Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Non Player Characters

Oleg - Human (???) Owner/Operator of Oleg's trading post.  A friend who feeds the party whenever they are visiting.  Married to Svetlana.

Svetlana - Human (???) Wife of Oleg, skilled Seamstress, commissioned to make Heraldic pavilion tents for the entire party.

Bokken - Human (Adept, at least 3rd level) Skilled Potion crafter, not tremendously sanitary.  Has a trouble making brother.

Kesten Garess - Human (???) Current protector of Oleg's Trading Post, a bastard who is seeking his fortunes in the stolen lands.  Has offered a reward for Falgrim Sneeg's capture or posthumous return.

Falgrim Sneeg - A mercenary that Kesten claims is a robber and oathbreaker, wanted dead or alive, preferably alive, currently deceased.

Vekkel - ??? (???) A greenbelt hunter who offered a bow and magic arrows for Tuskgutter's remains.

Mikmek - Kobold (???) A sootscale Kobold important enough to have a name.  Tortured by the Mites, a friend to the Fellowship.

Chief - Kobold (???) Chief of the Sootscale Kobolds, not important enough to have a name.  A friend to the Fellowship.

TuskGutter - Wild Boar (???) A large disagreeable boar, deceased.

The Undead thing in the crossing - Undead (???) A Undead thing, claims it can rest easy once the Stag Lord has died, Neutral Evil.

Perlivash - Fairy Dragon - Fond of pranks and Zelata and Andraste, keeps tying Cairne's bootlaces together.

Tig-titter-tut - Fae (???) Fond of pranks and Zelata and Andraste, keeps tying Cairne's bootlaces together.

Brother Jhod - Human Cleric - A priest of Erastil, dedicated to the restoration of the ruined temple.

The Stag Lord - Human? (???) The leader of the bandits plaguing the stolen lands, now deceased.

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