Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Player Characters

Cairne Garess is a Half Elf  Wizard (conjurer)/ Cleric (Sheyln).  He is the acknowledged bastard of Lord Dominic Garess, a high ranking scion of the House Garess.  Cairne has journeyed to the Stolen Lands in hopes of advancing his social and political standing as the circumstances of his birth leave him without opportunities to advance.

Segrid is a Human  Ranger, he is currently in a romantic relationship with Andraste.  Segrid primarily fights using a sword and board style of combat and currently acts as the party tank.

Andraste is a Aasimar Paladin of Erastil, she is currently in a romantic relationship with Segrid.  Andraste fights primarily with archery.  She died in battle with a giant Centipede but was raised from the dead at the Temple of the Elk, presumably at the blessing of Erastil.

Jeremiah Nixon is a Teifling Magus, He fights primarily with a crossbow that he uses his class abilities to enhance.  I believe he worships Nethys.

Carden Shaw is a Human Inquisitor of Erastil.  Carden Shaw was briefly slain but he was raised at the Temple of Erastil, presumably at the blessing of Erastil.

Zelata  is a Aasimar Sorcerer.  It is unclear what bloodline she derives her power from but her magic is primarily fire based.  Zel is the youngest member of the group and prone to bouts of immaturity.  She is currently in a romantic relationship with open flames.  I believe she worships Gozreh, or anything shiney she encounters

Mason is a ??? Fighter.  He uses a large hammer and wrestles bears in the nude or something.

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