Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Party Fund

150 gp trading post credit
1275.05 gp

1 potion cure light wounds (CL 1)
5 potions of cure moderate wounds (CL 3)
2 potion of cure serious wounds (CL 5)
one potion of undetectable alignment
potion of lesser restoration
a potion of water breathing (CL 5)

Weapons and Armor
460 arrows
7 +1 flaming crossbow bolts
3 +1 magical beast bane arrows
1 +1 Human Bane arrow
1 +1 Heavy Wooden Shield
1 Chain shirt
1 +2 Feybane bastard Sword
4 breastplates
4 masterwork longswords
4 heavy steel sheilds
+1 chain shirt
masterwork buckler
+1 rapier
shortbow with 20 arrows

Crafting Supplies
2 med Tatzlwyrm hides
1 tatzlwyrm Head
1 troll skull
a Thylacine Hide
Thylacine meat
2 bear hides
Deer Hide blanket
Owlbear Hide
Owlbear Head
Winter Wolf hide
2 Worg Hides
Giant Turtle Corpse

Misc Magic Items
ring of feather falling
a ring of swimming
Water Elemental Gem
single dose of dust of illusion
a scroll of fly, scroll of scare, scroll of sound burst, scroll of phantom steed, scroll of invisibility sphere, and scroll of misdirection
wand of magic missile (Cl 3, 12 charges)
1 copper ring of sustenance
a tree feather token

Valuables and Gear
16 rations
smoked bear meat (48 person-days of rations, thats a lot of protein)
5 horses with pack saddles, saddles, bridles and saddle bags.
3 healers kits (28 charges)
four 50-foot lengths of hemp rope
a small lantern
Worg hide cloak
1 pathfinder chronicle for every knowledge skill
9 birds for message carrying (Untrained)
A tapestry depicting the death and resurrection of Carden and Andraste (50 gp)
A tapestry depicting the fight with the Stag Lord (50 gp)

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