branded on the forehead, then released naked into the wilds?"
** (26935) Carden moves from other to the other and casts a short; yet painful spell on the forehead of the former bandits **
(26920) Zelata: ((;( What?))
(26935) Carden: (Brand)
(26920) Zelata: I also assist using my firetype changed Acid Ball, making it yet even more painfull))
(26943) Cairne Garess: (Hey GM, how are our prisoner's reacting?)
(26862) Andraste: "Should you ever be caught performing anything criminal again, your life is forfeit. Do you understand me?" she says.
(26920) Zelata: ((I also assist using my firetype changed Acid Ball, making it yet even more painfull))
(26903) DM: They all have frightened expressions on their faces.
(26902) Segrid: "Gentlemen, I want you to thank Master Oleg for his mercy today."
(26903) DM: "Thh...thh...thanks Mr. Oleg"
** (26935) Carden looks at the mark on the forehead of the men and nods at his handy work **
(26943) Cairne Garess: (androste, how about we scare them for a while then give them a chance to prove their good intnetions?)
(26862) Andraste: (I am game)
(26903) Oleg: Now, get out of here and don't come back!
(26920) Zelata: "Wait, we need to release them naked"
(26862) Andraste: "oh heavens, spare me the sight."
(26920) Zelata: I smile at my painful handywork too.
** (26935) Carden quirks a brow at Zeleta **
(26943) Cairne Garess: Zel, I don't want to see that, and I'm sure you don't.
(26903) DM: Are you keeping their horses?
(26943) Cairne Garess: damn straight
(26902) Segrid: "They are without weapon or defense, as naked as they need to be in these parts.
(26862) Andraste: ((I plan on giving them/selling them to Oleg)
(26934) Jeremiah: (( Yes ))
(26862) Andraste: ((Anyone opposed?)
(26902) Segrid: I believe we were discussing giving the horses to Oleg?
** (26935) Carden looks to the men "You heard Oleg; get or forfeit the mercy" (intimidate [1d20+1] => [6,1] = (7)) **
(26943) Cairne Garess: (uh, until I have 4 horses I am not properly equiped.
(26902) Segrid: as reparations
(26920) Zelata: ((no, but, that's very illegal isn't it?))
(26902) Segrid: lol
(26862) Andraste: ((What is illegal?)
(26920) Zelata: ((selling them))
(26862) Andraste: ((Selling horses?)
(26920) Zelata: I kick them until they start moving. ((Oh I thought you were referring to the bandits))
(26862) Andraste: (owh!)
(26862) Andraste: (Nope)
(26920) Zelata: ((oh ok))
** (26902) Segrid cleans his blade and sharpens it. **
(26862) Andraste: "Now then, my comrades. We can rest in earnest now, that was a fine battle there. And I am glad to see no one hurt."
(26920) Zelata: I nod and then say "I'm famished!"
(26862) Andraste: "...also what did that help poster say about banditry?"
(26903) DM: Wanted: Bandits:

Source: Wanted poster at Oleg’s Trading Post

Task: The bandits in the Greenbelt need to be
shown that their actions will not be tolerated.
Capture or defeat at least six of them to send
a message.

Completion: Any six bandits defeated completes this

Reward: One week after the sixth defeat, bandit
activity is noticeably affected and the swordlords
send a reward of 400 gp.
(26920) Zelata: I say "Les go find out!"
(26903) DM: So, at least one more to defeat.
(26920) Zelata: I nod and say "We got one more bandit to go"
(26862) Andraste: "We did good."
(26943) Cairne Garess: I say we dress zel in a bandit outfit, htell her its srcerer coture.
(26862) Andraste: (I support this)
(26920) Zelata: brb need to assist my mother, think we can take a 5 min break. and yeah no.
(26903) DM: yes, let's take a short break
(26934) Jeremiah: (9 sounds like a good idea ))
(26862) Andraste: Lets divide the loot!
(26862) Andraste: So I am guessing no one wants to wear smelly bandit leathers?
(26902) Segrid: ""May I borrow a shovel, Oleg? Or perhaps, purchase one?"
(26862) Andraste: Leather Armor x5, Short sword x4, 75 gp, dagger, rations, two flasks of alchemists fire, silver stag amulet.
** (26935) Carden shakes head at leaterh **
(26862) Andraste: (How many arrows :s?)
(26935) Carden: I would like a nice bow =(
(26862) Andraste: Whats your strength Carden?
(26935) Carden: 14
(26862) Andraste: Well you and Segrin need to see which can get it. But can you use a longbow?
(26935) Carden: yes
(26935) Carden: umm erastil inq =)
(26902) Segrid: Carden, you can have it
(26902) Segrid: I'm going to try to be in melee more than ranged, I'll take my old bow back.
(26935) Carden: ok
(26935) Carden: thanks
(26862) Andraste: I'll just take one of the bandit's bows
(26862) Andraste: So no harm done
(26862) Andraste: Leather Armor x5, Short sword x4, 75 gp, dagger, rations, two flasks of alchemists fire, silver stag amulet, Longbow x3
(26943) Cairne Garess: I]'ll continue to be useless.
(26902) Segrid: That'll do.
(26935) Carden: cast detect magic on amulet?
(26862) Andraste: Cairne, don't you have any blasty spells?
(26902) Segrid: Probably 119 arrows too?
(26862) Andraste: Yea possibly.
(26902) Segrid: or 59?
(26943) Cairne Garess: not yet.
(26903) DM: The amulet is made of silver, but is not magical.
(26903) DM: It is worth about 20 gp.
(26862) Andraste: Well I'll take a shortsword as a sidearm.
(26943) Cairne Garess: not yet, besides we have a magic potatoe for that stuff.
(26903) DM: Only Happs had one.
(26862) Andraste: I suggest all of you get one in case of emergency.
(26943) Cairne Garess: how many bandits?
(26902) Segrid: Ok, so 19 arrows?
(26903) DM: each bandit also had 20 arrows
(26862) Andraste: So 120 arrows :D
(26902) Segrid: ?
(26862) Andraste: They each had a longbow
(26943) Cairne Garess: I will, but I am supposed to be a construction mage.
(26903) DM: almost 100 arrows
(26902) Segrid: ((don't know why I was multiplying by 6))
** (26903) Oleg approaches Andraste **
(26903) Oleg: My lady, I'd like to give your party a 50 gp reward for protecting us.
** (26902) Segrid proceeds to burry the dead bandit behind the trading post. **
(26903) Oleg: And my offer still stands, free shelter and meals whenever you want to stay here.
(26935) Carden: I can pass on the short sword for now. I would restock on a week of rations and only 5 gp
(26862) Andraste: "Thank you, Oleg. You are most kind and generous."
(26943) Cairne Garess: So how many Bandits?
(26862) Andraste: Leather Armor x5, Short sword x4, 125 gp, dagger, rations, two flasks of alchemists fire, silver stag amulet 20 gp (Party Loot)
(26903) Oleg: I'm a little worried that the remaining bandits might eventually come for revenge, but I think they're really cowards at heart.
(26903) Oleg: I think we bloodied their noses, so to speak, and they won't try anything any time soon.
(26934) Jeremiah: "Better plan for their return just in case"
(26903) Oleg: Hopefully those guards from Restov will get here soon.
(26862) Andraste: "I believe we should strike while the fire is hot. Eliminate the bandit camp so we do not have to worry about this."
(26943) Cairne Garess: 17 gold, 3 silver and 5 copper for every party member and 17 gold, 3 silver and 6 copper in the party fund.
(26935) Carden: (just taking the gold mentioned here)
(26903) Svetlana: Miss Andraste, can I speak with you privately?
** (26935) Carden nods in agreement "We should strike; they wont expect it" **
(26862) Andraste: "Of course," she says, walking with Svetlana
(26903) DM: General note: the encounters get more difficult as you work south, so it's kind of implied that you will expore "horizontally" on the map as you work south.
(26902) Segrid: "Their tracks are still fresh, I might be able to lead us to their camp. Or did you get them to confess its location?"
(26903) DM: That's what I'm assuming as I prepare stuff, anyways.
(26862) Andraste: "I did indeed get them to confess the location."
(26903) Svetlana: As you might suspect, Oleg has been under a lot of stress lately.
(26903) Svetlana: I would like to make him his favorite meal, which is moon radish soup. Problem is, I don't have any.
(26903) Svetlana: They are somewhat rare, but there is a patch that grows about 16 miles south of here.
(26903) Svetlana: I'll pay you 250 gp if you can bring me a mess of moon radishes.
(26920) Zelata: bk
(26920) Zelata: I revoke my previous statement, brb.
(26903) Svetlana: Moon Radish Soup:

Source: Svetlana Leveton at Oleg’s Trading Post

Task: Oleg’s been under a lot of stress lately, and
Svetlana would love to cook him his favorite meal
(moon radish soup) to help him relax. Unfortunately,
moon radishes are relatively rare. A patch grows
about 16 miles south of the trading post.

Completion: Bring Svetlana a basket of moon

Reward: Svetlana is ready to pay a 250 gp reward
to anyone who can bring her enough moon radishes to
make soup.
(26862) Andraste: "We can try, Svetlana. But only if theres enough for everyone," she says, giggling.
(26943) Cairne Garess: 250 gp for radishes?
(26903) Svetlana: Not just ordinary radishes, moon radishes!
** (26862) Andraste returns to the group and tells them of Svetlana's request, "Do you think we can help them?" **
(26943) Cairne Garess: 0_0
(26862) Andraste: (they are from the moon!)
(26934) Jeremiah: "For that kinda of money I'd be willing to at least try"
(26903) DM: while Andraste was talking with Svetlana, Oleg was talking to the rest of you.
(26943) Cairne Garess: Obviously I need to become a radish farmer.
(26903) Oleg: I know that Svetlana is upset that her wedding ring was stolen by the bandits.
(26935) Carden: "Do you think we could do that in two days?"
(26862) Andraste: (Clearly)
(26903) Oleg: And it's probably long gone by now, but if you do come across it, I will give you 1000 gp in trading credit.
(26902) Segrid: "A most generous offer, sir."
(26903) Oleg: Svetlana's Ring:

Source: Oleg Leveton, at Oleg's Trading Post.

Task: Although his wife claims it's not a big loss
compared to what the bandits could have taken, Oleg
knows the theft of her wedding ring has distressed
her. She's forbidden him from risking life and limb to
recover it, but if anyone else can find the ring and
return it to him, he'll be very grateful.

Completion: Track down the ring. The bandits were the last
to have it, but they might have lost or sold it already.

Reward: Oleg promises 1,000 gp in trading post credit
if his wife’s ring can be recovered.
(26934) Jeremiah: "'You sir have a deal"
(26988) Zelata (enter): 20:31
(26903) Oleg: Very well, then. I'm sure you are all eager to head out tomorow and begin exploring the Greenbelt.
(26988) Zelata: kk, guys, sorry, thing crashed, brb for realz this time sorry
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (26988) Zelata...
(26903) Oleg: Booting '(26920) Zelata' from room...
(26920) Zelata (exit): 20:32
(26934) Jeremiah: "Of course"
** (26862) Andraste returns to the group, a smile on her face, "Hello friends." **
(26903) DM: So, looking at this map in your browsers, where do you want to go next?
(26903) DM: http://acollins46805.tripod.com/rpgfiles/greenbelt_explored.jpg
(26902) Segrid: ((where is the bandit's camp?))
(26903) DM: Oleg's is hex 2-5
(26862) Andraste: Our camp is about two days' journey S/SW of here, on the banks of the Thorn river
(26862) Andraste: There you go
(26935) Carden: (how big our hexes again?)
(26903) DM: 12 miles center to center
(26943) Cairne Garess: I say we go in a circle starting with the east hex and heading southwest till north wiest.
(26903) DM: on horseback it takes 1 day to fully explore a plains or forest hex
(26902) Segrid: so maybe 3-4
(26935) Carden: "I say we head south to check for radishes to explore then prep for an attack"
(26902) Segrid: or 4-4
(26902) Segrid: explore 3-5 then 3-4?
(26862) Andraste: "Good idea Carden."
(26934) Jeremiah: "Sounds good"
(26862) Andraste: "By the way Oleg, do you think we could do some trading?"
(26903) DM: Sure
(26862) Andraste: "I would like to purchase a sack for...herb gathering yes."
(26990) Zelata (enter): 20:36
(26903) DM: Ah, here, you can have a sack for free
(26862) Andraste: "And perhaps sell off some of these bandit's equipment/ If you do not mind?"
(26903) DM: (hands you a burlap sack)
(26990) Zelata: Back, and hey guys, sorry.
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (26990) Zelata...
(26862) Andraste: *raises it up* YOU GOT A SACK!
(26903) DM: Booting '(26988) Zelata' from room...
(26988) Zelata (exit): 20:37
(26990) Zelata: But I have to go, I need to drive my mom to the hospitable, sorry.
(26990) Zelata: She's got a doc app she just now decided to tell me about, sorry :|
(26862) Andraste: ((: ( bye Zelata)
(26990) Zelata: (( :( Imma miss chu all! ))
(26990) Zelata: ((this is why I do games on AIM then I can still join xD))
(26935) Carden: "Well lets not waste a day. Oleg any repairs that need to be done"
(26903) DM: Aw, nothing that I can't handle
(26990) Zelata: ((I will assist with these repairs, but for now, I shall be gone))
(26862) Andraste: ((lol, Is Oleg willing to buy the Bandit's extra equipment?)
(26935) Carden: "Very well; what about those catapults?"
(26903) Oleg: those are all broken down
(26934) Jeremiah: "Maybe we can fix them"
(26862) Andraste: ((I'll assume thats a no, I am ready to depart. Lets go!)
(26862) Andraste: "Perhaps, but none of us have the skill to man them."
(26903) Oleg: Yes, I'll buy whatever equipment you don't want to keep for yourselves.
(26935) Carden: "No but might help give the appearance of solid defense"
(26903) DM: Oleg pays you full price for the items.
(26902) Segrid: ((nice!))
(26903) DM: Everybody make sure you have your minis saved...
(26862) Andraste: ((Cool! *sells everything*)
(26862) Andraste: (Except the horses))
(26934) Jeremiah: (( Done ))
(26902) Segrid: (and the longbows for you and Carden)
** (26935) Carden decides to just clean up the catapults areas atleast; maybe fix up an archer station there [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11) **
(26862) Andraste: (And about 60 arrows)
(26943) Cairne Garess: (I'll cast crafter's blessing on anyone who wants to fix catapults.) (+5 luck bonus)
** (26935) Carden takes the help **
(26943) Cairne Garess: (but honestly we want to replace them with balistas at first oppertunity.
(26903) DM: You figure that it would take many weeks to repair the catapults
(26862) Andraste: [75*3] => 225
(26903) DM: and you would need parts made, etc.
(26902) Segrid: ((Good job for those soldiers once they arrive))
(26934) Jeremiah: "So do we want to look for the radishes now or do it tomorrow?"
(26935) Carden: (well just cleaning it up would be a start and make an archer station here or there)
(26903) DM: So you earn a second good night's rest, arise early on 2 Pharast, and set out for hex 3-5...
(26903) DM: Hex 3-5 is a forest hex.
(26902) Segrid: "I say we perform the charter's mandate to fully explore the areas as we go. If we happen upon the radishes, then we'll harvest them for Svetlana."
** (26935) Carden is up early and rides south with the others in search of radishes (perception [1d20+6] => [16,6] = (22) **
(26862) Andraste: [225+92+40] => 357
(26903) DM: and it takes you most of the day to ride around through it mapping the terrain
(26862) Andraste: (thats how much all the equipment is sold for, minus the amulet, I think it will be useful later)
** (26862) Andraste rides with everyone else, on the lookout for moon radishes :3 **
** (26934) Jeremiah readies his spells and equipment for the day and heads out with Carden **
(26862) Andraste: (So Oleg gives us 357 gp for all the equipment wheet :D)
(26902) Segrid: [357/7] => 51
(26902) Segrid: 51gp each plus 51 for party fund
(26935) Carden: (only takes 25; so add 26 to party fund)
(26903) DM: As you ride along, you notice a clearing up ahead and hear faint moaning sounds
(26943) Cairne Garess: 94.35 in party fund, enogh to hire porters if people came around.
(26862) Andraste: "Should we investigate?"
(26934) Jeremiah: "Could be somekind of trap "
(26943) Cairne Garess: (I buy 30 rations with party fund)
(26862) Andraste: "Ah my wounds are healing nicely. Blasted Worg...we forgot to sell its fur..."
(26943) Cairne Garess: I don't want to sell that thing's fur, I want to wear it as a warning to every critter that does not know its place.
** (26902) Segrid looks around for the source of the noises. **
** (26935) Carden heads towards the moaning **
(26902) Segrid: Perception: [1d20+4] => [4,4] = (8); +2 vs. Humans
** (26934) Jeremiah readies his light crossbow in case of trouble **
(26903) DM: You can also roll a knowledge (nature)
(26902) Segrid: Nature: [1d20+5] => [4,5] = (9)
(26902) Segrid: ((Attack of the 4s))
** (26935) Carden draws his blade as he looks around (knowledge nat [1d20+5] => [19,5] = (24)) **
** (26862) Andraste draws her bow, "Wilderness experts. What say you on this noise?" **
(26903) DM: As you approach the neck of the clearing, you see what you think is a large patch of moon radishes
(26903) DM: You also discover the source of the moaning...
(26862) Andraste: "Fortune smiles on us...and Svetlana it seems."
(26903) DM: You see six kobolds all lying on the ground, holding their buldging bellies, and moaning because they are so full!
** (26935) Carden eyes the mushrooms and nods then notices the kobolds "Vermin" **
(26903) DM: Moon radishes are a particular delicacy among the kobolds of the region
(26934) Jeremiah: "Kobolds"
(26862) Andraste: "What are those?" she says, looking at the engorged lizards.
(26934) Jeremiah: "Kobolds"
(26903) DM: You also see three baskets full of radishes towards the side of the clearing
(26934) Jeremiah: "Nasty things"
(26862) Andraste: "Well I am sure they won't mind if we take a sack full. Theres still plenty more."
** (26935) Carden smirks and dismounts **
(26903) DM: One of the kobolds catches sight of you and lets out a shriek
(26943) Cairne Garess: I can speak Draconic.
(26903) DM: and they all clamber to their feet
(26903) DM: roll initiative
(26903) DM: Initiative [1d20+1] => [7,1] = (8)
(26935) Carden: Init [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5)
(26862) Andraste: [1d20+3] => [10,3] = (13) Init
** (26902) Segrid dismounts, readying his shield and sword **
(26902) Segrid: Initiative: [1d20+5] => [13,5] = (18)
(26934) Jeremiah: Initiative: [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12)
(26862) Andraste: "They are attacking us. Be ready!"
(26943) Cairne Garess: [1d20+4] => [19,4] = (23)
(26943) Cairne Garess: wow, did the die roller forget it hates me?
(26903) DM: Cairne goes first
(26943) Cairne Garess: Segrid, you are big! (enlarge)
(26934) Jeremiah: (( Ssshhh,Don't remind it "
(26862) Andraste: (Segrid crushes the horse beneath his now massive weight :D)
(26935) Carden: (hehehe)
(26902) Segrid: (luckily not until next round on Cairne's turn))
(26903) DM: Segrid's turn
(26862) Andraste: (True :D)
** (26902) Segrid dismounts, moving towards the kobolds while feeling the magic run through his limbs **
(26902) Segrid: Ride: [1d20+3] => [18,3] = (21)
(26902) Segrid: fast dismount, readied action vs approach
(26903) DM: Andraste's turn
(26943) Cairne Garess: ( a large segrid most likely is merely a heavy load for a horsie)
(26903) DM: Amdraste delays
(26903) DM: Jeremiah's turn
** (26934) Jeremiah clombs off his horse and fires at Kobold 2 )) **
(26934) Jeremiah: Ranged: Light Crossbow: Attack [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11) Damage [1d6+2] => [2,2] = (4) Crit 19-20/x2 Range 80ft
(26862) Andraste: (apologies xD)
** (26862) Andraste gets off her horse, and fires a shot at Kobold 1 [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8) Point Blank Shot [1d8+1] => [2,1] = (3) **
(26903) DM: Both shots miss
(26903) DM: the kobolds all sling stones at Segrid since he's in the front...
(26903) DM: Sling [1d20+3] => [11,3] = (14) ranged, Damage [1d3] => [1] = (1)
(26903) DM: Sling [1d20+3] => [14,3] = (17) ranged, Damage [1d3] => [3] = (3)
(26903) DM: Sling [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11) ranged, Damage [1d3] => [2] = (2)
(26903) DM: Sling [1d20+3] => [18,3] = (21) ranged, Damage [1d3] => [3] = (3)
(26903) DM: Sling [1d20+3] => [11,3] = (14) ranged, Damage [1d3] => [2] = (2)
(26903) DM: Sling [1d20+3] => [9,3] = (12) ranged, Damage [1d3] => [1] = (1)
(26943) Cairne Garess: brb
(26903) DM: I think only one hit for 3 hp total
(26902) Segrid: (one hit for 3)
(26902) Segrid: (yep)
(26903) DM: the rest of the small sling bullets bouncing off his shield
(26903) DM: Carden's turn
(26902) Segrid: "Ow! Little bastard"
(26862) Andraste: "Segrin, get within their midsts. They won't be able to sling with you interrupting them!"
** (26935) Carden moves up and cast daze on one (dc 13 on #1) **
(26903) DM: Will [1d20-1] => [1,-1] = (0)
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(26990) Zelata' from server... Removing dead client
(26990) Zelata (exit): 21:09
(26862) Andraste: (nice!)
(26903) DM: K1 is really dazed!
(26903) DM: start of round 2
(26903) DM: Cairne's up
(26943) Cairne Garess: ( a large segrid most likely is merely a heavy load for a horsie)
(26943) Cairne Garess: Uh, I enlarge the inquisditor using my dagger!
(26903) DM: Segrid's turn
(26902) Segrid: Melee: ENLARGED Longsword [1d20+4] => [13,4] = (17) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [2d6+3] => [4,5,3] = (12) damage
(26903) DM: K2 is dead
(26943) Cairne Garess: we are awesome together
(26903) DM: Andraste's turn
** (26862) Andraste moves closer towards the Kobolts, Firing off a shot at Kobold 4 **
(26862) Andraste: [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15)
(26862) Andraste: [1d8+1] => [2,1] = (3) Assuming and hoping it hits.
(26903) DM: yes, you hit
(26903) DM: Jeremiah's turn
(26934) Jeremiah: (( Going to reload my crossbow then move closer to the Kobolds ))
(26934) Jeremiah: (( Done ))
(26903) DM: Kobolds' turn
(26943) Cairne Garess: Segrid, if you have a favorite buff you want I think we can work something out.
(26903) DM: K1 just stands there dazed
(26903) DM: K3-6 all take 5' steps to close with Segrid, and stabity doom with their spears!
(26943) Cairne Garess: I think you will spend allot of time larger than the average bear ufor a while though.
(26903) DM: Spear [1d20+1] => [14,1] = (15) melee, Damage [1d6-1] => [5,-1] = (4)
(26903) DM: Spear [1d20+1] => [13,1] = (14) melee, Damage [1d6-1] => [6,-1] = (5)
(26903) DM: Spear [1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4) melee, Damage [1d6-1] => [3,-1] = (2)
(26903) DM: Spear [1d20+1] => [17,1] = (18) melee, Damage [1d6-1] => [4,-1] = (3)
(26902) Segrid: ((Yeah, working on nodes for this, thanks))
(26862) Andraste: (+2 for flanking :o?)
(26903) DM: Your AC is now 19 enlarged, right?
(26902) Segrid: (yes)
(26903) DM: so they all miss
(26903) DM: Garden's turn
(26902) Segrid: (not flan king me yet, Andraste)
(26862) Andraste: (Thank god :P)
** (26935) Carden moves forth and takes a swing at a kobold (#1) [1d20+2] => [5,2] = (7) dmg [1d6+2] => [2,2] = (4) (fort save [1d20+3] => [10,3] = (13)) **
(26903) DM: miss
(26943) Cairne Garess: weird, if you enlarge a person ranged projectiles shrink back to normal, but if you reduce them the projectiles stay shrunk. Wierd.
(26903) DM: Cairne, does a DC 13 fort negate your enlarge person spell? Carden want's to resist it
(26943) Cairne Garess: dc 14
(26862) Andraste: (hur hur xD)
(26903) DM: start of round 3
(26903) DM: Cairne's turn
(26943) Cairne Garess: I hold
(26903) DM: Segrid's turn
** (26902) Segrid attacks #3 "You should run, little ratling lizards." **
(26902) Segrid: Melee: ENLARGED Longsword [1d20+4] => [18,4] = (22) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [2d6+3] => [4,4,3] = (11) damage
(26903) DM: He's dead, Jim!
(26943) Cairne Garess: (at end of turn, if I have nothing to react to I cast acid splash on nearest kolbold)
(26903) DM: Andraste's turn
(26862) Andraste: (Alright)
(26862) Andraste: (Is kobold 1 wielding a melee weapon?)
(26903) DM: yes, he has a spear
** (26862) Andraste draws her longsword, slashing it down on the Kobold [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11) [1d8+1] => [8,1] = (9) Damage **
(26903) DM: the powerful swing misses
(26903) DM: Jeremiah's turn
(26934) Jeremiah: (( I use aracne pool to Enchant my crossbow again and Fire at Kobold 6 ))
(26934) Jeremiah: Ranged: Arcane Light Crossbow: Attack [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20) Damage [1d6+3] => [5,3] = (8) Crit on 19-20/x2 Range 80ft
(26903) DM: You put a bolt right through K6's head!
(26903) DM: K1 stabs at Andraste with his spear...
(26903) DM: Spear [1d20+1] => [11,1] = (12) melee, Damage [1d6-1] => [6,-1] = (5)
(26903) DM: but misses
(26903) DM: K4 and 5 stab at Segrid
(26903) DM: Spear [1d20+1] => [12,1] = (13) melee, Damage [1d6-1] => [1,-1] = (0)
(26903) DM: Spear [1d20+1] => [7,1] = (8) melee, Damage [1d6-1] => [5,-1] = (4)
(26903) DM: and miss
(26903) DM: Carden's turn
** (26935) Carden in his bigger form tries to decapitate the neaby kobold (#1) [1d20+2] => [4,2] = (6); dmg [1d8+3] => [5,3] = (8) **
(26903) DM: *swiff*
(26903) DM: just misses
(26903) DM: :)
(26903) DM: next round
(26903) DM: Cairne's up
(26902) Segrid: Melee: ENLARGED Longsword [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [2d6+3] => [1,5,3] = (9) damage
(26943) Cairne Garess: [1d20] => [8] = (8)
(26943) Cairne Garess: [1d20] => [8] = (8)
(26902) Segrid: Melee: ENLARGED Longsword [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [2d6+3] => [4,1,3] = (8) damage
(26902) Segrid: Melee: ENLARGED Longsword [1d20+4] => [7,4] = (11) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [2d6+3] => [5,3,3] = (11) damage
(26943) Cairne Garess: does a kolbold have an ac of 8?
(26862) Andraste: (huh?)
(26943) Cairne Garess: [1d20] => [9] = (9)
(26902) Segrid: (sorry something went wrong there)
(26902) Segrid: (trying to type something and a bunch of attacks generated, ignore please)
(26943) Cairne Garess: acid splash
(26903) DM: their touch AC is 12
(26943) Cairne Garess: well then they suck
(26903) DM: now Segrid is up
** (26902) Segrid Attacks #5. "Dammit, run you fools!" **
(26902) Segrid: Melee: ENLARGED Longsword [1d20+4] => [9,4] = (13) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [2d6+3] => [4,6,3] = (13) damage
(26903) DM: miss
(26903) DM: Andraste...
(26862) Andraste: "You are outmatched Kobolds. Run away, take your wounded"
** (26862) Andraste slices Kobold [1d20+2] => [1,2] = (3) [1d8+1] => [5,1] = (6) Damage **
(26862) Andraste: (ouch)
(26903) DM: Jeremiah...
(26862) Andraste: "Can anyone speak their language?"
(26934) Jeremiah: (( Do I have a clear shot at Kobold 1?))
(26903) DM: yes, if you have precise shot
(26903) DM: since he is in melee
(26935) Carden: "Not I"
(26934) Jeremiah: (( Okay then Im going to reload my crossbow and fire at Kobold 5 ))
(26903) DM: otherwise -4 penalty to hit
(26934) Jeremiah: Ranged: Arcane Light Crossbow: Attack [1d20+3] => [16,3] = (19) Damage [1d6+3] => [4,3] = (7) Crit on 19-20/x2 Range 80ft
(26903) DM: K5 is slain
(26903) DM: K1 yips something in Draconic
(26903) DM: and takes a 5' step to flank Andraste
(26943) Cairne Garess: what does he wyip, as it is a language us wizard's know.
(26934) Jeremiah: (( I can speak Draconic))
(26903) DM: both K1 and K4 stab...
(26903) DM: Spear [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11) melee, Damage [1d6-1] => [1,-1] = (0)
(26903) DM: Spear [1d20+1] => [14,1] = (15) melee, Damage [1d6-1] => [3,-1] = (2)
(26903) DM: but miss, even with flanking
(26903) DM: "This is our radish patch!"
(26903) DM: Carden's turn
** (26935) Carden has reach and takes a swing at another kobold (4) [1d20+2] => [13,2] = (15); dmg [1d6+3] => [4,3] = (7) **
(26903) DM: Cairne's turn
(26943) Cairne Garess: "he said you no steal candle"
(26943) Cairne Garess: acid splash
(26943) Cairne Garess: [1d20] => [4] = (4)
(26862) Andraste: "Candle...?"
(26903) DM: Segrid's turn
(26902) Segrid: Melee: ENLARGED Longsword [1d20+4] => [1,4] = (5) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [2d6+3] => [5,4,3] = (12) damage
(26903) DM: miss
** (26902) Segrid swings but his heart is obviously not in it. **
(26903) DM: Andraste
** (26862) Andraste moves up, to flank with Segrid, risking an AoO **
(26903) DM: Spear [1d20+1] => [4,1] = (5) melee, Damage [1d6-1] => [3,-1] = (2)
** (26862) Andraste brings her blade down on the Kobold [1d20+4] => [16,4] = (20) [1d8+1] => [4,1] = (5) Damage **
(26903) DM: Aaaaah!
(26903) DM: that took longer than I thought it would
(26903) DM: everyone rolling so bad
(26862) Andraste: "It is done..." she says, casting detect evil.
** (26902) Segrid looks around at the carnage, shaking his head sadly. **
(26903) DM: So you're able to fill up that sack with moon radishes, and they are already picked for you in the baskets
** (26935) Carden cleans his weapon and sheaths it. Then piles the bodies up to set a blaze. Removing anything of use first **
** (26934) Jeremiah moves into the clearing to retreive his bolts **
** (26902) Segrid cleans his blade. **
(26862) Andraste: "Don't burn them in the patch at least, Carden."
(26934) Jeremiah: "Easiest money I've ever made"
** (26862) Andraste picks up the moon radishes the kobold's were gathering and puts them alll in her burlap sack. **
** (26935) Carden made a place for them outside the patch **
** (26862) Andraste sighs, "Well, our friends at the Fort willl be happy at least." **
(26903) DM: ok, we'll stop here with you camping in this area as it's getting on towards dusk
(26935) Carden: (how many spears and such?)
(26862) Andraste: ((kk))
(26934) Jeremiah: (( kk ))
(26903) DM: 6 small-sized spears and slings
** (26902) Segrid rubs the lump on his head from the one shot that got through. **
(26862) Andraste: (Slings are basically worthless. But the spears can be sold)
(26903) DM: see you next week
(26943) Cairne Garess: still a sack of heroin radishes.
(26862) Andraste: Later guys : )
(26934) Jeremiah: (( later see ya next week ))
(26935) Carden: hehehe
(26902) Segrid: ((good night))
(26935) Carden: off to play modern war 3
(26902) Segrid: ((blood radishes))
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Game disconnected!

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