Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Session 9

Session 9
So lets see, we went back to the Kobold's cave with the idol. We presented the Chief with the idol and he immediately smached it on the ground, claiming that the "curse" was lifted. Then he attacked his tribal shaman. We joined in the fray at the chief's behest and made short work of the shaman only to learn that he was in fact a gnome reincarnated as a Kobold. It was a tragic story punctuated by the fact that the Shaman had been goading the Kobolds to war with every surrounding power in an effort to kill them all. It was a tragic and horrifying story and I took his corpse so I could try and give his angry spirit a sense of closure.
We recovered a stolen wedding ring (a quest item) and negotiated a peace with the kobold tribe (a quest objective) and collected a small pile of magic items of varying value and coins.

(1) Cairne (enter): 17:06
Attempting to assign the role of GM to (2) DM...
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (1) Cairne...
(1) Cairne: took me a while to guess the room's password.
(2) DM: I indicated no password in today's email reminder
(1) Cairne: was an attempt at humor, my people use it to express levity.
(1) Cairne: :P
(1) Cairne: I'm thinking that has berrys, so I'm thinking kolbolds then berries.
(3) Siam (enter): 18:26
(1) Cairne: Hello
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (3) Siam...
(4) Reckless (enter): 18:37
(4) Segrid: hi
(1) Cairne: Hiya segrid
(5) Napalmmoose (enter): 18:40
(5) Jeremiah Nixon: I got a storm rolling in so I may lose my internet
(6) Siam (enter): 18:41
(6) Siam: I DC a lot : (
(6) Riani: test
(1) Cairne: smooth sailing here
(6) Andraste: test
(6) Andraste: I mean I DC a lot xD My ISP here is terrible
(4) Segrid: hiya
(6) Andraste: Hello!
(1) Cairne: wow, catfolk get a hell of a Dex bump
(4) Segrid: in 3.5 yes, pathfinder only +2
(6) Andraste: like all other races!
(4) Segrid: Right, +2 Dex, -2 Wis, +2 Cha
(4) Segrid: Good Sorcerer material
(4) Segrid: or Oracle
(4) Segrid: or Bard
(5) Jeremiah Nixon: did we game last week?
(6) Andraste: Nope
(4) Segrid: No
(1) Cairne: Really APG made human the only sorcerer/oracle race. Hope they fix that but until then nothing beats extra spells known.
(5) Jeremiah Nixon: ah kk wasnt sure
(6) Andraste: Made it the optimal race Cairne :P
(1) Cairne: I was wondering where everyone went, there was blood everywhere and I was all alone.
(4) Segrid: That time of the month, eh Cairne?
(6) Andraste: Well all the womanfolk did miss a session 2 weeks ago :P
(1) Cairne: I don't bleed that much thanks to girder brand urethral stints.
(1) Cairne: btw, the red arrow points to where I think berries will be.
(4) Segrid: Aren't the Kobolds down that way?
(4) Segrid: or are they se?
(1) Cairne: thought I think some friendly talk to kolbolds should be priority one.
(1) Cairne: crap you are right.
(1) Cairne: thats where they should be.
(7) Andraste (enter): 18:50
(4) Segrid: Well, then we can look for berries on the way, huh?
(1) Cairne: If Andraste keeps cloning herself we can send her clones after the stag lord.
(7) Andraste: No one can stand against the wrath of so many women paladins
(4) Segrid: I know our kobold friend is eager to get his demonic "god" statue back to his tribe, but I'm sure we can convince him he'd be better off "guiding" us and under our protection.
(4) Segrid: So we should be able to explore as we travel.
(7) Andraste: well we could use him as a liason first!
(4) Segrid: Problem is he clued us onto some internal tribal strife between the tribe shaman and the chief... he may not live very long if we send him ahead... of course, then we only have to deal with the survivors of whatever civil war looms... :P
(1) Cairne: is rone going to be here?
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (4) Segrid...
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (5) Jeremiah Nixon...
(4) Segrid: IDK, but I see Rone has asked to join Andy's 2nd Kingmaker game as well as this one
(7) Andraste: I'll have to take a small AFK to eat breakfast
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (7) Andraste...
(5) Jeremiah Nixon: brb
(2) DM: Booting '(6) Andraste' from server...
(6) Andraste (exit): 18:56
(2) DM: Rone said he would be 10-15 minutes late
(1) Cairne: but we need our army of palladin clones!
(4) Segrid: Yay! New Mini for Rone:
(1) Cairne: they where going to be my sexy honor guard!
(2) DM: and Carden said he probably wouldn't be able to attend
(1) Cairne: No burning my kingdom to the ground!
(2) DM: Booting '(3) Siam' from server...
(3) Siam (exit): 18:57
(1) Cairne: at this rate I'll never get a kingdom or a sexy honor guard.
(4) Segrid: There we go
(1) Cairne: brb
(1) Cairne: I think we should start casting create water.
(2) DM: ok, it is now morning on 23 Pharast
(2) DM: You camped for the night near the old sycamore after defeating the mites (with the help of Mikmek and Nakpik)
(1) Cairne: Once again, thank you so much for the assist.
(8) Segrid (enter): 19:06
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (8) Segrid...
(8) Segrid: "Looks like we found your statue, little guy. Congratulations. Now, if you can show us the way, we can guard you and this relic on the way back to your tribe. Hate to have any evil mites ambush you on the way home."
(2) DM: Booting '(4) Segrid' from server...
(4) Segrid (exit): 19:06
** (5) Jeremiah Nixon readies himself and his spells for the day **
(2) Mikmek: Yes, we go to Sootscale caverns this way: (points)
** (8) Segrid sharpens his sword. All that oxygen he exposed it to last time around can't be good for it. **
** (7) Andraste picks up her well polished shield, "Indeed, I am eager to meet your people the sootscales." **
(1) Cairne: (studies, prays, casts create water on Zel.)
(1) Cairne: is there any specific magic people think I should have?
(8) Segrid: "Well, yes, we must prepare for the journey and then you can lead the way." Segrid smiles at the little creature.
(2) DM: It is about mid day when Mikmek says that you are getting close.
(2) Mikmek: Wait here. Nikpak and me go signal guards...
(8) Segrid: "Ok."
** (8) Segrid dismounts and straps his shield on. He leaves his sword in its sheath. **
** (2) Mikmek and Nakpik move out a little into a clearing between the edge of the trail and a nearby hill. **
** (7) Andraste gets off her horse as well, and checks her arrow's fletching to pass the time. **
** (2) Mikmek makes a birdcall whistle and you hear a whistle in return. **
(2) DM: You also see the head of a kobold pop up from behind a bolder and motion for you to advance.
(2) DM: An outcropping of large boulders emerges from the weathered
face of a nearby hillock. A narrow opening in the rock leads
into darkness below. A fallen sign leans against the side of the
cave entrance, and a cage made of branches and sticks sits on
the other side.
(2) DM: As you get closer, you see that the cage is occupied by a miserable mite.
** (8) Segrid looks at the cage curiously as he passes. **
(8) Segrid: "Hmph. Slightly better than being tied to a wall, I guess."
(2) DM: The mite is sobbing--his eyes squinted tightly shut against the daylight.
(2) Mikmek: This mite our only prisoner.
(2) Mikmek: Come, come inside...
** (2) Mikmek and Nakpik talk to the guard, who nods his head and starts heading inside. **
** (7) Andraste gazes at the mite and wonders what was its purpose there, before walking in with the others. **
** (8) Segrid follows, hoping these quarters aren't as cramped as the mites'. **
(2) DM: Place your minis at the top entrance
(2) Mikmek: Watch step...here are pit traps!
** (2) Mikmek points to areas of the entrance corridor to avoid... **
** (8) Segrid watches carefully where the kobold has pointed **
** (7) Andraste carefully avoid the aforementioned pit traps **
(2) Mikmek: Who you want to see? Chief Sootscale or Tartuk?
(1) Cairne: who are these people?
(7) Andraste: "I would guess the first is the Chieftain, the second is possibly either the priest or some other important figure."
(2) Mikmek: OK...this way...
(8) Segrid: "We'd probably better go see your chief. I'm sure he'll be relieved to get the statue back."
(2) Mikmek: This room is temple.
(1) Cairne: Are we seeing any more kobolds? How are they reacing to us?
(2) DM: As you are lead deeper into the caverns, you are joined by a couple of more kobolds who are curious to see talkfolk here
(1) Cairne: reacting
(2) DM: The walls of this cave have been smeared with what appears
to be charcoal and blood to depict multiple representations in
red and black of a looming, sharp-toothed reptilian devil. Two
low stone tables sit in the middle of the room, one of which is
stained with blood.
** (8) Segrid nods a greeting to the kobolds, with a small, friendly smile. **
(2) Mikmek: This is where Tartuk tells us what Old Sharptooth tells him.
(8) Segrid: "Uh....:
(8) Segrid: "Ok...."
(8) Segrid: "And the blood?"
(1) Cairne: (any indicator of what kind of blood?)
(2) Mikmek: Me thinks animal (or mite) blood
(2) Mikmek: Come, Chief probably in common room
(8) Segrid: "Ok, lead on small one."
(7) Andraste: "Well lets go then," she adds, looking around at the walls
(2) Mikmek: The air in this large cave feels warm and close, thick with a
reptilian stink mixed with smoke and burnt meat. Numerous
beds of furs lie scattered throughout the room amid
smoldering cookfires, while to the south, a ten-foot-wide alcove
contains a large mound of furs framed by dozens of sticks on
which are mounted the skulls of many birds and small animals,
all smeared with ash.
(2) Chief: Ah, Mikmek and Nakpik, where have you been..
** (2) Chief sees talkfolks **
(2) Chief: Who are these people?
(7) Andraste: "You must Chief Sootscale? I am Andraste and these are my companions, Cairne, Carden, Jeremiah, Segrid and Zelata," she says in a light but audible voice.
(2) Mikmek: These tallfolks rescue Mikmek from mites
(9) Jeremiah Nixon (enter): 19:29
(2) Mikmek: Help Nakpik and me kill them!
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (9) Jeremiah Nixon...
(9) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Back, what did I miss? ))
(8) Segrid: (We're meetinh the kobold chief)
(1) Cairne: (so much blood!)
(2) Mikmek: Booting '(5) Jeremiah Nixon' from server...
(5) Jeremiah Nixon (exit): 19:30
(8) Segrid: "And rescued your statuette from their clutches."
(2) Mikmek: Yes, they have returned Old Sharptooth to us!
(8) Segrid: "Well, really, that was brave Mikmek's doing."
(2) Chief: What? That is, how do you say it, excellent news!
(2) Chief: May I have the statue?
(1) Cairne: Here you go.
** (2) Chief takes statue. **
(2) DM: Chief Sootscale holds the statue in his hands with a fierce look of concentration.
(2) DM: He looks as though he is trying to make a particularly difficult decision.
(8) Segrid: "Uh, that is the right statue, right?"
(2) DM: Finally, he shrieks in triumph, holds the statue over his head, and then smashes it down onto the ground, shattering it!
(9) Jeremiah Nixon: "I hope so" he says under his breath
(2) DM: The other kobolds freeze in shock while Sootscale, a frantic grin on his snout, thanks you...
** (7) Andraste looks surprised at the act, watching with a look of bewildernment at the Chief's act. **
(2) Chief: Thank you for freeing us from this curse!
(2) Chief: Come with me.
(1) Cairne: What curse?
(2) Chief: We will kill the ursurper!
(8) Segrid: "Your... welcome?"
(2) DM: The chief starts to head out of the chamber.
(8) Segrid: "What's going on, Mikmek?"
** (7) Andraste follows after, "What a turn of events..." **
(2) Mikmek: Death to Tartuk, the usurper!
** (8) Segrid follows the kobolds... **
(1) Cairne: (I cast mage armor, defensively)
(1) Cairne: (ac 14)
** (8) Segrid readies hi ssword. **
(2) DM: The walls of this cavern are decorated by a rickety wooden
frame formed from clean-cut branches lashed together with
gut and twine. Banners cut from two-foot-wide strips of old
blankets and horsehides hang from floor to ceiling, covering
much of the walls. The sloppily painted banners bear dozens
of primitive icons and mystic symbols. A large cauldron filled
with bubbling red liquid boils in the center of the room.
(2) DM: You see a purplish-colored kobold in the center of the room.
** (7) Andraste casts detect evil. **
(2) Tartuk: What do you want, Sootscale?
** (8) Segrid moves up through the kobolds to stand at the chief's side **
(2) Chief: Time for us to be rid of you and your cursed advice, Tartuk!
(10) Jeremiah Nixon (enter): 19:40
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (10) Jeremiah Nixon...
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: (( back again ))
(1) Cairne: androste you still here?
(7) Andraste: ((Yea I am))
(2) DM: Tartuk points a wand at the Chief and two bolts shoot out of it...
(2) DM: 2d4+2
(2) DM: [2d4+2] => [1,4,2] = (7)
(2) DM: roll initiative
(8) Segrid: Initiative: [1d20+5] => [11,5] = (16)
(1) Cairne: Initiative [1d20+4] => [7,4] = (11)
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: Initiative: [1d20+2] => [8,2] = (10)
(7) Andraste: [1d20+3] => [10,3] = (13) init
(2) DM: Initiative [1d20+7] => [8,7] = (15)
(2) DM: Initiative [1d20+5] => [11,5] = (16)
(2) DM: "You will all pay for this, Sootscale!"
(2) DM: Start of round 1
(2) DM: Tartuk goes first
(2) DM: He casts a spell directed at the Chief
(2) DM: Will [1d20+1] => [9,1] = (10)
(2) DM: The chief looks very frightened!
(2) DM: Segrid's turn
** (8) Segrid moves up to Tartuk and Shield Slams him: **
(2) DM: Booting '(9) Jeremiah Nixon' from server...
(9) Jeremiah Nixon (exit): 19:46
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: (( I can not see the map ))
(8) Segrid: [1d20+4] => [19,4] = (23) for [1d4+2] => [1,2] = (3) if hits, target is subject to Bull rush at same
(8) Segrid: 3 damage and 23 vs. cmd for bull rush
(8) Segrid: What's his cmd?
(2) DM: you hit and he is bullrushed
(8) Segrid: for every 5 above cmd he is knocke dback additional 5' if he hits the wall he is knocked prone
(2) DM: His CMD is 11
(8) Segrid: so he is there and knocked prone.
(8) Segrid: -end
(2) DM: The Chief lets out a shriek and runs out of the room, his arms flailing in the air
(2) DM: Andraste's turn
(8) Segrid: "Surrender, and the chief may let you live to be banished."
(2) DM: Delays
(2) DM: Cairne's turn
(1) Cairne: Cast bless, all friendlies in a 40' radius have a +1 to hit and +1 to fear saves.
(2) DM: Jeremiah's turn
(1) Cairne: that should include the tribesmen joining in on the beatdown
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Are any of the other kobolds attacking?))
(2) DM: No, they seem more interested in watching you
(11) Andraste (enter): 19:52
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (11) Andraste...
(2) DM: Booting '(7) Andraste' from server...
(7) Andraste (exit): 19:52
** (10) Jeremiah Nixon puts his hand on his sword but takes no other action **
(11) Andraste: ((Whose turn is it :o))
(2) DM: Tartuk aims his wand at Segrid and fires off a charge of MM
(2) DM: [2d4+2] => [4,3,2] = (9)
(2) DM: Segrid's turn
(8) Segrid: Segrid attacks the prone Tartuk blessed Longsword [1d20+7] => [19,7] = (26) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [1d8+2] => [4,2] = (6) damage
(11) Andraste: (Was I skipped?))
(2) DM: (yes)
(8) Segrid: poss crit confirm roll [1d20+7] => [19,7] = (26)
(11) Andraste: (owh xD))
(11) Andraste: ((I hate DCing))
(8) Segrid: [1d8+2] => [3,2] = (5) more damage
(2) DM: ok, now Andraste's turn
** (11) Andraste looks at Segrid and nods ((Did I detect him as evil by chance?)) drawing her longsword as she double moves. **
(2) DM: (yes, chaotic and evil)
(11) Andraste: I declare smite evil on him then, "My senses tell me he radiates evil," she notes to everyone
(11) Andraste: ((End turn))
(2) DM: Cairne's turn
(1) Cairne: I cast prot evil on segrid
(2) DM: Jeremiah's turn
(1) Cairne: +2 ac, immune to mind control and cannot be struck by summoned evol critters.
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Segris do you want me to Cast Enlargte person or Magic Weapon on you? ))
(8) Segrid: (magic weapon, kinda crowded to be enlarged.)
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: (( I move over and cast Magic weapon On Segrid ))
(11) Andraste: ((I have to leave and drive my dad to the hospital))
(11) Andraste: ((I'll be back soon. I'll slash Tartuk once with my longsword in case my turn comes and he isn't unconcious [1d20+6] => [1,6] = (7) and [1d8+3] => [5,3] = (8) Damage))
(1) Cairne: Mikmek, Nakpik is it important to keep this fool alive?
(11) Andraste: ((haha XD I took a 1 for you guys :P))
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: (( See you when you get back ))
(2) DM: "Kill him!"
(2) DM: Start of round 3
(8) Segrid: ((see you soon, drive safe)
(2) DM: Tartuk swings his sickle at Andraste...
(2) DM: Mwk Cold Iron Sickle [1d20+4] => [4,4] = (8) melee, Damage [1d4+1] => [4,1] = (5)
(2) DM: and misses
(2) DM: Segrid's turn
(1) Cairne: ... ok, but we want a sitdown with you and your chief after this.
(8) Segrid: Segrid attacks the little runt blessed magic weaponed Longsword [1d20+8] => [10,8] = (18) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [1d8+3] => [3,3] = (6) damage
(2) DM: Cairne's turn
(2) DM: Tartuk isn't looking very good at this point...
(1) Cairne: LITOuch of the Irish on segrid
(2) DM: Jeremiah's turn
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Im going to Enhance my Sword with my Arcane pool and attack Tartuk if I can reach him ))
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: Attack: Arcane Longsword: Attack[1d20+3+1] => [7,3,1] = (11)
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: Damage: Damage[1d8+2+1] => [6,2,1] = (9)
(2) DM: Tartuk manages to twist and avoid your sword.
(2) DM: Start of round 4
(2) DM: Tartuk fires another MM at Jeremiah this time for [2d4+2] => [1,2,2] = (5) damage.
(2) DM: Segrid's turn
(8) Segrid: "Should have surrendered before..." blessed magic weaponed lucky Longsword [1d20+8] => [17,8] = (25) or [1d20+8] => [18,8] = (26) whichever is better (Crit 19-20/x2) for [1d8+3] => [1,3] = (4) damage
(1) Cairne: I made a huge difference!
(1) Cairne: :p
(2) DM: Tartuk expires.
(8) Segrid: (lol, and so close to a crit)
(1) Cairne: I mean Sheyln made a huge difference, through me.
(2) DM: Tartuk's raven familiar flies out of the room.
** (8) Segrid grabs the wand just to be sure. **
(2) DM: Finally the Chief returns
(1) Cairne: yeah you better riun!
(8) Segrid: "Who wants it?"
(2) DM: Chief: "I don't know what came over me?"
(2) DM: The wand has 25 charges left.
(1) Cairne: you wanted him dead right? not put to dbed or cast in lead? cause that would be... awkward.
(2) DM: Notes: Treasure: Tartuk has had the kobolds pile all of their
treasure (plus any new treasures they gain from their war
against the mites) in a heap in the eastern alcove of his den.
This mound consists of a huge amount of worthless shiny
objects, such as quartz and mica crystals, bits of metal,
broken weapons and armor, and other garbage. In addition,
the pile contains 7,420 cp, 2,132 sp, 302 gp, a masterwork
light metal shield, seven +1 flaming crossbow bolts, a pair of
boots of elvenkind, and a soiled leather bag. Inside the bag
are the treasures stolen from the mites (who stole from the
bandits who stole from Oleg’s). The leather bag contains 321
sp, 249 gp, 13 pp, a plain brass wedding ring set with a single
pearl, and a pouch containing a single dose of dust of illusion.
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: "It happens "
(8) Segrid: "Probably *ouch* this little zapper of his."
(2) DM: Tartuk has a masterwork cold iron sickle (size small), bracers of armor +1, and a personal journal
(2) DM: Anybody read undercommon?
(1) Cairne: so how possesive are the kolbolds feeling about this gear?
(8) Segrid: "Chief, I believe some of these items belong to some friend of ours."
(2) DM: Chief: "Take what you want. It is well worth it to get rid of Tartuk."
(8) Segrid: "very generous of you, Chief Sootscsale."
(1) Cairne: Cheif, we wanted to talk to you about some trouble our peoples have been having of late.
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: "Thank you Chief"
(2) DM: Chief: "What kind of trouble?"
(1) Cairne: From what we have heard your people have been voilent to outsiders, a few weeks ago we approched some kobolds in an effort to trade for some moon radishes and we where attacked on sight.
(2) DM: Chief: "Tartuk's manipulation drove us to attack tall folks."
(2) DM: Chief: "Can you tell me what his journal says?"
(1) Cairne: So we have ended the source of the problems? Goddess be priased.
(1) Cairne: I could tommorow, but I need to study certain magics to read it.
(1) Cairne: I may also be able to repair some of these broken weapons, but only small ones.'
** (10) Jeremiah Nixon takes a look at the journal "No sorry " **
(1) Cairne: If you could lend us a safe place to rest tonight I could try to read it tommorow.
(8) Segrid: "Our leaders wish us to bring peace between our peoples."
(2) DM: Chief: "But of course, you are our guests. Make yourselves at home!'
(1) Cairne: We thank you for your hospitality.
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: "We would be honored"
(1) Cairne: I say Zel gets the bracers, I have armor that gives me the same bonus.
(2) DM: (size small)
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Dont magic Items resize to fit the wearer? ))
(1) Cairne: 142.92 gp for everyone.
(1) Cairne: (she's 14 and has the metabolism of a hummingbird)
(2) DM: I guess she can use them. It doesn't say that their use is restricted by size.
(8) Segrid: ((is she every going to be here for another game?))
(8) Segrid: (ever)
(1) Cairne: is a good question
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Well If she shows up next game she gets themif not we sale and split the gold? ))
(1) Cairne: yup
(1) Cairne: two quests for the price of one, pretty nice.
(1) Cairne: I assume jerimiah is getting the bolts because I am not an idiot.
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Or we can Hold onto them and present them to as a gift if some small Sized NPC helps us out in the future ))
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: (( I will take the Fire Bolts if no one else wants them ))
(1) Cairne: Segrid is the shield your style?
(8) Segrid: I'm using a heavy one but will want to switch to light once I start using shield bash more often, so I'd like the shield (may work on getting it magicked up since it's a masterwork)
(1) Cairne: Cool, just make sure it sees use, We'll get someone to paint it with your standard later.
(2) DM: The night passes uneventfully.
(2) DM: It is now 24 Pharast
(2) DM: Once you are up the Chief approaches Cairne.
(2) DM: Chief: "Can you read this now?"
(2) DM: He hands you Tartuk's journal
(1) Cairne: is ten minutes long enough to ead the journal?'
(1) Cairne: thats 10 pages
(2) DM: You can scan it.
(2) DM: Looking through it, you find out why Tartuk was so bitter and determined to cause the kobolds to destroy themselves with warfare.
(2) DM: Tartuk was a gnome who was killed and then reincarnated as a kobold!
(1) Cairne: I switch out detect magic for mending and magic weapon for comprehend languages.
(2) DM: Tucked into the back of the journal you find a scroll of fly.
(1) Cairne: I also mend any broken weapons and armor pieces that weigh 2 lbs or less.
(1) Cairne: (pocket that)
(2) DM: According to his journal, when he grew tired of his life, he planned to use the scroll to fly up as high as he could and then commit suicide when the spell expires and he falls to the ground.
(1) Cairne: I request the right to see to Tartuk's burial.
(8) Segrid: ((Instead he chose death by Segrid... XD ))
(2) DM: (I almost had him turn the wand on himself.)
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Ouch ))
(2) DM: Chief: "That explains his purple coloration. He used to be a gnome!"
(1) Cairne: I give the Chief an honest accounting of the villian's role.
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: "Now that is hatred"
(2) DM: You also glean from the journal that the Sootscales were only Tartuk's latest "project"
(8) Segrid: "Truly a cautionary tale on the dangers of reincarnation."
(2) DM: His notes indicate that he had taken over other kobold tribes and enticed them to attack human villages.
(2) DM: Tartuk himself writes of murdering gnomes that he encountered.
(1) Cairne: Andraste, Carden if you would join me in prayer for this lost tortured soul.
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: "Good riddence I say"
(2) DM: Chief: "Thank you for reading his journal. I think there will be peace with you tall folks now that Tartuk is dead."
(2) DM: After saying your goodbyes to Chief Sootscale, Mikmek, and Nakpik, you notice a sign next to the entrance of the cave as you exit...
(2) DM: It says "Oaktop Silver Mine"
(2) DM: The retched mite is still in the little cage.
(1) Cairne: For now, if you have issues you wish to bring rup to the tallfolk please come to Ogden's trading post, peaceful trade and negotiation will be welcome. However there is currently a conflict umong tallfolk and a tribe following the stag lord is making trouble for everyone.
(8) Segrid: "Very good news. I think you may find that peace is much better than strife."
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: "Fantastic"
** (10) Jeremiah Nixon rattles the mite cage as he walks by **
(8) Segrid: "What of this creature?" Segrid pauses at the Mite's cage.
(1) Cairne: (I toss a bear meat ration into the cage.)
(8) Segrid: "Did Tartuk encourage the war with the Mites as well?"
(2) DM: The mite looks up at you briefly, snarling, then picks up the meat and starts eating it.
(1) Cairne: (does it have a bowl?)
(2) DM: No
(1) Cairne: Cup your hands little one.
(11) Andraste: ((I am back : o))
(2) DM: The mite tilts his head, like he doesn't understand what you are saying.
(1) Cairne: I pantamime the action
(2) DM: The mite cups his hands and holds them out a little.
(1) Cairne: I cast create water to fill his hands.
** (8) Segrid asks the chief **
(8) Segrid: "Did Tartuk encourage the war with the Mites as well?"
(2) DM: He drinks the water from his hands, then grabs and shakes the cage, indicating that he wants out.
(11) Andraste: "Poor Mite," she says simply.
(2) DM: Chief: "Probably so, just to get more of us killed, although he may have coveted the stolen loot as well."
(1) Cairne: Is it necessary to keep this creature?
(8) Segrid: "I thought as much. Perhaps it is time to end Tartuk's legacy completely."
(2) DM: Chief: "Well...no, I guess not since Mikmek says that you killed all of the others in their lair."
(8) Segrid: "Their numbers have been shattered, surely. This creature need not suffer here any longer."
(1) Cairne: Can any of you speak its language?
(11) Andraste: Disconnecting from server...
(11) Andraste (exit): 20:56
(2) DM: Chief: "No, we can't."
(13) Andraste (enter): 20:57
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (13) Andraste...
** (8) Segrid tries Sylvan "Can you understand me?" **
(2) DM: Chief: "Might as well let it go."
(13) Andraste: Disconnecting from server...
(13) Andraste (exit): 20:58
** (8) Segrid shrugs. "Only other language I know." **
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: "As long as it doesnt cause problems in the future"
(1) Cairne: elven, dwarven, draconic
** (10) Jeremiah Nixon asks the Might if he can understand him in Infernal, Elven,Dwarven, and Draconic" **
(2) DM: The mite just glares at you and shakes the cage again.
** (8) Segrid opens the cage. "All creatures understand freedom." **
(8) Segrid: He points eastward, hoping the mite doesn't return to its broken home.
(2) DM: The thankless creature hisses at you and runs away.
(1) Cairne: Well, now Zel won't cry.
(8) Segrid: "I think we have a wedding ring to return." Segrid smiles, sneaking a glance in Andraste's direction.
(2) DM: After leaving the Sootscales, you spend the rest of the day exploring this plains hex and mapping the course of the Shrike river that passes through it.
(1) Cairne: Yeah, Sheyln will be pleased that this symbol of love is returned to its rightful owner.
(2) DM: Let's stop here for tonight.
(8) Segrid: sure
(1) Cairne: seriously?
(10) Jeremiah Nixon: (( kk ))
(1) Cairne: ok.
(8) Segrid: Would like to go on, but I understand we're down people
(1) Cairne: I'll update teh party loot to include all our found stuff.
(8) Segrid: Can we say we returned to the trading post, or would you like to run that return in game?

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