Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10th session

Pretty good game.
We headed back to the trading post to turn in the ring and inform our patrons that the Kobolds promised to behave themselves. There we learned that if we kill or capture the Stag lord we will be richly rewarded.
The GM made a subtle declaration to me that going further south would result in death and anal rape, not necessarily in that order. So we explored west, first we found a grave then we found a hot springs and then we found a statue of the god Erastil.
Well, the grave we mostly ignored even after it was hinted that there might be treasure in it, grave robbing not being a habit that came easily to us good types. The hot springs immediately sprang into life as a TV trope as the Sorceress immediately stripped and jumped in the spring, the female paladin started to join her. It was amusing until the the giant frogs flanked the sorceress and tried to eat her, thats when it got hilarious.
We fought off the frogs and had our hot springs episode. The next day we located a second shrine to Erastil in the form of a dirty statue, we had previously had a vision of a hunting lodge behind the statue. So we decided to clean the statue and say a few prayers and that got us the effects of a keen edge spell for a week.
I took the opportunity at Oleg's to write my family to send a crew of miners and construction workers to us as well as some of my families men at arms. A group that knew me better would ask question about why the solder's are wearing my heraldry and not the group's.
Restoring the temple/running a mine/building a hunting lodge all play to my character's strengths. Some people may be bored by those little details but I freaking live for them. I am going to be able to make my mark on the greenbelt, first by restoring a temple and building a hunting lodge, later I will have the skilled labor necessary to accomplish my other goals.
First we have to finish exploring the map and kill some bandits.

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(3) Cairne (enter): 18:06
Moving to room 'Kingmaker AP'..
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Many thanks goes to all of those who contributed!
The developers in alphabetical order are:
Thomas Baleno, Andrew Bennett, Lex Berezhny, Ted Berg, Bernhard Bergbauer, Chris Blocher ,Ben Collins-Sussman, Robin Cook, Greg Copeland, Chris Davis, Michael Edwards, Andrew Ettinger, Dj Gilcrease, Todd Faris, Christopher Hickman, Paul Hosking, Scott Mackay, Brian Manning, Jesse McConnell, Brian Osman, Rome Reginelli, Christopher Rouse, Dave Sanders and Mark Tarrabain.
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Attempting to assign the role of GM to (4) DM...
(3) Cairne (enter): 18:07
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (3) Cairne...
(3) Cairne: Rone should be coming tonight
(4) DM: ok
(4) DM: NapalmMoose emailed that he didn't think he'd be able to make it tonight.
(3) Cairne: who is he in game?
(4) DM: Jeremiah
(3) Cairne: Ah, our sullen crossbow support.
(3) Cairne: thats seven days of exploration, we do that and the first pavilion should be completed.
(4) DM: 7 more days of exploration?
(3) Cairne: actually 8
(3) Cairne: you see the whiteboard doodle right?
(4) DM: yes
(3) Cairne: Just drawing out a doodle for a quick explore and quest turn in.
(4) DM: I'd suggest that you focus more to the west and NW
(4) DM: before exploring the bottom row
(3) Cairne: bottom row high challenge?
(4) DM: yes, the stag lord's fort is down there
(4) DM: and you should be into 3rd level before hitting it
(4) DM: I'll be back right at 7:00.
(3) Cairne: ok
(3) Cairne (exit): 18:29
(3) Cairne (enter): 18:29
(3) Cairne (exit): 18:30
(3) Cairne (enter): 18:30
(3) Cairne: Disconnecting from server...
(3) Cairne (exit): 18:35
(5) Cairne (enter): 18:36
(6) Reckless (enter): 18:38
(6) Segrid: hi
(5) Cairne: Hiya segrid
(6) Segrid: Weren't you talking about doing some more exploration before returning to Oleg's?
(5) Cairne: yes, I but I had a change of heart, I have a feeling the worst things are at the bottom of the map and wat to head back up top, besides it does not help my role as priest of the goddess of olove and beauty by delaying two weeks before getting a wedding ring back to a loving couple.
(6) Segrid: Maybe we could bring them down to the temple with the priets and have him do a rededication ceremony...
(6) Segrid: (priest)
(6) Segrid: a "second wedding" as it were
(5) Cairne: when we make the region mrore safe.
(6) Segrid: Sure. I think we need to get the ball rolling with sending out for miners/guards/etc. as well as laborers to restore the temple. I'd also like to send this new shield off to get magically enhasnced, reprovision my arrows, etc.
(5) Cairne: at the end of this ap I'll enchant your shield
(5) Cairne: also you should really look into a rank of boywer/fletcher for arrows
(7) Zelata (enter): 18:55
(6) Segrid: I don't use them that often, really
(6) Segrid: Hi Zelata
(7) Zelata: Yello
(7) Zelata: :D
(6) Segrid: Not like I'm multishotting or anything
(7) Zelata: Sorry that I haven't been around for a while :(
(6) Segrid: Work can be like that sometimes
(5) Cairne: did the password work?
(7) Zelata: mmhmm
(6) Segrid: Sorry you missed out on some fun games
(7) Zelata: Password? :o
(7) Zelata: *wishes she was here for them*
(7) Zelata: *hoped she didn't burn too much of Olegs place* :P
(7) Zelata: My boss said he would call someone else in today if he needs them.
(7) Zelata: Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I can stay the entire time :P
(6) Segrid: cool
(7) Zelata: *works at Subway -,..,-*
(6) Segrid: I did that, a loooooong time ago (18+ years ago)
(7) Zelata: Dx so annoying to have to make the same stuff over and over again, not to mention my hands are horrible because I keep washing them over and over and over agan :(
(7) Zelata: Had to go and buy a lotion just for my hands :)
(6) Segrid: At least you're not working with greasy stuff
(7) Zelata: Yeah :P
(7) Zelata: Customers are rude, they don't seem to realise I am making thier food and that I can easily slip stuff in :\
(7) Zelata: *could get fired for it though*
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (5) Cairne...
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (6) Segrid...
(8) Carden (enter): 19:01
(8) Carden (exit): 19:01
(8) Carden (enter): 19:01
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (8) Carden...
(6) Segrid: Got my Pathfinder minis in the mail yesterday! Yay!
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (7) Zelata...
(6) Segrid: Hi Carden
(8) Carden: hey
(5) Cairne: You know the room password "Zelatacastsicespellsbecausesheisastinkyhalfharpy
(5) Cairne: 4"
(7) Zelata: Don't worry, I haven't slipped anything into anyones food, need this job too much :P
(6) Segrid: Shhhhh that's the {i}other{/i} room
(7) Zelata: I did have like 3 requests for a phone number though :\
(4) DM: Hi everyone.
(4) DM: I got an email from Jeremiah saying that he didn't think he'd be able to make it tonight.
(4) DM: Didn't hear anything from Andraste, though.
(5) Cairne: Anyway Segrid, My character is going to pick of craft misc and craft shiney weapons as his next two feats. I don
(9) Zelata (enter): 19:04
(5) Cairne: don't want to abuse it but those are the feats you need to make magical buildings.
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (9) Zelata...
(6) Segrid: oh yeah time to mark the map
(5) Cairne: so chanting a sheild during the time between chapters is no problem.
(9) Zelata: Sorry,n net is bein a Dunce
(4) DM: Booting '(7) Zelata' from server...
(7) Zelata (exit): 19:05
(9) Zelata: Haha, nice, I like the fires :)
(5) Cairne: But I want to avoid christmas tree effect.
(4) DM: It is now the morning of 25 Pharast.
(5) Cairne: that is my recomended path
(9) Zelata: :o
(9) Zelata: ((were am I?))
(9) Zelata: (( With, or still at Olegs? :( ))
(9) Zelata: ((were is everyone))
(4) DM: The party is in hex 6-6
(6) Segrid: After discussing things, Cairne and I recommend returning to Oleg's with the wedding ring.
(10) Andraste (enter): 19:07
(6) Segrid: It will give us a chance to catch up, inform them of the peace accord with the kobolds, etc
(9) Zelata: ((hola Andraste!))
(6) Segrid: Hi Andraste!))
(5) Cairne: (Pharast is march in case people where wondering)
(10) Andraste: (Apologies for being late, and hello people))
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (10) Andraste...
(4) DM: I'm going to fast-forward a little now.
(4) DM: It takes you about two days to get back to Oleg's.
(5) Cairne: We solved the mystery of the madwoman who was starting fires
(4) DM: Exploring hex 2-7 shows it to be another plains hex.
(5) Cairne: (polishing the ring with prestdigitation for extra shine)
(9) Zelata: Zelata is sitting down listening to Oleg scold her once more, with a new black scorch mark on his wall. She doesn't seem to comprehend or even care what is being said to her, she's looking about with a bored expression upon her childish features.
(4) DM: It is late on 26 Pharast when you reach Oleg's.
(4) DM: Everyone has gone to bed except the sentry.
(9) Zelata: ((what is Pharast?))
(4) DM: (look up above about 10 lines...)
(5) Cairne: (basically its march)
** (8) Carden rest uneasily tonight as he feels something is amiss in the air but eventually does enter the dreamscape **
(5) Cairne: (Mid spring)
(6) Segrid: Who was taking the wand? And the boots? I'm pretty sure we decided on the bracers, but I don't know about those 2 (and were we selling the sickle?)
(5) Cairne: I was wondering if I could hang on to the wand, burny got the last one.
(10) Andraste: (I missed loooting division xD))
(6) Segrid: sounds good Cairne
(5) Cairne: sweet
(4) DM: The next morning (27 Pharast) you awaken to the smells of breakfast foods prepared by Svetlana.
(5) Cairne: I can actually do damage to a target.
(4) DM: While you are eating, Oleg approaches and asks to see you in his office when you are done.
(5) Cairne: Does he have a question mark or an exclamation mark over his head?
(6) Segrid: "Mnnnn... food I didn't have to cook." Segrid goes about his morning preparation whistling softly.
(5) Cairne: :P
** (10) Andraste enjoys the simple but filling food, looking at everyone whilst doing so. **
** (8) Carden finishes breakfast and heads to the office (I will take boots even no one wants them) **
(5) Cairne: 114.28 gp for everyone, putting the trading post credit in the kitty.
(4) DM: Are you giving Oleg Svetlana's ring?
** (8) Carden lets someone else do the honors **
(5) Cairne: Absolutely, and casting guidance and touch of luck on any attempt to return it in a romantic getsture.
(6) Segrid: I think Cairne should present it.
(8) Carden: (Carden will only take 110 of that 114.28)
** (10) Andraste looks at everyone else and wonders who else will reunite the ring with its true owner. **
(6) Segrid: It being a love token.
** (4) Oleg invites you into his office. **
(5) Cairne: Guys we quietly hand it to Oleg and let him be the hero.
** (8) Carden nods in agreement with Cairne **
(4) Oleg: "Come on in, uh, what's that? Is that Svetlana's ring?"
(6) Segrid: "Good morning, Master Olaf."
** (6) Segrid beams. **
(5) Cairne: I hope so, otherwise another couple is missing their ring.
(10) Andraste: "Good morning, Olaf," she says, bowing down with a small smile.
(10) Andraste: "I think you would know best,"
(4) Oleg: "Let me give it a closer look..yes, dog gone it, that's it!"
(4) Oleg: "Where did you find it?"
(6) Segrid: "Excellent news!"
(11) Zelata (enter): 19:19
(4) Oleg: (By the way, the name's Oleg, not Olaf!)
(11) Zelata: ((sorry, internet is being a dunce))
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (11) Zelata...
(4) Oleg: Booting '(9) Zelata' from server...
(9) Zelata (exit): 19:20
(10) Andraste: (whoops xD))
(11) Zelata: "Oleg, I am sorry that I burned stuff! I was just so bored!" Zelata said, bored. "I wanna go see the sparkles again!"
(6) Segrid: "Funny story that. The bandits stole it from her, the mites stole it from them, and then the kobolds, under the orders of a reincarnated gnome, stole it from the mites. They returned it to us as a gesture of thanks and friendship."
(5) Cairne: Well, first some badits told us they took it, and then we found out that some mites stole it from them, and then some kolbolds took it from then, and then a gnome stole it from them, we took it from the gnome.
** (8) Carden smirks at the story **
(10) Andraste: "If only we had a bard to spin a comedic tale about that quest," she says.
(4) Oleg: "Well, all that matters now is that you've returned it, for which I am very grateful."
(5) Cairne: (I bury the Gnome on the first night of travel, and mark its grave)
** (6) Segrid looks at Cairne with a smile. **
(4) Oleg: "As I said before, you've now got a 1000 gp of credit here at the post."
(6) Segrid: "You are most generous, Master Oleg."
(5) Cairne: Seriously, when I commision that tapestry, like 10 feet are going to be about where that ring went.
(4) Oleg: "Boy, I can't wait to surprise Svetlana tonight!"
** (6) Segrid casts a glance at Andraste. **
(4) Oleg: "Uh, well, business before pleasure, though, right?"
(6) Segrid: "Anything we can do to help make the surprise go smoothly?"
(5) Cairne: Lets call it 875 and consider the two tent's paid, we will be needing four more but there is no rush.
(4) Oleg: "The reason I called you in here was to give you these parcels that just arrived from Restov."
** (10) Andraste raises a brow at Segrid, along with a smirk. **
(6) Segrid: "Parcels." Segrid quirks an eyebrow.
** (4) Oleg pushes them across his desk to you. **
** (6) Segrid blushes slightly at Andraste catching him looking her way. **
(4) DM: The first parcel contains a note and 800 gp reward money for "taming the kobolds."
** (6) Segrid turns his focus on the parcels. **
(5) Cairne: (hence the 114 gp
** (8) Carden quirks a brow at the parcels **
(4) DM: The other parcel contains an official charter from Restov.
(10) Andraste: "ooo, 4 pounds of gold coins," she says/
(6) Segrid: "A charter?"
(4) DM: Basically it states that the Stag Lord is wanted "dead or alive" and you will be "greatly rewarded" if he can be removed from power.
** (6) Segrid looks at the second parcel with more interest. **
(5) Cairne: Kill the stag lord? Ok.
(10) Andraste: "Well this is interesting," she says, looking at the piece of paper, "Apparently Restov has taken a keen interest in seeing the Stag Lord's empire of banditry come to an end.
(6) Segrid: "Hmmmn. Seems like we're destined to clash with this beast of a man."
(6) Segrid: "Hope they don't mind if we throw his body in the river when we're done with him."
(6) Segrid: "It would be interesting to take him alive, too."
(5) Cairne: (we will be keeping his helm)
(6) Segrid: "But would not give that river spirit any rest."
** (10) Andraste nods at Segrid, "I am inclined to agree with Restov and you," she notes, "In any case, we should probably find out where his main camp is." **
(6) Segrid: "I don't imagine he's the repenting kind, however."
** (8) Carden nods "Lots a area to southwest to check" **
(5) Cairne: I don't feel physically or spiritually ready to take on the stag lord as of yet. How about a hunt for tatzlewyrms or Tuskgutter?
(10) Andraste: "Well perhaps we should explore uncharted areas and hope the location of these marks land on our laps."
(11) Zelata: ((GRAH! WHY WON'T IT UNFREEZE! Sorry, it froze, and I was just now spammed with everthing))
(8) Carden: "I agree with Andraste on this"
(5) Cairne: (red line is my thinking)
(6) Segrid: "Aye, but we should also keep our ears open for information about this man and his fortress. Perhaps we will run into some more of his men and be able to gather some more intelligence."
(5) Cairne: How do you folks feel about my plan to hire miners and construction workers?
(11) Zelata: Zelata grabs her bags and follows the others and says to Andraste "Can I come with you guys?Or are you going to leave me behind with mean Olefis?" she said, making a pouty face befitting a 5 year old, not a 17 year old.
(12) Segrid (enter): 19:31
(5) Cairne: http://www.rpgobjects.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=18191#p18191
(10) Andraste: "I am certain Oleg would want you to follow us anyway," she says, lightly chuckling at Zelata.
(5) Cairne: Zel aged 3 years in one day>
(5) Cairne: ?
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (12) Segrid...
(8) Carden: "I have no preference Cairne"
(11) Zelata: ((typo, sorry, my left hand is broken, am only able to use 2 fingers from it to type, sorry :P))
(10) Andraste: "Indeed perhaps after we made a run, we can go visit the Temple and see how Brother Jhod is doing."
(11) Zelata: 14**
** (8) Carden nods **
(11) Zelata: Zelata bounces around and says happily "Woopee! Do I gt to burn stuffs? I love burning stuff!" she said with relish, her deep red eyes full of wonder and exitement.
(5) Cairne: If I send a letter to my kin It would take easily two weeks before he would see it, and so it would be like a month and a half before we saw miners.
(13) Segrid (enter): 19:33
(4) DM: Booting '(8) Carden' from server...
(8) Carden (exit): 19:33
(4) DM: Booting '(12) Segrid' from server...
(12) Segrid (exit): 19:34
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (13) Segrid...
(13) Segrid: gonna restart open brb
(13) Segrid: Disconnecting from server...
(13) Segrid (exit): 19:34
(11) Zelata: ((tyt))
(14) Carden (enter): 19:34
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (14) Carden...
(5) Cairne: Maybe early Sareth (june)
(10) Andraste: "I can forsee us using the miners by that time Cairne, perhaps you should."
(4) DM: Booting '(6) Segrid' from server...
(6) Segrid (exit): 19:34
(11) Zelata: Frowning Zelatas face grew into a horrified expression and said "Yer giving away out SPARKLES?!"
(15) Segrid (enter): 19:35
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (15) Segrid...
(5) Cairne: then I recomend that exploring pattern, I want to knwo what is going on for miles around our site and our mine.
(5) Cairne: especially since the mine is basically going to be paying for the temple.
(15) Segrid: "Sounds good. I think we may wish to reprovision some of our equipment for the trip."
(11) Zelata: "Temple? We're building a temple?"
(14) Carden: "Sounds good"
(5) Cairne: and if we get short on money we can get devil chills tainet blankets and give them to the kolbolds
(5) Cairne: restoring a temple.
(11) Zelata: Zelata bounces around when she hears about her Kobold friends and then her face gets serious before turning to Zelata and says "I want Rabbit Slayer back! He stoleded it from me!"
(5) Cairne: BTW, I say we call it the Golden Bear Mine in honor of its last inhabident.
(16) Andraste (enter): 19:38
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (16) Andraste...
(4) DM: Booting '(10) Andraste' from server...
(10) Andraste (exit): 19:38
(4) DM: Ok, ready to leave Oleg's?
(11) Zelata: *nods*
(15) Segrid: ((me will pick up 20 more arrowsbefore leaving)
(16) Andraste: "Lets be off, Trolls don't slay themselves," she says, smiling.
(11) Zelata: "I agree! Poor bear! You guys were so mean to it!"
(5) Cairne: Remember the temple where two people where raised fromt he dead by Erastil? Its a ruin and we have the holy task of restoring it and honoring the land.
** (14) Carden collects 10 days of rations before leaving **
(11) Zelata: "Trolls! AGAIN?!" she begins to make sounds of intense excitement in her throat.
(5) Cairne: carden we have like 2 weeks of food.
** (11) Zelata collects a couple more daggers and a Quarter Staff before leaving. **
** (16) Andraste calms Zelata down with a hand, "Yes, trolls. And we all know fire is their only weakness, you have a duty to save your spells in case the nasty trolls come out." **
** (16) Andraste is mostly smiling and seems to be joking. **
** (15) Segrid finds himself strangely glad to heading on the road again. A warm bed and hot food are all well and good, but Oleg's feels more like a reststop than a home. **
(14) Carden: (for the whole group or individually?)
(4) DM: You spend the rest of the 27th and part of the 28th traveling to hex 2-2, then spend the rest of the 28th exploring hex 2-2.
(11) Zelata: Zelata takes Andraste completely serious and nods and her face resembling that of a child trying to be serious "I will! I will not cast ANY spells!"
(4) DM: Hex 2-2 is a plains hex.
(5) Cairne: Ok, I write up letters to my father, mother and siblings and friends (there is no cable, writing long letters is what people do) wizard mark them and seal them ans ask oleg to send them.
(4) DM: Camping that night is uneventful and you head out for hex 2-1 in the morning.
(11) Zelata: Zelata is using rocks and stuff to carve stuff into her staff in between stops.
(16) Andraste: "Still not saddle sore yet Segrid?" she jokes.
(4) DM: Hex 2-1 is also a plains hex.
** (14) Carden rides along at point with his worg hide cloak over his shoulders; he keeps an eye out for trouble or anything interesting (perception [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)) **
(4) DM: Please make perception checks.
(5) Cairne: Perception [1d20+8] => [15,8] = (23)
(15) Segrid: Perception: [1d20+5] => [6,5] = (11); +2 vs. Humans
(11) Zelata: ((grabbing my sheet hold up))
(15) Segrid: "I guess not." he smiles back.
(4) DM: Cairne, you notice what looks like a pile of stones lying hidden amid an overgrown section of blackberries just off the trail.
(17) Andraste (enter): 19:45
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (17) Andraste...
(11) Zelata: [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20)
(11) Zelata: ((perception))
(4) DM: Zelata also notices it.
(17) Andraste: (repost what we notice please)
(4) DM: It looks like it might be a stone pile grave (or cairne)
(5) Cairne: Stop everyone
(4) DM: lying hidden amid an overgrown section of blackberries just off the trail.
** (15) Segrid stops, looking at Cairne **
(5) Cairne: (dismount, draw dagger)
(17) Andraste: "Hmm...blackberries."
(4) DM: *cairn
** (17) Andraste says before turning her attention to the Cairn, "A grave?" **
(5) Cairne: Everyone, look out at that cluster of blackberries.
(11) Zelata: Zelata instantly stops, curious, she heads over and begins removing rocks and setting them off into the forest a bit (or off to the side)) and eats a blackberry before saying "Why do ypeople just pile rocks?"
** (15) Segrid dismounts, sliding next to Cairne **
(5) Cairne: could be a lot of things, Carden would you be so kind as to check?
(5) Cairne: I mean Segrid
(11) Zelata: Continuing to remove the rocks she will grab a blackberry occasionally.
** (15) Segrid walks towards the pile, looking for any markings or indications of who or what may be buried here **
(5) Cairne: Andraste, I would not judge you harshly if you had an arrow nocked.
** (14) Carden quirks a brow and as he watches Segrid **
(4) DM: (you can make a knowledge(local) check if you have it)
(15) Segrid: "Don't diturb that, Zelata, it could be someone's grave."
(4) DM: The cairn looks to be many years old.
(15) Segrid: (nope just geo and nature)
(4) DM: Anybody have know(local)?
(11) Zelata: Zelata stops and frowns before saying "Why weren't they buried? Who wants to have a grave ABOVE ground?" she says eating some more black berries.
(11) Zelata: ((Nope))
(15) Segrid: "Sometimes, especially in winter, or if you don't have the right tools, this is the only way."
(11) Zelata: Frowning Zelata says "Can I burn it?"
(15) Segrid: "It's better than being left to the elements."
(18) Andraste (enter): 19:50
(4) DM: Well, none of you are sure, but you've heard that barbarian tribes roamed this area many years ago before being driven east.
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (18) Andraste...
(15) Segrid: "Maybe if you pick enough blackberries, Svetlanna will bake you a pie."
(4) DM: Booting '(16) Andraste' from server...
(16) Andraste (exit): 19:51
(5) Cairne: [1d6] => [1] = (1)
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (17) Andraste...
(15) Segrid: "Well, maybe we can ask about this back at Oleg's"
(14) Carden: (just know; nature and religion)
(5) Cairne: We've dug cairnes for people we have found dead.
(5) Cairne: you where there Zel.
(18) Andraste: "Perhaps I'll try my hand at baking a pie as well," she says.
(11) Zelata: Cairne? What's a Cairne" she says, curiosity thickening her voice before she begins picking blackberries.
(4) DM: Carden, you can make a knowledge(religion) if you like...
(11) Zelata: "I was?" she says, freezing.
(4) DM: Booting '(17) Andraste' from server...
(17) Andraste (exit): 19:53
(19) Andraste (enter): 19:53
(4) DM: After thinking a bit more, you also seem to recall stories of barbarian carnes like these mostly being toppled and looted.
(14) Carden: [1d20+5] => [16,5] = (21)
(5) Cairne: A pile of rocks on top of a body, designed to let the body rest in piece,
(4) DM: Prominent barbarians were often buried with their personal effects (some of which where magic).
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (19) Andraste...
(4) DM: Booting '(18) Andraste' from server...
(18) Andraste (exit): 19:55
(5) Cairne: Guys, I think the AP may have a shiney, but I am not cool with digging up a corpse.
** (14) Carden informs the others of this "But its not wise to disturb the dead" **
(19) Andraste: "Yes we wouldn't want a river spirit after us now would we," she says.
(15) Segrid: "Hmmn, a fallen warrior, eh?" Segrid places an arrow on the grave as a tribute. "Happy hunting."
(11) Zelata: Frowning Zelata pouts "I'm hungry!"
(14) Carden: "We should head on"
(15) Segrid: "Indeed." Segrid remounts
(19) Andraste: "We'll make some delicious black berry pie when we get back, Zelata."
(19) Andraste: "I'll let you lick the spoon," she says.
(11) Zelata: "YAY!" she seems exicted at licking the spoon.
(5) Cairne: (I ask the spirit to resume sleeping peacefully, and pray for it.)
(4) DM: You ride for awhile and find a good camping spot for the night.
(5) Cairne: Soon our Brevoy Pavilion will be completed and we will be able to stretch our legs.
(5) Cairne: Carden allwayus kicks me in his sleep.
** (15) Segrid gathers the firewood **
(4) DM: You spend the next two days exploring hexes 3-1 and 3-2, which are both plains hexes.
(5) Cairne: Any signs of boars or wyrms?
** (14) Carden rides along; is surprised not to see much **
(4) DM: Not in these plains hexes, but you can see that the woods of the Narlmarches resumes towards the SE.
(5) Cairne: OK, lets be careful allot of places a bandit can hide in those woods. And Zel might get twitchy and burn some people.
(5) Cairne: she burned me yesterday.
(15) Segrid: "Keep sharp."
(15) Segrid: "To be fair, you doused her first."
(20) Andraste (enter): 20:04
(5) Cairne: I was waking her.
(20) Andraste: (:V guh)
(11) Zelata: I frown and say "Cairne, you stole my sandwhich! AND got me wet, is yer fault!"
** (14) Carden shakes his head **
(20) Andraste: "Come Zelata, I'll make you another sandwich, toasted too," she says.
(11) Zelata: "I thought some sandwich stealing orcwhich was after me! So I attacked!" She said, making a pouty face.
(11) Zelata: I nod and follow Andraste, sticking her tounge out at Cairne when Andraste wasn't looking.
(5) Cairne: We are strange people, I'm begining to see why we where driven out into the forest.
** (15) Segrid leans close to Andraste "Do you think they'll ever stop flirting." he whispers and winks conspiritoraly. **
(5) Cairne: brb getting water
(11) Zelata: ((So true Cairne))
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (20) Andraste...
(5) Cairne: Perception [1d20+8] => [4,8] = (12) Initiative [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6)
(4) DM: Booting '(19) Andraste' from server...
(19) Andraste (exit): 20:07
(20) Andraste: "Only Erastil knows," she says, giving him a wink, "Now if only we flirted a bit more,"
(11) Zelata: Zelata leaned in and whispered "What're we whispering about?"
(4) DM: It is a clear morning when you awaken on 1 Gozran.
(15) Segrid: "I might know a guy who could arrange that, beautiful."
** (15) Segrid reddens at Zelata's question. "Umnn.. sandwiches?" **
(11) Zelata: Zelata wakes up, and rubs the sleep from her eyes, placing her teddy bear back in her backpack, she looks around to make sure no one noticed, and then leaces Cairnes bootlaces together.
** (20) Andraste smiles and it shows, "Heehee," **
(11) Zelata: "I love sandwhiches!"
** (14) Carden yawns as he gets ready for another day of travel **
(5) Cairne: Rex [1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4)
(11) Zelata: Zelata then writes a letter saying "A fairy did this too your shoes!"
(5) Cairne: (falls over, grumbles about the psudodragon and the fae)
(11) Zelata: (( ^,..,^ ))
** (15) Segrid chuckles "Welcome back to the forest, Cairne." **
(11) Zelata: (( zelata would make a good fairy ))
(11) Zelata: (( fae** ))
(4) DM: Not long after you enter hex 4-2 (which is a forest hex), you sense a "rotten eggs" smell in the air.
** (15) Segrid checks his weapons and horse for faery tricks **
(20) Andraste: "Something smells..." she says, waiting for someone to make a comment about Zelata.
(15) Segrid: "Hmn."
(11) Zelata: Zelata looks at all the wood and looked at Andraste motioning to the trees "Please? Just one spell?"
(15) Segrid: "Wonder what that is?" looks around
(4) DM: As you continue along, you find that the source of the odor appears to be two hot springs which bubble up from the ground at the source of the Skunk river, and there is also a 150' diameter pond at the source of the river.
(15) Segrid: Perception: [1d20+5] => [18,5] = (23); +2 vs. Humans
(11) Zelata: "I bet Cairne forgot to take a shower and this is what he smells like!" she says sticking her tounge out at Cairne.
(20) Andraste: "Ooo hot springs!" she cries in delight.
(11) Zelata: Zelata rushes over and touches the hot spring.
** (15) Segrid stares at the natural wonder before them. **
(11) Zelata: She then dunks her head into it for a refreshing moment.
** (14) Carden covers his nose for abit for the smell "Not something I really wanted to see or smell" **
(4) DM: Despite the smell, the hot springs are really rather pleasent to relax in.
** (15) Segrid looks around to make sure there aren't any animals making the springs their home. **
(11) Zelata: Zelata then strips to her underclothes (not much difference than her sorceerer napkin) and jumps in.
** (15) Segrid looks at Andraste. "If you want to take a dip, we could set up a watch." **
(15) Segrid: "Umn, I mean, you know, perimiter."
(11) Zelata: (( XD ))
(20) Andraste: "Alright, how about you watch over me in case something terrible befalls your poor Andraste," she smiles.
** (15) Segrid smiles. "Gladly." **
(5) Cairne: (cast prestidigitation, summons a bar of soap)
(11) Zelata: Zelata swims out to the middle and says "Andraste! GET IN HERE!" she screams with childish delight.
(4) DM: Suddenly,those on the bank see two creatures swimming towards Zelata!
(21) Andraste (enter): 20:17
** (14) Carden finds a spot to dismount and rub his bum; the smell is most for him at the moment. He keeps watch for now **
** (15) Segrid shouts out a warning to Zelata "Look out!" **
(11) Zelata: Zelata splashes around laughing.
(11) Zelata: Looking behind her she screeches "FROGS!"
** (15) Segrid notches an arrow **
(11) Zelata: (( does salt hurt frogs? or is that slugs? ))
(5) Cairne: (hoping its the fae.)
(15) Segrid: (slugs)
(4) DM: roll initiative
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (21) Andraste...
(15) Segrid: Initiative: [1d20+5] => [12,5] = (17)
(5) Cairne: Initiative [1d20+4] => [13,4] = (17)
(11) Zelata: ((kk))
** (14) Carden readies his bow as well (init [1d20+2] => [6,2] = (8)) **
(11) Zelata: [1d20+1] => [17,1] = (18)
(21) Andraste: [`s10+3] => `s10+3 init
(11) Zelata: (( ^,..,^ ))
(21) Andraste: [1d20+3] => [10,3] = (13)
(4) DM: Initiative [1d20+1] => [13,1] = (14)
(21) Andraste: (Whats happening?))
(15) Segrid: (giant frogs think Zelata looks tasty)
(11) Zelata: (( :( I is getting eaten by giant frogs! HELP! ))
(21) Andraste: (You have init :o))
(4) DM: the frogs swam over close to Zelata for the surprise round
(4) DM: start of round 1
(5) Cairne: Whoi cares, we get to save hot naked chicks from monsters.
(4) DM: Zelata gets to go first
(11) Zelata: ((whoop))
(21) Riani: (test)
(21) Andraste: (test)
(11) Zelata: I cast Mage Armor, it grants me +4 AC bringing me to umm
(11) Zelata: 15 AC
(4) DM: are you casting defenstively?
(11) Zelata: ((wait, don't I have to make a concentration check while swimming?))
(11) Zelata: ((yeah))
(4) DM: yes that too
(11) Zelata: ((Forgot how to make a concentration check how do I do that?))
(4) DM: roll a d20 and add your caster level and main ability mod
(5) Cairne: (caster level + casting stat + feat or item bonus)
(11) Zelata: [1d20+5] => [16,5] = (21)
(22) Andraste (enter): 20:22
(11) Zelata: ((That should make it right? :o ))
(4) DM: yes, you are able to successfully cast MA
(4) DM: Segrid's turn
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (22) Andraste...
** (15) Segrid lets an arrow fly at #1 **
(15) Segrid: Ranged: Longbow [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8) (Crit 20/x3) for [1d8] => [7] = (7) damage
(5) Cairne: Caster level Wizard [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22) Cleric [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11)
(14) Carden: (penalty for firing into melee)
(4) DM: their AC is 12
(5) Cairne: sjust an example.
(4) DM: so you miss
(4) DM: Cairne's turn
(11) Zelata: ((what's their touch AC?))
(4) DM: 11
(5) Cairne: ddd
(11) Zelata: ((kk))
(4) DM: Booting '(20) Andraste' from server...
(20) Andraste (exit): 20:25
(4) DM: Booting '(21) Andraste' from server...
(21) Andraste (exit): 20:25
(5) Cairne: luck touch on segrid
(4) DM: Frog 1 tries to bite Zelata...
(4) DM: Bite [1d20+3] => [19,3] = (22) melee, Damage [1d6+2] => [6,2] = (8) plus grab
(4) DM: CMB (grapple) [1d20+7] => [3,7] = (10)
(11) Zelata: ((ouch))
(4) DM: Frog 1 bites you but isn't able to hold on
(4) DM: Frog 2 flings his tongue at you...
(11) Zelata: I hav a CMD of 12
(4) DM: Tongue [1d20+3] => [12,3] = (15) touch, grab
(4) DM: CMB (grapple) [1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22)
(11) Zelata: ((I have a AC of 15, so he barely hit))
(22) Andraste: ((it was touch AC :P))
(4) DM: Frog 2's big long sticky tongue has a hold of you and you are grappled
(4) DM: Andraste's turn
(11) Zelata: ((oh))
** (22) Andraste draws her bow and moves a bit closer, firing off a shot at the 2nd Frog [1d20+5-4] => [4,5,-4] = (5) "Get your slimy tounge off her!" **
(4) DM: (actaully I wasn't adding +2 for flanking, but it didn't make a difference)
(11) Zelata: ((wait, if I'm grappled, does that make a spell like Shocking Grasp auto-touch?))
(15) Segrid: (no, it doesn't)
(4) DM: Start of round 2
** (14) Carden moves up to the edge of the water and fires an arrow at one of the giant frogs (1) [1d20+3] => [13,3] = (16) dmg [1d8+2] => [7,2] = (9) (precise shot) **
(4) DM: Zelata's turn
(4) DM: (what was your init #?)
(14) Carden: (8)
(4) DM: (Carden, sorry I missed it)
(4) DM: You hit frog 1
(11) Zelata: ((kk, but does it? If I'm grappled does that make a spell like Shocking Grasp auto-touch since, his tounge IS attached to me))
(4) DM: now it's Z's turn
(15) Segrid: (no, it doesn't)
(22) Andraste: ((Well logically yes, ruleswise, no it doesnt xD)
(11) Zelata: ((kk))
(11) Zelata: I pull out my Dagger and attempt to cut the tounge that is holding me. ((what's it's tounges AC? :( ))
(11) Zelata: [1d20+1] => [19,1] = (20)
(15) Segrid: maybe his tongue is around your arms and you have trouble casting/touching him, if you want logic for rules)
(11) Zelata: ((oooooh, crit threat! :D))
(11) Zelata: [1d20+1] => [8,1] = (9)
(11) Zelata: ((crit confirm fail))
(11) Zelata: ((or did it? *doesn't know the rules of crits*))
(4) DM: You are grappled.
(23) Andraste (enter): 20:32
(11) Zelata: ((oh, does that mean I can't attack him? Or do I have to perform a str check?))
(15) Segrid: (no, you can attack with one handed weapon)
(15) Segrid: (so the dagger should be fine)
(11) Zelata: ((my dagger is one handed))
(4) DM: You can try to cast a spell but the concentration check DC is 10+3+spell level
(15) Segrid: (she's attacking with the dagger)
(4) DM: or you can make an attack at a -2 penalty
(11) Zelata: ((did my crit confirm? Or is it just a normal attack?))
(11) Zelata: ((Oh, -2? K, I still hit I beleive))
(15) Segrid: So, 18 to hit, 7 for crit confirmation)
(4) DM: but I'm not seeing that you would jump into the water with just your underwear but still be toting a dagger
(11) Zelata: ((rolled a 19, +1 with a -2 that's 18))
(15) Segrid: (ah, true)
(11) Zelata: ((OOOOOOOOH whoops sorry forgot about that))
(11) Zelata: Zelata casts FireBolt
(5) Cairne: *draws wand* magic missile on frog 2 [2d4+2] => [1,2,2] = (5)
(4) DM: "Zelata then strips to her underclothes (not much difference than her sorceerer napkin) and jumps in."
(11) Zelata: [1d20+5] => [14,5] = (19)
(4) DM: so you are not armed
(5) Cairne: oops, premature spelljaculation.
(11) Zelata: ((concentration check, I do beleive I made the check))
(4) DM: but you are able to zap frog 2 with MM
(11) Zelata: [1d4+1] => [4,1] = (5)
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (23) Andraste...
(11) Zelata: ((oooh max dmg))
whispering to Andraste, man, what is going on with your net connection?
(4) DM: Booting '(22) Andraste' from server...
(22) Andraste (exit): 20:36
(4) DM: ok, Segrid's turn
(24) Andraste (enter): 20:36
** (15) Segrid shoots at the frog who is tongueing Cairne's girlfriend. [1d20+5-4] => [19,5,-4] = (20) for [1d8] => [1] = (1) **
(5) Cairne: two dice segrid
(15) Segrid: [1d20+5-4] => [19,5,-4] = (20)
(24) Andraste: (haha lucky)
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (24) Andraste...
(15) Segrid: then he drops his bow, moving ahead while drawing his sword
(4) DM: Cairne's turn
(5) Cairne: (dude, she's 14, maybe in 4-10 yeas, but right now she's less than half my age.
(11) Zelata: ((nice O_O auto death I think)
(24) Andraste: (1 hp damage only Z xD_
(5) Cairne: #2 takes 5
(11) Zelata: ((and she thinks she's dead))
(11) Zelata: ((5, not dead sorry XD )
(11) Zelata: ((brain fart))
(5) Cairne: there was premature spelljaculation, I swear that it never happens to me.
(15) Segrid: (lol, just picking on y'all.))
(4) DM: Your actions, Cairne?
(5) Cairne: you'll see it if you scroll up.
(15) Segrid: ((Cairne saw Zelata in danger of being swallowed whoole and suffered from premature spelljaculation))
(5) Cairne: magic missile on frog 2 [2d4+2] => [3,4,2] = (9)3
(15) Segrid: ((Your relationship is complicated :P ))
(5) Cairne: I'll take the 9 damage, its just I rolled a 5 earlier.
(4) DM: Frog 2 drops and its tongue lets go of Zelata
(4) DM: Frog 1 tries to tongue her...
(4) DM: Tongue [1d20+3] => [20,3] = (23) touch, grab
(24) Andraste: ((Wasnt technically possible for the frogs to eat Z anyway, they're of the same size roughly)
(4) DM: CMB (grapple) [1d20+7] => [7,7] = (14)
(11) Zelata: (( :( I aint into animals!))
(11) Zelata: ((is not possible for me to fling spells around either technically speaking))
(4) DM: F1 takes a 5' step back (he can reach 15' with his tongue)
(4) DM: Andraste's turn
(11) Zelata: ((Holy tounge action there))
** (24) Andraste moves another 20 feet closer, standing near the hot springs and firing another arrow at it [1d20+5-4] => [14,5,-4] = (15) **
(5) Cairne: I guess Zel is a fly girl.
(4) DM: That hits.
(11) Zelata: ((I do bounce around like one :D ))
(4) DM: Damage?
(24) Andraste: [1d8] => [4] = (4) damage
(4) DM: (2 hp left)
(4) DM: Carden's turn
(4) DM: Booting '(23) Andraste' from server...
(23) Andraste (exit): 20:44
(11) Zelata: ((me guessing my unerwears are torn to uslessness?))
(5) Cairne: Zel is standing there traumatized in a gore filled hot spring.
(11) Zelata: ((I was tounge raped :( ))
(4) DM: Carden?
(15) Segrid: ((ain't over yet))
(4) DM: Carden delays.
(4) DM: Zelata's turn
(11) Zelata: I cast MM again
(4) DM: You are now grappled by frog 1's tongue, and can just barely swim enough to keep your head above water
(11) Zelata: [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15)
(11) Zelata: ((did I make the conecntration check?))
(27) Andraste (enter): 20:47
(11) Zelata: Firebolt [1d4+1] => [3,1] = (4)
(4) DM: actually looking at the rules for casting while grappled, you can't cast spells with somatic components (which includes MM)
(11) Zelata: ((Oh, great :\))
(5) Cairne: zel just resist
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (27) Andraste...
(11) Zelata: Strength Check [1d20=1] => 1d20=1
(5) Cairne: Or go with it, whatever feels right
(11) Zelata: Strength Check [1d20+1] => [7,1] = (8)
(27) Andraste: (Yea chances are we'll beat it soon)
(4) DM: You continue to struggle with the giant frog
(11) Zelata: ((darn))
(4) DM: Segrid's turn
** (15) Segrid moves up and attacks the frog: Longsword [1d20+6] => [4,6] = (10) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [1d8+2] => [3,2] = (5) damage "Leave her be! I swear between the giant bugs and the giant frogs, all these critters are out to eat us." **
(5) Cairne: What is in the water around here, everything is giant.
(27) Andraste: "(Possibly giant tonic)
(4) DM: Just as you are about to reach them, the depth of the pond drops off and you are forced to start swimming...
(4) DM: Cairne's turn
(5) Cairne: magic missile [2d4+2] => [4,1,2] = (7)
(4) DM: You fry the frog and his tongue, too!
(11) Zelata: What the heck? Who removed the pond?!))
(5) Cairne: (I will memorize mending tommorow and rrepair your sorcererkini)
(4) DM: (sorry, I put it back)
(11) Zelata: ((wait, how do you have 2 missles?))
(5) Cairne: wand
(11) Zelata: ((haha))
(28) Andraste (enter): 20:52
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (28) Andraste...
(28) Andraste (exit): 20:52
(28) Andraste (enter): 20:52
(11) Zelata: Zelata comes out covering herself and shivering, and wuickly gras her robe and places it on herself and states ruffly "I don't like swimming anymore"
** (15) Segrid climbs back to shore. **
(11) Zelata: quickly** grabs**
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (28) Andraste...
** (28) Andraste helps the pair get back to shore. **
(4) DM: let's take a break until 9:00
** (14) Carden comments "I hope it was fun Zel" **
(11) Zelata: ((ok, 5 mins awa right?))
(5) Cairne: So searhing for more deadly amphibians and other threats [1d20+8] => [6,8] = (14)
(11) Zelata: I fire off a ray of fire (class ability) at him but purposefully miss.
** (15) Segrid thanks Andraste, picking up his bow. He retrievs a dry set of clothes from his horse's packs. **
(11) Zelata: Carden not him**
** (28) Andraste tries to get the carcasses out of the springs, putting them in a pile nearby/. **
(11) Zelata: I walk over to the frogs and say "Who want's frog for lunch?"
** (15) Segrid says "Water's warm, everyone, but might want to wait until the soup is finished before tasting it." **
(11) Zelata: "I wanna eat them cuz they tried to eat me!" she says, stomping her foot.
(28) Andraste: "I'll go take a dip in the hot springs," she says, "Watch out for Giant hamsters or such."
(5) Cairne: The cooks at my fathers castle could do amazing things with frog legs.
(11) Zelata: "mom! WAIT!" Zelata says taking off after Andraste and standing next to her.
** (15) Segrid begins wringing out his wet clothes and wiping down his sword. **
** (28) Andraste stops and turns to look at Zelata, "Something wrong, Zelata?" **
(15) Segrid: "Ugh, gonna have to wear wet leather over my clothes. I don't suppose anyone knows a drying spell that won't catch it on fire?"
(11) Zelata: "I wanna go swimming with you"
(5) Cairne: And the inevitable RouS's.
(11) Zelata: Turning around she says "I DO!"
(11) Zelata: ((btw, how come everyone else has Magic Items, but I has none? *sad face* ))
(5) Cairne: Drying your armor is no problem.
(15) Segrid: "Well, then, when you're finished with your swim, I would greatly appreciate it if you could dry off my armor for me, and maybe my clothes too."
(29) Andraste (enter): 21:00
(11) Zelata: Zelata casts Prestidigitation.
(15) Segrid: (we gave you a wand, and you took the dagger)
(15) Segrid: (a wand of burning hands I believe)
(11) Zelata: Using her spell to dry and clean such.
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (29) Andraste...
(4) DM: (back)
(5) Cairne: (casting prestidigitation, every swimmer is supprised to see their shed clothing is dry and clean and folded)
(29) Andraste: "Sure you can come Zelata, I'll keep my sword close just in case more of nasties try and fight us."
(11) Zelata: ((oh, I didn't recall this, what do they both do? well, what CL is the burning hands, and what is the dagger?))
(4) DM: Booting '(24) Andraste' from server...
(24) Andraste (exit): 21:01
(11) Zelata: ((too late Cairne ;) ))
(4) DM: Booting '(27) Andraste' from server...
(15) Segrid: "Thank you, Zelata."
(27) Andraste (exit): 21:01
(4) DM: Booting '(28) Andraste' from server...
(28) Andraste (exit): 21:01
(15) Segrid: Let me look through our logs
(11) Zelata: "You're welconme" she says, rejoining her adopted mother.
(11) Zelata: k))
(4) DM: Your night spent in hex 4-2 passes uneventfully.
(5) Cairne: (cairne kinda has to fold the clothes, it bother him to see them tossed off)
** (29) Andraste bathes Zelata properly, wishing she had brought some soap with her. **
(11) Zelata: *casts presdigidation, summoning a bar of soap.
(4) DM: Where to next?
(5) Cairne: following the pattern laied out unless we spot tracks.
(15) Segrid: (sorry, you took the mw axe, not a dagger, the dagger you just told the kobold was magical)
(11) Zelata: Yawning, Zelata wakes up after having spent the night outside Andrastes tent. Stuffing her teddy bear in her bag and stealing Cairnes shoestrings from his boots.
(11) Zelata: ((oh XD, what CL is the Wand of Burning Hands?))
(14) Carden: (we still heading Northeast another hex or two right?)
(5) Cairne: I don't know Gm what is Zelata 2.0's CL?
(11) Zelata: ((my wands CL, so I can know how to calculate it when I use it))
(5) Cairne: (Next day I mend Zel's Skivvies and any broken arrows recovered)
(4) DM: (let's say the wand of BH is CL 1)
(11) Zelata: ((kk))
(30) Andraste (enter): 21:10
(11) Zelata: (( I WILL become the most powerful pyromancer EVER I want my spells so OP that I can burn entire armies! :D ))
whispering to Andraste, During the night, you had a dream of the statue of Erastil and heard the words "to the west".
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (30) Andraste...
(4) DM: Andraste, see whisper
(11) Zelata: ((hehe, that's what Wish is for :P))
(15) Segrid: "Good morning Andraste. Looks like the springs were good to you,as you are looking particularly radiant this morning." Segrid smiles, keeping his voice low.
(5) Cairne: I will follow Zel around with a Heightened maximized create water to prevent her from burning the world.
(11) Zelata: [1d4+5] => [2,5] = (7)
(11) Zelata: ((sorry))
** (15) Segrid offers to share his breakfast. **
(11) Zelata: I look at Cairne and get nervous.
** (14) Carden mounts up and prepares for the day of travel again **
(31) Andraste (enter): 21:13
(5) Cairne: Has anyone seen my shoelaces? I left some food out for those fae and they are still pranking me. I'm out of sweets guys!
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (31) Andraste...
** (31) Andraste wakes up, rubbing her head, "I had a strange vision...the Statue of Erastil told me "To the west." she says *repost* **
(11) Zelata: Zelata mounts up as well and follows Andraste close, almost like a puppy.
** (14) Carden listens to Andraste "Very well" **
(15) Segrid: "Well, I guess that may change our plans some."
(15) Segrid: "West then, agreed?"
(5) Cairne: Well, If Earstil said it it cant lead to our painful deaths!
(5) Cairne: (cast Prestidigitation to clean up, prays, studies.)
** (31) Andraste pets Zelata, giving her a butterfly net from her saddle. **
** (15) Segrid manages a half smile "Unless he plans on collecting our unpaid debt. But I'm told he has patience." **
(31) Andraste: "Here you go, Zelata. A present for saving your spells for the trolls!"
** (31) Andraste nods her head at Segrid, "A debt I will try and pay in my own way." **
(4) DM: Hex 5-2 is also a forest hex.
(11) Zelata: Squeals like a small child she pulaces it across her lap and fiddles with it for the rest of the day.
(5) Cairne: Has anyone seen my bootlaces?
(15) Segrid: Me smiles at Andraste, thinking "A bunch of faithful children to carry on, maybe."
(4) DM: While exploring during the early afternoon, as you approach a bushy area, Andraste and Carden both feel safe and at peace.
(15) Segrid: Then, as if realizing what he was really thinking, clears his throat and begins prepping his horse
(11) Zelata: Zelata says "I haven't!"
(15) Segrid: "Well, at least if they're gone, they can't be tied
** (14) Carden smiles at the feeling and looks to Andraste "Do you feel that Andraste?" **
(4) DM: As you get towards the center of the brushy clearing, you can see the top of a statue with a stag's head sticking out above the brush below
(32) Andraste (enter): 21:18
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (32) Andraste...
(15) Segrid: "The statue!"
(15) Segrid: "It's real."
** (32) Andraste utters a small prayer to Erastil. **
(5) Cairne: (so where there any wagons at Olegs?
** (15) Segrid gazes in wonder. "Shame it's been overgrown. We should clear it up, restore it to its former glory." **
(11) Zelata: Zleata looks up in wonder before saying "IT'S DEER MAN!"
** (14) Carden does so as well **
** (15) Segrid begins pealing the moss off the statue. **
(5) Cairne: Zel Shush.
(11) Zelata: Casts prestidigitation and uses it to make it shinier.
** (15) Segrid examines the statue more closely. **
(15) Segrid: Perception: [1d20+5] => [5,5] = (10); +2 vs. Humans
** (15) Segrid scrubs the dirt off **
(4) DM: Description:
Statue of Erastil (Standard)

If the statue is cleaned and a worshiper of Erastil prays
before it, the god of the hunt takes note. All slashing and
piercing weapons within 60 feet of the statue gain the
benefit of a keen edge spell (CL 20th) for 1 week if this small respect is paid to the statue--urther cleanings and prayer do not cause a repeat of this one-time blessing.
(11) Zelata: ((oi! I already did! I cast prestidigitation))
(11) Zelata: Gets down, and is impelled to remove all the dirt and grime. ((outta respect for the deer head only :\ ))
(33) Andraste (enter): 21:23
(33) Andraste: (darn net)
** (14) Carden does another prayer after it the statue is cleaned **
** (15) Segrid lays an arrow at the foot of the statue, saying a brief prayer of thanks. **
** (33) Andraste prays once more once the statue is cleaned. **
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (33) Andraste...
(5) Cairne: who is the strongest people in the group?
(15) Segrid: (str 14)
(5) Cairne: Ok I have a plan for moving this statue but it is going to take a bigassed wagon.
(33) Andraste: "We could start a small shrine here?"
(33) Andraste: "What do you think?'
(5) Cairne: we really need to make a very slow beeline for the temple and see if we can take a large wagon to the temple without cutting a road.
(15) Segrid: "A shrine would be nice, maybe eventually build a chapel?"
(5) Cairne: As I recall we where implored in a dream to restore the statue.
(5) Cairne: tot he temple.
(15) Segrid: "Good idea, checking to see if we can find a trail."
(5) Cairne: That was part of our mission right GM the dream told us a statue belonged at the temple?
(4) DM: I don't remember exactly.
(4) DM: I think you had dreams of the statue existing outside a hunting lodge.
(4) DM: This is the site of the old lodge, which has rotted away over the centuries.
(4) DM: All that is now left is this statue.
(5) Cairne: OK, I use proffesion Architect to see if I can spot the remains of a hunting lodge.
(34) Andraste (enter): 21:31
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (34) Andraste...
(4) DM: Booting '(31) Andraste' from server...
(31) Andraste (exit): 21:32
(4) DM: Booting '(29) Andraste' from server...
(29) Andraste (exit): 21:32
(4) DM: Booting '(30) Andraste' from server...
(30) Andraste (exit): 21:32
(4) DM: Booting '(32) Andraste' from server...
(32) Andraste (exit): 21:32
(4) DM: Booting '(33) Andraste' from server...
(33) Andraste (exit): 21:32
(5) Cairne: damn, there goes my personal guard of sexy clones.
(11) Zelata: ((XD))
(4) DM: The peaceful feelings you get from being around the statue make you think that this would be a good place to camp at tonight.
(14) Carden: "I say we plan to rebuild the lodge here to mark the trail of safe passage"
(5) Cairne: I'll schetch something out when we are not fearing for a bandit attack
(15) Segrid: "A lodge with a chapel and supply depot for hunters, that would be nice."
(11) Zelata: "I can make the fires and catch butterfly's for it!" Zelata chirped happily.
(15) Segrid: "Let's make our camp here, perhaps get some fresh game for supper."
(35) Andraste (enter): 21:37
** (15) Segrid hunts in the area Survival [1d20+5] => [4,5] = (9) **
** (14) Carden nods to Segrid **
(15) Segrid: (unsuccessfully, apparently)
(36) Andraste (enter): 21:38
(15) Segrid: (she's not happy with less than 3 Andrastes in the room)
(36) Andraste: (I cant help it xD)
(11) Zelata: (( XD ))
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (36) Andraste...
(15) Segrid: (just glad you're sticking with it, I know how frustrating it can be)
(11) Andraste: (I really can't!)
(4) DM: During the night, Carden has a dream.
(37) Andraste (enter): 21:41
(4) DM: Carden, whisper to me so I'll have a window to paste the info for you into.
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (37) Andraste...
(4) DM: Booting '(34) Andraste' from server...
(34) Andraste (exit): 21:41
(4) DM: Booting '(35) Andraste' from server...
(35) Andraste (exit): 21:41
(4) DM: Booting '(36) Andraste' from server...
(36) Andraste (exit): 21:41
(4) DM: Notes: This is a priest of Erastil named Jhod Kavken (NG male human cleric
4), a traveling cleric and hunter who claims to have heard
of the exploration charter and came to Oleg’s to offer his
help. In truth, Jhod has been all but excommunicated from
the priesthood after he helped form a lynch mob against a
traveler his home village thought was a werewolf responsible
for several recent killings. Only a few hours after they lynched
the man, the true killer was caught by a hunter and revealed
to be nothing more sinister than a particularly wily worg.

An investigation by the church of Erastil followed, and they
found Jhod’s involvement in the village’s overly aggressive
pursuit of the traveler’s lynching to be actionable. Only the
fact that the traveler happened to be a bandit spy sent to town
to look the place over (a fact that Jhod discovered only after
the man was executed and his belongings were searched)
kept the church from fully excommunicating the priest—
and even then, only if he accepted exile. And so Jhod traveled
from his home in Galt up the Sellen and into Numeria. From
there, his wanderings eventually brought him east into
(38) Andraste (enter): 21:42
(4) DM: This is the info about Jhod Kavken's background
(5) Cairne: I was going to combine enlarge and ant haul so two men could lift the statue
(4) DM: but you can think about how you would have witnessed all this in a dream
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (38) Andraste...
(4) DM: so your dream gives you insight into Jhod's background
(11) Zelata: ((gotta go, boss called, I need to go in, cya! :D))
(14) Carden: (ok)
(4) DM: ok
** (14) Carden will plan to tell Andraste in secret later **
(4) DM: we'll stop here for tonight anyways
(11) Zelata: ((BYE! :) ))
(5) Cairne: nice game
(11) Zelata: Disconnecting from server...
(11) Zelata (exit): 21:46
(5) Cairne: Disconnecting from server...
(5) Cairne (exit): 21:46
(15) Segrid: Enjoying this very much
(4) DM: You guys are all around ~4400,4500 XP
(4) DM: so it won't be too much longer before you reach level 3
(15) Segrid: sooo close :)
(4) DM: Well, have a good week and see you all next time.
(15) Segrid: we should really take advantage of this keen edge thing and push on for the next week in exploration moede
(15) Segrid: thanks

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