Tuesday, March 6, 2012

13th session

This session was all over the place.

We started by heading back to Oleg where we found more fang berries and more creatures willing to eat us.  We killed anther giant centipede, this time without losing another player to it.  We then made it to Olegs only to find that our workers had arrived.  We did some trading and oath swearing and escorted our workers to their designated work sites.

We took and made oaths which I have mentioned before are important, and left our people with the important tasks we needed them for and went on our way.

In our exploration we ended our night when we found a dead unicorn, a exhaustive use of our class abilities, spells and skill sets revealed the following:

The Unicorn was affected by necromancy
The Unicorn was most likely killed by a death effect
The tracks of a humanoid where found walking up to the unicorn, but appeared out of nowhere, as if the track's owner had teleported or flew down

We buried the unicorn and prepared for the challenges of the next day.

Next session may be against the Stag Lord.

Attempting to assign the role of GM to (3) DM...
(2) Cairne (enter): 17:27
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (2) Cairne...
(3) DM: Hi.
(3) DM: Did Cairne send a letter to someone in his family awhile back?
(2) Cairne: Yes he did, he spent like 3 gold to request troops, miners and construction workers from his family.
(3) DM: Who specifically did he address the letter to?
(2) Cairne: His father, but it was a bundle of letters for family and friends, the request for laborers was to his father.
(3) DM: Ok
(3) DM: I'll try to have a reply letter waiting at Oleg's
(2) Cairne: I asked you what the distance was on the 31st of feb so like 3 sessions ago.
(2) Cairne: let me check the blog, it should tell me what session I wrote.
(2) Cairne: 10th session http://deadeyesfellowship.blogspot.com/search/label/10th%20session
(3) DM: We can work with the idea of some of the settlers coming from your family, but we'll handle the building using the kingdom building rules (starting in Chapter 2)
(3) DM: So it's more for flavor than anything.
(3) DM: Basically you'll start off chapter 2 with "building points" representing money that Brevoy has given to you to found your new nation
(2) Cairne: http://www.rpgobjects.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=18191#p18191 there is the job posting, we are paying people two weeks of pay just to travel to Olegs, then we are paying them weekly.
(2) Cairne: I just feel its important that we be personally invoulved in the restoration of the temple and the hunting lodge and Cairne wants his family to have a early lock on it, hence he went to his family for the people.
(4) NapalmMoose (enter): 17:44
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (4) NapalmMoose...
(4) Jeremiah: Sup guys
(4) Jeremiah: Did You get my updated Sheet?
(2) Cairne: Even if you are making it part of the build points some of our oparty fund should disapear into this mine.
(3) DM: Yes, thanks
(3) DM: ok, as long as you are willing to keep track of it all
(3) DM: I'll send you guys a PDF of just the kingdom building rules from Rivers Run Red.
(4) Jeremiah: Did you have any questions about the Magus Arcanas that I took?
(3) DM: Basically things like the mine are resources that give economic bonuses to your kingdom stat rolls
(3) DM: No, I didn't really read over them.
(2) Cairne: the idea is eventually the golden bear pays for it, so basically roll some dice and tell us how many weeks until the golden bear mine puts out enough to support our aims. We pay 70/gp a week until then.
(3) DM: I just pulled out the stuff that I have in my player summary.
(2) Cairne: do you have a copy of Gods and Magic?
(3) DM: yes
(2) Cairne: are we playing with the religion specific evxtra spells for casters?
(3) DM: Like "Unbreakable Heart" for Shelyn?
(2) Cairne: that was one of them, but while it is a loooooooooong way away iwas more interested in good hope for sheyln's clerics as a 4th level spelll.
(4) Jeremiah: Arcana: Close Range Lets me use Rays that are Ranged Touch Attacks as Touch Spells, and I can Use them as part of My Spell Strike, and Arcana: Aracne Accuracy Lets Me Use my Int Mod on Attack Rolls Until the end of my Turn, and it costs 1 use from my Arcane Pool
(3) DM: ok
(3) DM: And, yes, you can use those spells
(2) Cairne: sweet, that is a top notch buff.
(2) Cairne: seems pretty straightforward.
(4) Jeremiah: Know what I like doing? I like Filling out a node only to have Open go "Nope Not going to save that"
(2) Cairne: Kesten has to be somewhere there, hopefully we can capture him before the stag lord fight.
(3) DM: Um, that's Falgrim Sneeg?
(3) DM: Kesten is the guard at Oleg's
(2) Cairne: or falgrim.
(2) Cairne: seems like I should knwo the difference between those people.
(2) Cairne: If we bring Kesten back to my family to face justice I am never going to hear the end of it at family reunions.
(5) Kerus Tahlir (enter): 18:10
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (5) Kerus Tahlir...
(5) Segrid: hi everybody
(2) Cairne: Hiya segrid
(5) Segrid: That's a good-looking map
(2) Cairne: Segrid, do me a favor and make sure we capture Falgrim Sneed and not Kesten Garess, we don't get anything for Garess.
(4) Jeremiah: Testing a roller
(4) Jeremiah: L1:
(4) Jeremiah: L1: Ray of Enfeeblement: Attack [1d20+4] => [12,4] = (16) Ranged Touch Attack Saving Throw Fort vs 14 for Half Range 30ft Duration 3 Rounds Casting Time 1 Standard Effect: Target takes [1d6+2] => [1,2] = (3) Strength Penalty, Can not Drop Str score below 1 and does not Stack with itself.
(5) Segrid: Not even ransom?
(2) Cairne: Concentration Wizard [1d20+6] => [12,6] = (18) Cleric [1d20+3] => [3,3] = (6)
(5) Segrid: I mean, I hear those Garesses are loaded
(5) Segrid: Punch a horse now, Staggie!
(5) Segrid: ..
(5) Segrid: .
(2) Cairne: Man I can't rename the zel miniature.
(3) DM: I'll be afk until right at 7:00
(5) Segrid: BTW, Cairne great job on the campaign blod site.. I'm poking around it now
(5) Segrid: Are you on the miniatures tab?
(2) Cairne: thank you, boredom and unemployment can be constructive sometimes.
(2) Cairne: you
(2) Cairne: yup
(2) Cairne: what do you guys think of this path?
(5) Segrid: it might actually take less time to go around the forest
(4) Jeremiah: looks good
(4) Jeremiah: L1: Hydraulic Push: Attack [1d20+6] => [15,6] = (21) Bull Rush saving Throw None Range 30ft Duration Instant Casting Time 1 Standard Effect: Knocks Over one Creature, or Soaks One Square. Use this attack to make a Bullrush attack that does not provoke Attacks of Opportunity. Can extinguishe any Normal Fire in a 5ft Square.
(4) Jeremiah: That look good to yall?
(5) Segrid: Better
(2) Cairne: I went with alarm and magic missile.
(4) Jeremiah: Ray of Enfeeblement and Hydraulic Push
(5) Segrid: Hydraulic Push Zelata into bed at night if you haven't used it up yet.
(5) Segrid: then grease her tent so she can't get back up
(2) Cairne: I figure I'll pick up fire resistance next level.
(4) Jeremiah: 1. Zelata Starts a fire, 2. Jeremiah "Oh no a Fire", 3. Hydraulic Push, 4.????, 5. Profit
(2) Cairne: Also web, because it can be ignighted.
(5) Segrid: should be building my shopping list
(2) Cairne: what are you shoipping for?
(4) Jeremiah: so I checked Wealth by Level table in the Pathfinder book yesterday and we Should have about 3000gp at level 3
(2) Cairne: I think we are getting the treasure of a 4 member party and dividing it 8 ways.
(4) Jeremiah: same here
(2) Cairne: I also think the cairn and the stag lord hold significant treasure.'
(5) Segrid: Well, with only X gold, I guess I'm shopping for a few potions
(4) Jeremiah: Masterwork Chainshirt for Myself
(5) Segrid: Trying to save some money for shield enchantment.. by the time I have enough, Cairne ought to be able to do it :)
(2) Cairne: I'm saving for my tent, and buying spells and some sundries.
(2) Cairne: when I hit 5th level.
(5) Segrid: You know, a masterwork breastplate might be worth picking up
(2) Cairne: I'm thinking of turning the tatzlewyrm hides to matching suits of Parade armor for Segrid and Andraste.
(2) Cairne: to make you two look all fancy.
(5) Segrid: That'd be cool, good for ceremonies and such
(5) Segrid: Yeah, I think I'll switch my armor our for a masterwork breastplate.
(2) Cairne: exactly, I think it works for our patronship if we make use of the things we kill.
(2) Cairne: my endgame armor is a mithiril breastplate of command, but I cannot wear it till 11th level.
(6) Siam (enter): 18:58
(5) Segrid: So my shopping list is: Masterwork Breastplate, 3 potions of healing
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (6) Siam...
(5) Segrid: hi
(6) Riani: hey
(2) Cairne: Hiya
(6) Andraste: Hey xD
(4) Jeremiah: Sup
(6) Andraste: Nothing much
(6) Andraste: We have gold!
(6) Andraste: Lets buy stuff :P
(5) Segrid: Gotta keep the goods protected.
(6) Andraste: I am interested in buying a masterwork bow mainl
(3) DM: We left off last time with you camping in hex 5-5 after finding the rickety bridge.
(6) Andraste: lly*
(5) Segrid: You're getting one as a reward for Tuskgutter
(5) Segrid: no need to buy :)
(2) Cairne: we get a free masterwork longbow as soon as we get back to olegs
(5) Segrid: and 6 +1 animal bane arrows
(2) Cairne: Hopefully Kesten will get you a mighty bow.
(5) Segrid: too bad they're not Cockeroach Bane Weapons
(2) Cairne: after exploting the other side i say with return to our horses and ride back to olegs.
(5) Segrid: Yup, that is the plan
(2) Cairne: exploreing, exploiting comes later.
(5) Segrid: Back to Olegs to resupply, catch him up on our explorations, collect our booty, get some gear
(5) Segrid: Get a hot meal that wasn't cooked over a campfire or smoked
(6) Andraste: Adventure awaits
(6) Andraste: Or by Zelata :3?
(5) Segrid: Sleep in a bed
(3) DM: You leave hex 5-5 the next morning, 10 Gozran, and start making your way northeasterly towards Oleg's
(2) Cairne: Selling the Sickle, the Bracers of armor, the two tents, the Stein and the Ring should net us 725.5 gp or 90.68 per person when we hit Olegs. So when we hit Olegs next session every player should get 165.68 gp.
(2) Cairne: we should have a new tent with the glorious dragon of Brevoy waiting for us.
(3) DM: As you are riding along, you begin to see some small patches of Fangberries, and further ahead and somewhat off the trail you see a large patch.
(2) Cairne: ( cast unseen servant, tell zel to gather firewood away.)
(5) Segrid: "It's amazing how much I miss a warm bed after just a few days on the road. Of course, I miss the road almost as soon as my head hits the soft pillow."
(5) Segrid: "Look, Fangberries. Somebody tie Zelata's hands."
(7) Mason (enter): 19:08
(5) Segrid: ((hi mason))
(2) Cairne: Hey mason
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (7) Mason...
(6) Andraste: "Wonder if they are edible raw," she says.
(7) Mason: (whats going on?)
(5) Segrid: ((found another big fangberry bush))
(3) DM: (place your minis on the trail to start with)
(5) Segrid: ((waiting for details)
(3) DM: So far you've just seen it up ahead.
(2) Cairne: we are riding back to base, and found some wquest items.
(5) Segrid: bottome of map?
(3) DM: yes
(5) Segrid: Perception: [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13); +2 vs. Humans; +2 in Plains
(3) DM: There's a small hill just beyond the bushes.
(2) Cairne: Perception [1d20+10] => [4,10] = (14)
(6) Andraste: [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11) Perception
(3) DM: You detect something moving just on the other side of the hill.
(3) DM: Roll initiative and plan to take a surprise round action...
(3) DM: Initiative [1d20+0] => [4,0] = (4)
(2) Cairne: Initiative [1d20+4] => [3,4] = (7)
(5) Segrid: Initiative in Plains: [1d20+7] => [20,7] = (27)
(8) Flint (enter): 19:13
(6) Andraste: [1d20+3] => [12,3] = (15) Initiative
(6) Andraste: Nice Segrid
(7) Mason: Skill check: [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11)
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (8) Carden...
(3) DM: Mason, your init bonus is +3
(8) Carden: perception [1d20+8] => [20,8] = (28)
(3) DM: Carden, Mason, Jeremiah, roll initiative please
(7) Mason: Initiative: [1d20+3] => [20,3] = (23)
(6) Andraste: All these 20s!
(8) Carden: Init [1d20+2] => [4,2] = (6)
(6) Andraste: Thank you Carden
(3) DM: Cairn and Carden see movement just over the hill and shout a warning.
(3) DM: You can each take a single action.
(6) Andraste: *draws her bow and nothces an arrow, looking at where Cairn and Carden were watching.
** (8) Carden looks to the hill and says "Got movement" **
** (8) Carden readies his bow **
(2) Cairne: (Holds action)
whispering to Jeremiah, Please roll initiative
(3) DM: Start of round 1
** (5) Segrid urges his horse to move towards the hill while drawing his sword **
(3) DM: You see what look like two long, flexible sticks whip up and down and coming over the top of the hill
(2) Cairne: (Dismounts trouble)
(2) Cairne: Get Andraste away from that thing!
(5) Segrid: (Oh nos Andraste Killers)
(3) DM: Yes,that's right...it's another giant whiptail centipede\
(2) Cairne: I don't want to use the player death tag agains!
(3) DM: Segrid's turn
(9) Erik (enter): 19:21
(6) Andraste: (noes!)
(5) Segrid: Segrid charges the centipede on horseback! (Guide with knees dc 5 autosuccess)
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (9) Erik...
(2) Cairne: look out for pits
(5) Segrid: MW CI Longsword Charge [1d20+9] => [18,9] = (27) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [1d8+2] => [4,2] = (6) damage
(5) Segrid: (is our keen still on?)
(2) Cairne: yes
(5) Segrid: [1d20+9] => [9,9] = (18)
(9) Erik: (( Sorry Dc'ed ))
(5) Segrid: [1d8+2] => [2,2] = (4)
(9) Erik: (( what did I miss? ))
(3) DM: No, that ended yesterday (after 1 week)
(5) Segrid: (ok) then just the 6
(2) Cairne: ahhh but we prayed extra hard
(9) Jeremiah: (( last I saw was Someone saying lets spend some money ))
(6) Andraste: (lol)
(3) DM: (roll initiative please, Jeremiah)
(3) DM: Booting '(4) Jeremiah' from server...
(4) Jeremiah (exit): 19:24
(5) Segrid: (we found some fangberry bushes, and a whiptail centipede- we just started the first round)
(2) Cairne: Mason you awake?
(9) Jeremiah: Init [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11)
(3) DM: Mason's turn
(9) Jeremiah: (( kk ))
** (7) Mason dismounts and moves forward **
(3) DM: Andraste's turn
(6) Andraste: *ushers her horse to move northward, sheathing her bow and drawing her lance instead.
(6) Andraste: End turn
(3) DM: Jeremiah's turn
(9) Jeremiah: (( Going to enhance My Crossbow and Fire at it ))
(9) Jeremiah: Attack: Arcane Crossbow Attack[1d20+3+1] => [7,3,1] = (11)
(3) DM: hit
(9) Jeremiah: Damage: Damage[1d8+1] => [3,1] = (4)
(3) DM: Cairne's turn
(2) Cairne: Ok Mason, you and me are goanna do the cannonball special, I run up to hammer man and touch him: Bit of Luck (Sp): You can touch a willing creature as a standard action, giving it a bit of luck. For the next round, any time the target rolls a d20, he may roll twice and take the more favorable result.
(3) DM: Carden's turn
(6) Andraste: (something is wrong with the map for me)
(3) DM: me too
(9) Jeremiah: (( Same here ))
** (8) Carden moves his horse alittle then fires an arrow at the creature(attack [1d20+5] => [15,5] = (20) dmg [1d8+2] => [7,2] = (9)) **
(3) DM: hit
(3) DM: The creature snaps its huge mandibles at Segrid...
(3) DM: Bite [1d20+4] => [1,4] = (5) melee, Damage [2d6+7] => [6,6,7] = (19) plus poison
(3) DM: but misses
(3) DM: :-(
(6) Andraste: Ouch. that would have hurt
(3) DM: Start of round 2
(3) DM: Segrid's back up
** (5) Segrid sees what Andraste is going for and nudges his horse to sidestep before attacking **
(5) Segrid: Melee: MW CI Longsword [1d20+7] => [8,7] = (15) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [1d8+2] => [5,2] = (7) damage
(3) DM: hit
(3) DM: Mason's turn
(2) Cairne: mason, remember 2d20 to hit.
(3) DM: AC is 11
** (7) Mason storms and smashes centipede **
(2) Cairne: pick the highest.
(7) Mason: *Maul Power attack*: [1d20+9] => [18,9] = (27) Damage [1d10+6] => [5,6] = (11)
(7) Mason: *Maul Power attack*: [1d20+9] => [15,9] = (24) Damage [1d10+6] => [10,6] = (16)
(3) DM: 11 damage
(3) DM: it appears to be VERY badly wounded
(6) Andraste: lol.
(3) DM: Andraste's turn
(2) Cairne: ok, usually its a lot cooler than that.
(5) Segrid: Vengeance flanking charge!
** (6) Andraste tries to finish it off by charging with all of her mount's speed right at it's exposed flank! [1d20+4+2+2] => [5,4,2,2] = (13) If I flank. **
(3) DM: hit
(6) Andraste: [2d8+2] => [3,6,2] = (11) Damage
(3) DM: You run it through, killing it.
(5) Segrid: "That's my lady!" Segrid smiles through the gore.
(6) Andraste: "I am not usually one for revenge," she says, removing her lance from the skewered corpse.
** (8) Carden collects his durable arrow from beast. **
(5) Segrid: "Think rather of all the poor hunters that thing might have devoured had it been allowed to run amok the countryside, then."
(2) Cairne: I summon an unseen servant, let it pick berries. cast prestidigitaion, clean the berries, cast purify food and drink, retard spoilage in the berries and the boar carcass and our food supplies, cast create water on zelata.
(3) DM: After dealing with the centipede, it takes you about 30 minutes to gather the fangberries.
(9) Jeremiah: "always with the giant bugs"
(5) Segrid: "Giant frogs gotta eat something, and Zelata doesn't have enough meat on her yet."
(6) Andraste: "Very visceral, dear Segrid," she lets out a small chuckle.
(5) Segrid: Segrid thinks better of what he was going to say, remembering his promise to try to pick on Zelata less.
(5) Segrid: Instead he smiles back and Andraste.
(5) Segrid: "Well, why not have a nice picnic while Cairne's butler picks our berries for us."
** (8) Carden watches for any other creatures as the berries are collected **
(3) DM: After saying that, you feel a couple of drops of water land on you.
(5) Segrid: "We'll roll the corpse behind the hill so we don't have to look at it."
(3) DM: The sky has become overcast.
(3) DM: It is starting to drizzle lightly.
** (5) Segrid laughs. "Well, at least it was rain instead of giant ants." **
** (9) Jeremiah looks up "Looks like arin" **
(6) Andraste: "Do not tempt fate Segrid," she says, ribbing him a bit.
(9) Jeremiah: (( rain I mean))
(5) Segrid: "Too late!"
(6) Andraste: "I pray it does not rain ants...I dislike ants."
** (8) Carden pulls his hood of his cloak over his head **
(3) DM: As you ride along the rain becomes heavier and there are soft peals of thunder in the distance.
(2) Cairne: Ah spring.
** (5) Segrid tilts his head back as he rides, allowing the rain to cool off his face, and catching some drops on his tongue. **
(3) DM: As evening approaches the rain continues.
(3) DM: It will be dark soon.
(3) DM: You are about 2/3rd the way to Oleg's
(2) Cairne: (set up the tents)]
** (5) Segrid will try to find a sheltered spot for setting up the tents, someplace the wind will not rip them down if the storm worsens, **
(8) Carden: "Should we push on since this close?"
(5) Segrid: Survival: [1d20+6] => [19,6] = (25); +2 vs. Humans +1 track; +2 in Plains
(9) Jeremiah: "Lets rest and Countinue in the morning"
(5) Segrid: (27)
(3) DM: The horses rare up at the loud crack of thunder.
(6) Andraste: "Yes, we're in no real rush...what was that?'
(3) DM: Occasional flashes of lightning light up the night sky.
(5) Segrid: Handle Animal: [1d20+6] => [4,6] = (10)
(5) Segrid: Zelata should be here enjoying nature's raw fury and power.
(2) Cairne: (calm down trouble)
** (8) Carden shakes the chill from his bones as the storms comes through **
(9) Jeremiah: "Easy Horse" Lokks at the others "Really dont want to continue in this"
(5) Segrid: "This looks like as good a spot as any to get the tents set up.
(6) Andraste: "me neither..Its a good thing we're close to Oleg's I doubt we can travel if a long thunderstorm washes over."
(2) Cairne: Gonna be an uncomfortable night.
(3) DM: The bulk of the storm passes shortly after you settle down for the night but a light rain persists.
(3) DM: By dawn, however, the rain has stopped.
(3) DM: The air smells fresh and clean.
** (5) Segrid enjoys the warmth of the rising sun. **
(2) Cairne: (cast prestidigitation, dry off)
** (8) Carden yawns and prepares for the last leg **
(5) Segrid: "Bet that bed sounds better to everyone this morningh."
** (9) Jeremiah readies himself and his spells for the day "Glad it stopped" **
** (5) Segrid prepares a warm broth to help everyone shake off the cold. **
** (6) Andraste dries her wet cape, "Me as well." **
(2) Cairne: (magically dry the rest of the party)
(5) Segrid: "Thank you, Lord Garess."
(6) Andraste: "Thank you indeed, Cairne," she says.
** (9) Jeremiah eats some Broth "Thanks" **
(3) DM: The low, rolling hills of the plains give way to lush green plains as you near Oleg's.
** (8) Carden thanks Cairne **
(3) DM: It is close to mid-day when you reach the trading post.
(2) Cairne: I watch Segrid start to cglow as we enter plains)
(5) Segrid: "I bet our horses will be glad for fresh grain and a warm stall as well."
(2) Cairne: We ask Oleg how we can contact Vekkel
(9) Jeremiah: "And A day free from giant bugs"
(3) DM: As you approach Oleg's you can tell that the place is busy, more so than when you were here the last time.
(6) Andraste: "Sounds like you all are rather Oleg sick."
(3) DM: "Ah, got old Tuskgutter?"
(2) Cairne: yes we have
(5) Segrid: "And your wyrm head as well. In fact, you can take your pick of the pair!"
(3) DM: Vekkel was by the other day and asked me to give you these if you came back with Tuskgutter's head
(3) DM: (Oleg hands you the longbow and six arrows)
(5) Segrid: "Looks like business is picking up, friend Oleg."
(5) Segrid: "I guess that comes with spring, eh?"
(3) DM: "Yes, and two working parties arrived just before you did."
(3) DM: "Cairne, here's a letter that came for you just the other day."
(3) DM: Notes: 2 Gozran 4711 AR

Dear Cairne,

I am glad that your endeavors in the Greenbelt are meeting with success.

Rumor has it that the Swordlords are so impressed with the progress of your group that they are right now in the process of collecting funds to provide to you (along with a new charter) to be used to lay the foundations of a new kingdom and capital city in the Greenbelt!

Regarding your request for workers and guards, I hope to have the parties assembled and on their way to Oleg's in the next few days.

With love,

Your Father
(2) Cairne: Hey Guys I have to confer with the formen and hand out some coin, could you guys handle selling the gear?
(3) DM: "That's a beautiful tatzlwyrm head. Let me get you the money for that."
(5) Segrid: "sure."
(3) DM: "Come on and sit down and I'll have Svetlana bring you something to drink."
(2) Cairne: Oleg, do you know anything about treating hides?
(3) DM: Oleg goes into the house/office building and comes back carrying a money bag.
** (5) Segrid seeming teleports to the offered chair, a big grin stretching from ear to ear. **
(3) DM: "Well, not really. I mostly just deal in either raw hides/furs or ones that have already been tanned."
** (9) Jeremiah takes a seat with the others **
(3) DM: "Let's see...here's 600 gp for the tatzlwyrm head."
(2) Cairne: I could use the services of someone who can treat hides.'
(5) Segrid: "I imagine we can speak with some of the trappers about who they use, or who among them is the most skilled."
(3) DM: "Bokken was by a day or so ago checking to see if you had been back. Said he was out of fangberries."
(5) Segrid: "We've got some of those for him as well."
(3) DM: "He said you could leave them with me if you like and he'd check back in a day or two."
(2) Cairne: (is the tent ready?)
(5) Segrid: "How are you enjoying the extra guests, Svetlanna? they're not causing too much work for you, are they?"
(6) Andraste: "That sounds good. Hope it still stays fresh," she says.
(3) DM: "He sold me some of his potions at a discount, saying that I could give you the discount for obtaining the berries."
(3) DM: Svetlana comes over to Cairne and leans over to whiper to him.
(3) DM: "Cairne, would you come with me please?"
(2) Cairne: sure
(6) Andraste: "Quite a lot of heads on the mantle lately," she says, gazing at the Troll they bested."
(3) DM: She leads you to the back wall of the fort.
(3) DM: "Oleg installed a back door. We're heading out behind the wall."
(3) DM: As you step through the door, a beaming Svetlana steps to the side to reveal your erected Brevoy tent.
(3) DM: "We set it up to air it out yesterday."
(2) Cairne: (squeeeee!)
(5) Segrid: "And you, master Oleg, I trust busimness is better now that the bandit activity has decreased?"
(3) DM: "Yes, indeed it has."
(5) Segrid: ((Svetlanna brought Cairne out back to help him pitch a tent??!!?))
(5) Segrid: "Excellent."
(5) Segrid: ((The scandal!!))
(2) Cairne: I'll interview the men and pay them their signing bonus in the tent. at this point I should mention that I have not told people that it is a gold mine, I refered to it as a ore seam.
(3) DM: The two formen each introduce you to the other members of their work party.
(5) Segrid: ((Shopping at Olegs for MW Breastplate and 3 Potions of CLW))
(3) DM: The leader of each guard contingent does the same for their soldiers.
(2) Cairne: 165.68 gp each
(3) DM: He has a breastplate and the 3 potions.
(3) DM: You get the potions for 75% of normal price
(5) Segrid: (excellent)
(2) Cairne: Try to make the temple squad heavy on Erastil worshipers if i can, otherwise rely on my father's judgement
(9) Jeremiah: (( Jeremiah Goes Shopping for a Masterwork Chain Shirt ))
(3) DM: Oleg has one for sale.
(2) Cairne: (I pay Oleg for one month of food for the workers in advance, to be picked up weekly)
(3) DM: The temple work party is all human except for the blacksmith, who is a half-orc.
(3) DM: The mine work party is all human except for four of the six miners, who are dwarves.
(3) DM: All of the workers are male.
(2) Cairne: We are literally friends with kolbolds, a half orc can find an honest home here.
(2) Cairne: Yeah, I have to import women fast.
(3) DM: The guards are all human males.
(3) DM: (With Svetlana and Andraste parading around with all those men, it's like the gold rush town "No Name City" in the movie "Paint Your Wagon"!)
(2) Cairne: Never mind Zel and her sorcererkini.
(3) DM: However, you don't see Jhod Kravken at Oleg's.
(3) DM: Kavken
(2) Cairne: Yeah, some women would be nice.
(5) Segrid: ((maybe you can convince Svetlanna to hire some help to keep the busy trading post going strong))
(3) DM: Oleg tells you that he left for the temple about a week after you last left the trading post.
(3) DM: Says he was eager to get started with clearing and sanctifying the site.
(2) Cairne: (or offer land to poor farmers with a surplus of daughters.)
(5) Segrid: "He left on his own? That was.. impetuous."
(3) DM: "I tried to tell him that it would be a dangerous trip, especially alone, but he said he was at peace."
(5) Segrid: "May Eraastil protect him."
(3) DM: "Something about him having a dream in which Erastil told him not to worry."
(6) Andraste: "We should visit the shrine just in case," she says, biting her lower lip
(2) Cairne: Erastil has not led us astray.
(8) Carden: "That is true"
(2) Cairne: Yes, I really want to get these people to the golden bear as soon as possible as well.
(5) Segrid: "Well, I believe Cairne was bringing some of these men here to help restore the temple. We can send them down, and maybe ezcort them as well?"
(5) Segrid: (escort)
(7) Mason: (Afk)
(2) Cairne: Half and half, we might work on faith but we cannot expect our workers too.
** (9) Jeremiah walks up in his new chainshirt "Wouldbe safer to Escort them" **
(5) Segrid: "We can guide them there, and the others to the mine."
(2) Cairne: OK, I say we ride to golden bear, then the temple then go on with our exploration.
(9) Jeremiah: "Sounds reasonable"
(5) Segrid: like orange line?
(5) Segrid: Have a nice swim in the hot springs before we start charting again?
(3) DM: (Hopefully at least one person in each work/guard party knows how to cook!)
(2) Cairne: getting a messed up map.
(5) Segrid: go into map up top and click on flush image cache
(3) DM: Svetlana and Oleg host a BBQ tonight and you all get to sleep in a comfortable bed and with full bellies.
(6) Andraste: ((yay!)
(2) Cairne: (cooking, clothing patching etc are laborers baliwick)
(3) DM: You head out early the next morning, 12 Gozran.
** (9) Jeremiah sleeps a deep contented sleep **
(2) Cairne: (I felt like I was narrowing things down too much so I just listed minor tasks as laborers)
(3) DM: You are leading quite an impressive procession of rugged men on horseback, many leading pack horses and mules loaded down with their gear and provisions.
(3) DM: You reach the mine around mid-day on 13 Gozran
(3) DM: The foreman of the mining party asks when you next expect to pay them a visit.
(2) Cairne: Once a week.
(3) DM: "Hopefully we'll have some ore samples to show you by then."
(2) Cairne: me or a group of my assosiates will come by with fresh provisions and payroll
(5) Segrid: (Probably be two weeks, unless we plan in going back and forth before we've fully explored))
(5) Segrid: ((or you send people))
(2) Cairne: Oh, and this is very important. I swear to honor our dealings and to keep the peace and take oathes from the men.
(2) Cairne: In Sheyln and Erastil's name.
(6) Andraste: (Sounds good)
(3) DM: After spending the night at the mine, you set out with the remaining workers for the temple.
(3) DM: Travel into and through the woods is slower with all of the horses and pack animals.
(2) Cairne: I expect most of the rest of the party to make a similar oathes, Mason and Zel are excluded.
** (9) Jeremiah is glad they havent run into any more giant bugs...so far **
(3) DM: You reach the temple site around mid-day on 15 Gozran.
(3) DM: You see who must be Jhod climbing up the steps to get a better view as you ride towards the temple.
(3) DM: Not sure of what to think at first, his expression soon changes into a huge grin.
(3) DM: "HELLO!"
(2) Cairne: Greetings Father
(5) Segrid: "Jhod, you old rascal. Chasing dreams again, I see."
(6) Andraste: "Hello Brother Jhod," she says, giving a curt nod to the priest.
** (5) Segrid grins **
(3) DM: "I am so glad to see you. Who are all these other people?"
(6) Andraste: "I see you have found the shrine without any problem or bear maulings."
(3) DM: "I had a dream in which Erastil himself told me I would have friends who would see me here safely."
(5) Segrid: "They're here to help return the temple to its proper glory, and to make sure the site is secure for those who wish to visit,pray, and work."
(3) DM: "Erastil be praised!"
(3) DM: Jhod looks up into the trees. "Hey you guys, come over here and say hello to my friends!"
(3) DM: Two small, but familiar fey fly over and land next to Jhod.
** (8) Carden moves over to look **
(9) Jeremiah: "Not suprised"
(3) DM: "Good to see you, my favorite bigunzes!"
(3) DM: (it's Perivash and Tig-Titter-Tut)
(5) Segrid: "hello Pervalash, Tig"
(6) Andraste: "Hello you two. I trust you haven't picked on Brother Jhod too much," she says with a smile.
(8) Carden: (my son has homework; so he must depart)
(3) DM: (you can tell him all about the fey)
(2) Cairne: Why hello little ones
(3) DM: "Jhod, can we go play now?" Tig asks.
(3) DM: "Go ahead. See you later."
(3) DM: They fly off, mischevious grins on their faces.
(3) DM: "Oh, they are going to have so much FUN with all of these new people here!"
(5) Segrid: "Hey, Cairne, your shoelaces are untied."
(9) Jeremiah: "Those poor workmen"
** (5) Segrid winks. **
(2) Cairne: (I tie my boots, and make a mental note of buying boots that have no laces.)
(2) Cairne: I asked for faithful people, they will know to leave out cream and sweetmeats for the fair folk
(3) DM: "Come, my friends. This calls for a celebration."
(5) Segrid: "Ha! Made you look!"
** (9) Jeremiah rolls his eyes **
(3) DM: Although not as good as Svetlana's offerings, the camp cook prepares a hearty evening meal.
** (5) Segrid spends much of the evening after dinner working to clean the temple area, moving away brush, scrubbing down dirty walls, etc. before retiring to sleep. **
(3) DM: You set out the next day for hex 4-1.
(3) DM: It is a plains hex.
(5) Segrid: (My favorite 5 words)
(8) Carden: (hehe)
(3) DM: You spend the day of 17 Gozran exploring and mapping it.
(6) Andraste: ((my favourite is food))
(6) Andraste: "How does our map look so far?" she asks.
(2) Cairne: I was trying to think of 5 suggestive words andraste would say, we have the tent tonight?
(9) Jeremiah: "Looking a bit full to me"
(3) DM: You spend the next day, 18 Gozran, exploring and mapping hex 5-1, which is a woods hex.
(6) Andraste: "I wonder if its against a Paladin's code to knock people off their hoses," she says, tapping her chin.
(2) Cairne: I don't know the map is all screwed up for me.
(9) Jeremiah: "Can't say, seems like it would be"
(5) Segrid: we have 11 unexplored hexes
(5) Segrid: 9 after those two
(3) DM: (one more hex tonight)
(6) Andraste: "The base of the bandit lord must be around there..otherwise its out of our charter."
(3) DM: You spend 19 Gozran exploring and mapping hex 6-1, which is also a woods hex.
(3) DM: Late in the afternoon as you are exploring, you see what looks like a dead horse up ahead.
** (5) Segrid points. **
** (5) Segrid looks around **
(3) DM: Notes: The stink of moldering plants and a strange quiet in the
sound of birdlife surrounds a somewhat sunken clearing
in the woods here. At the center of the clearing, the soggy
ground becomes an insect-infested, stagnant, swamp-like
pond, and sprawled at the pond’s southern edge is what
appears to be a dead horse.
(5) Segrid: Perception: [1d20+5] => [12,5] = (17); +2 vs. Humans; +2 in Plains
(2) Cairne: "lets beat it!"
(2) Cairne: Perception [1d20+10] => [14,10] = (24)
(6) Andraste: [1d20+2] => [17,2] = (19) perception
** (9) Jeremiah draws his Crossbow "Bet there's a giant bug around nearby" **
(9) Jeremiah: Perception [1d20+1] => [8,1] = (9)
(8) Carden: perception [1d20+8] => [7,8] = (15)
** (5) Segrid draws his sword. **
** (5) Segrid walks his horse slowly towards the bog to get a better look, mindfull of its footing. **
(3) DM: Closer inspection reveals the creature to be a dead unicorn, its horn broken off at the brow and its body strangely untouched by insects or other animals.
(2) Cairne: Gah!
(5) Segrid: "Who would do such a thing?"
(3) DM: Cairne notices that the creatures eyes are milky and sightless, indicating that it was blind at the time of its death.
(2) Cairne: Segrid, could you look for the tracks of whatever could have done this?
(6) Andraste: "I...don't know. Lets bury the poor thing," she says.
** (5) Segrid looks for tracks (taking 20) **
(3) DM: Although the swampy area reeks of mold, the body is weirly oderless.
(2) Cairne: (Cast unseen servant, have it start digging.)
(5) Segrid: (so 25, 27 if human)
** (9) Jeremiah spits "That's just wrong" **
(3) DM: You see the unicorn's hoofprints and what appear to be one small set of humanoid footprints.
(5) Segrid: (26, rather, or 28 if human (track))
(2) Cairne: (guidance on segrid, so 26/28)_
(3) DM: (you can make heal checks to examine the unicorn)
(2) Cairne: 27/29
** (5) Segrid tries to see where the humanoid footprints lead. **
(3) DM: The footprints just appear alone, like the owner just up and disappeared without walking away.
(2) Cairne: Heal [1d20+8] => [6,8] = (14)
(5) Segrid: Heal: [1d20+6] => [19,6] = (25)
** (5) Segrid looks at the dead unicorn, having no other clues. **
(3) DM: Segrid can tell that the horn was removed after death, and that there are no obvious other wounds on the body.
(3) DM: You think that it was likely slain by some kind of death effect.
** (5) Segrid shudders. **
(3) DM: Someone can make a Knowlege (planes) check too.
** (8) Carden shakes his head to try and clear his senses **
(9) Jeremiah: Knowledge Planes [1d20+8] => [13,8] = (21)
(2) Cairne: wish I could
(2) Cairne: thank you jeremiah
(5) Segrid: "Someone powerful killed this poor blind creature for it horn. It either flew or teleported away."
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(7) Mason' from server... Removing dead client
(7) Mason (exit): 21:17
(3) DM: Although you're not sure exactly what kind of creature did this, you think that it somehow "marked" the unicorn's body
(3) DM: and that is what has kept the insects away from it.
(2) Cairne: (detect magic)
(2) Cairne: (Andraste, feel around for evil)
(3) DM: (roll Knowledge (arcana))
(3) DM: You detect a faintly lingering necromancy aura.
(2) Cairne: Knowledge Arcana [1d20+8] => [8,8] = (16)
(3) DM: But are unable to precisely identify the spell that was cast.
(9) Jeremiah: "What ever killed the unicorn marked it somehow"
(2) Cairne: It was necromancy
(9) Jeremiah: Knowledge Arcana [1d20+9] => [17,9] = (26)
(3) DM: You're pretty sure it was a death effect, maybe finger of death
** (9) Jeremiah spends a moment concentrating on the residual magic energies "Most likely a finger a death is what killed it" **
(6) Andraste: "Isn't that a spell?"
(6) Andraste: "Not really sure what spell, sounds necromatic,"
(9) Jeremiah: "It is, and a powerful one "
(3) DM: So we'll stop here for tonight with you camping in hex 6-1.
(9) Jeremiah: (( Dun-Dun-Dunnnnn))
(3) DM: You're closing in on the old Stag Lord.
(2) Cairne: should be a pretty good battle next week.

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