Tuesday, February 28, 2012

7th Session

Session 7
After raising our dead comrade we decided we decided to give those freaking mites what for and rode in the most direct line towards them, on the way I spotted a cave that we poked our head in and struck gold.
Thats pretty awesome, and we might actually be able to pay back the Erastal for all the divine assistance.
We then headed back to the cave and got in a fight with more bugs and mites and won handily because we had killed their heavy hitter already and mites are not that smart.

(44400) DM (enter): 18:12
(44336) NapalmMoose (enter): 18:20
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: Sup
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (44336) Jerimiah Nixon...
(44400) DM: Hi
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: Have a good Xmas?
(44400) DM: Yes
(44400) DM: took all of last week off work
(44408) No Name (enter): 18:26
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (44408) No Name...
(44409) Segrid (enter): 18:29
(44409) Segrid: hi
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: sup man
(44408) No Name: hello
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: My xmas went pretty good
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (44409) Segrid...
(44409) Segrid: I had a nice quiet Chtristmas day-just what I needed
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: Got dom clothes and a neat lamp made out of a giant salt rock, saw some family i hadnt seen in a while and ate more that i should have
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: some I mean
(44411) Siam (enter): 18:33
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (44411) Siam...
(44411) Siam: ((Hey, sorry couldnt get open to work xD)
(44409) Segrid: glad you got it working now :)
(44411) Andraste: (Am I late?)
(44400) DM: no
(44400) DM: time is 6:36 central
(44411) Andraste: (phew : ) ))
(44411) Andraste: (( So how was everyone's holiday?
(44400) DM: good
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: good
(44411) Andraste: Mine wasn't so great at the end xD
(44411) Andraste: My laptop fried on christmas due to a faulty air con at the hotel and my dad broke his wrist on new year's eve =/
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: damn
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: thats pretty rough man
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: worst thing happened to me was I lost My charcter Nodes
(44408) No Name: so are we going to miss anyone?
(44400) DM: Nobody emailed me to say that they weren't coming
(44408) Cairne: I has a name
(44411) Andraste: So whats everyone's plans for the day xD
(44408) Cairne: I say we call ourselves the fellowship of the Deadeye and head back to the old Sycamore
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: brb
(44409) Segrid: I kind of like The Deadeye Fellowship better, flows smoother
(44411) Andraste: I second that notion, also will be much more careful in the future
(44409) Segrid: I'm all for returning to the sycamore
(44409) Segrid: .
(44408) Cairne: Ok, I'll order the letterhead.
(44411) Andraste: So we're missing Z and who else?
(44400) DM: Carden
(44411) Andraste: ah I see
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: back
(44426) Andraste (enter): 18:56
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (44426) Andraste...
(44427) Avatar (enter): 18:56
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (44427) Avatar...
(44400) DM: Booting '(44411) Andraste' from room...
(44411) Andraste (exit): 18:57
(44427) Zelata: (internet is very slow btw :( ))
(44408) Cairne: Hiya Zel!
(44408) Cairne: (casts create water on Zel)
** (44426) Andraste casts smite **
(44427) Zelata: Yp 8-)
(44427) Zelata: (fireballs you))
(44409) Segrid: hi
(44408) Cairne: (you can't fireball me)
(44427) Zelata: :( Yes I can
(44409) Segrid: ((If she gets you in the sack she can)
(44408) Cairne: (not high enough level, and you are too smelly.)
(44427) Zelata: fireballs are candy ;)
(44408) Cairne: (maybe after she hits puberty)
(44427) Zelata: ((:|))
(44400) DM: After a restful night of camping at the Temple site, you awaken early on 21 Pharast
(44400) DM: Mikmek is with you
(44427) Zelata: ((wow, we discovered a whole lot of nothing, look at all th empty squares))
(44408) Cairne: (mikmek the priest?)
** (44426) Andraste awakens, feeling much more rested after her encounter with death **
(44427) Zelata: I awake and begin to clean up camp singing a song as I go.
(44426) Andraste: (Mikmek the kobold xD)
(44400) DM: Mikmek is the kobold that you rescued from the mites
(44408) Cairne: Ok cool
** (44426) Andraste gives another prayer of thanks to Erastil before mounting her horse. **
(44427) Zelata: .
(44427) Zelata: Her singing increases in volume whenever she hnears cairne
** (44336) Jerimiah Nixon after preparing his spells and otherwise getting ready for the day he Greets MikMek **
(44400) Mikmek: We return to kill mites?
(44400) Mikmek: Rescue holy statue?
(44408) Cairne: Yes, how are your wounds Mikmek?
(44427) Zelata: "sounds like a great plan, hope it isn't plan b"
(44400) Mikmek: Me fine now
(44400) Mikmek: Took bath in pool at midnight!
(44426) Andraste: "Alright Mikmek, lets go," she says, offering a hand to help the little lizard climb her horse.
(44427) Zelata: She gasps and says "Really?"
(44400) Mikmek: You have weapon for Mikmek?
(44427) Zelata: "Do you like daggers?"
(44400) Mikmek: Mikmek help kill mites!
(44427) Zelata: I say drawing a dagger and holding it out to him
(44427) Zelata: "It's name is Rabbit Skinner!"
(44400) Mikmek: Yes, this about same size as Kobold shortsword
** (44409) Segrid glances frequently at Andraste during the morning preparations, but keeps himself busy as normal. **
(44427) Zelata: I hand it to him and say "Rabbit skinner is powerful! Don't lose it, it is yours"
(44400) Mikmek: Many thanks!
(44427) Zelata: "Oh you're welcome!" she says before handing him it's sheathe and preparing her horse.
** (44336) Jerimiah Nixon watches the exchange and tries to supress a grin **
(44432) 1stLtFairman (enter): 19:07
(44409) Segrid: "I believe we have a horse we can let you borrow for the ride, little friend, or, if you prefer, you can ride with one of us."
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (44432) Carden...
(44409) Segrid: (Hi Carden!)
(44408) Cairne: If you people convert the Kolbods to the Deadeye I will laugh so hard.
(44427) Zelata: "Ooh! Ooh! oOoh! Pick me!"
(44432) Carden: (hey; whats happened so far eager beavers?)
(44427) Zelata: "Pick me!"
(44427) Zelata: "I want to give him a ride!"
(44409) Segrid: (We're getting ready to head back to the Sycamore to fight the mights and get the "god statue"
(44400) Mikmek: Mikmek like to ride with Blond lady first
** (44409) Segrid laughs. **
(44432) Carden: (ok)
(44427) Zelata: "Awwww" She says with adownpour friend.
** (44336) Jerimiah Nixon laughs at Zelatas outburst **
(44400) Mikmek: bu Mikmek ride with you later
** (44432) Carden readies himself for the trip back **
(44409) Segrid: "Then we should get going."
(44427) Zelata: "Oh ok" She says her mood brightening more.
(44400) Mikmek: (Since you have already passed through hex 4-5 before I'm going to count it as explored as you ride through it today.)
(44426) Andraste: ((alright, Lets go!)
(44427) Zelata: (Ok)
** (44409) Segrid seems to focus on the job once we are mounted. He keeps his eyes peeled an his ears open for trouble as we travel. **
(44400) Mikmek: As you near the southern end of hex 4-5, you see a particularly rocky crag rising from the hills.
(44400) Mikmek: You can make perception checks as you ride close to it.
(44427) Zelata: She continues to hum before noticing the rocky crag and goes to investigate.
(44409) Segrid: Perception: [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25); +2 vs. Humans
(44427) Zelata: [1d20+4] => [13,4] = (17)
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: Perception [1d20] => [2] = (2)
(44408) Cairne: [1d20+9] => [20,9] = (29)
(44432) Carden: [1d20+7] => [9,7] = (16)
(44408) Cairne: well crap.
(44400) Mikmek: Segrid and Cairne, you discover a 5-ft-wide crack in the rock at the base of the crag
(44427) Zelata: She pokes it with a stick as well, to be sure it isn't alive before going closer. Remembering the trolls.
(44409) Segrid: "Hmnn.. Should we investigate that now, or mark it and come back to it?"
(44427) Zelata: I throw a rock down it and say "Echo!" as loud as I can in it.
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: "could markit with a stick and come back to it later"
(44409) Segrid: "Or let Zelata fight whatever bug lives down there?"
(44408) Cairne: I say we check inside
(44400) Mikmek: As you look down the crack (which leads down about 20 ft), you notice that the far cave wall sparkles slightly as the sun beams in over your shoulders.
(44427) Zelata: I shudder and bolt back to my horse before muttering "I hate bugs"
** (44409) Segrid sighs, dismounting and preparing his sword and shield. **
(44408) Cairne: Zel, light some rocks and toss them in
(44427) Zelata: My fear of bugs forgotten "SPARKLES!" I squeal and begin pulling out some rope.
** (44426) Andraste gets off her horse as well, carrying her shield and her bow, "This could be worth investigating. **
(44426) Andraste: (ah, adventurers, more like magpies)
** (44336) Jerimiah Nixon climbs off his horse and draws his sword when he sees Segrid ready himself for trouble **
(44427) Zelata: I pick up a rock or two and cast light on them before throwing them in.
(44427) Zelata: ((Zelata is so fun to play :P))
(44409) Segrid: "Right." Segrid waits to see what Zelata's light reveals.
(44400) DM: The sparkly areas intensify from the magical light.
(44400) DM: You can make appriase or know(dungeoneering) checks...
** (44409) Segrid then approaches the hole cautiously. **
(44427) Zelata: "SPARKLES!" She squeals even louder and begins to become impatient with the process of going in.
(44409) Segrid: Appraise: [1d20+1] => [11,1] = (12)
(44427) Zelata: Appraise [1d20+1] => [18,1] = (19)
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: Knowledge Dungeoneering [1d20+5+3] => [13,5,3] = (21)
(44400) DM: Zel, you believe the sparkles are from little bits of metalic mineral forming a vein in the rock
(44400) DM: Jerimiah recognizes it as gold!
** (44426) Andraste wonders whats in this useless cave. **
(44427) Zelata: "I think the sparkles are some kind of awesome magic metal, or even maybe gold, I must have it!"
(44427) Zelata: Ties off a rope and tries to decend.
(44400) DM: Jerimiah also knows that it would take some time and equipment to create a working gold mine here.
(44426) Andraste: "Calm down, Zelata. Let Segrid or me go first," she says.
(44409) Segrid: How deep is the hole?
(44400) DM: 20'
(44427) Zelata: She bows her head, and stomps her foot but obeys.
(44400) DM: it leads to a 30' diameter cave
** (44336) Jerimiah Nixon staers in amazement "Ladies and gentlemen We have found a Gold vein!" **
(44400) DM: which exposes part of the vein
** (44409) Segrid dlings his shield and starts to climb down. **
(44409) Segrid: (slings)
(44427) Zelata: "I will say it now, but all sparkles that come out of there are mine"
(44408) Cairne: Well crap, that will come in handy, later.
** (44426) Andraste smiles brightly at Zelata, then at Jeremiah, "Wonderful news!" she says, getting her bow out and aims in case something happens. **
** (44409) Segrid laughs at Zelata's comment. **
(44427) Zelata: "I don't care how useless they are, but they are mine"
(44409) Segrid: "If it's gold, it will go a long way to thanking The Deadeye for the miracles he has bestowed upon us."
** (44409) Segrid continues carefully climbing down **
** (44432) Carden listens to the others and nods to Segrid comment "Indeed" **
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: "Very true"
(44427) Zelata: "But gods don't need sparkles, they sparkle without the aid of sparkles!"
(44408) Cairne: "I give thanks to Shelyn dfor this bounty.
** (44426) Andraste chuckles at Zelata, "Lets just make sure its safe first." **
(44409) Segrid: "Tis truly beautiful, Shelyn no doubt had a hand in it's natural beauty."
(44427) Zelata: I decend as soon as I can, casting light on the kobolds dagger.
** (44409) Segrid puts his shield back on once descended. He looks around to make sure the cavern is safely unoccupied. **
(44426) Andraste: (Z, we can see in the a dark xD)
(44400) DM: The cave is empty except for you.
(44427) Zelata: ((Yes, but it helps maintain the illusion the dagger is magic))
** (44336) Jerimiah Nixon keeps watch while the otyhers climb down and then follows after the others once everyone else is down **
(44427) Zelata: I dance around and skips singing "Sparkles! Sparkles! Sparkles! Sparkles!"
(44409) Segrid: "Looks like it's safe down here." Segrid doesn't know enough about mining to know if the vein is a decent size or not.
(44426) Andraste: "Is it safe, Segrid?" she says, trusting the ranger's perceptions.
(44400) DM: (You will be able to benefit from this gold mine as a resource during kingdom building starting with the next chapter.)
(44409) Segrid: "Anyone know anything about mining? It looks like a lot to me."
(44426) Andraste: "Alright, come back out and lets mark this place. When we have the resources and manpower, we can try and make use of this mine."
(44408) Cairne: (just because my goddess has not been an open part of any miracle and is not a major facet of this region's history does not mean I ncannot give her credit for when things go right.)
(44427) Zelata: We need to hide it!
(44426) Andraste: "I'll send in a request to Brevoy for a few dwarven mining experts," she chuckles.
(44409) Segrid: "Right. Better let Z dance around for a few minutes before we leave, or she'll be pouty all day."
whispering to Cairne, what is your holy symbol made of?
(44427) Zelata: I pray to my own god before seeing if I can at least get a chunk of sparkles off the wall with a dagger.
(44408) Cairne: Ahem, Cairne "Garess". We are Brevoy's mining experts.
(44400) DM: You manage to pick out a few flakes, but no large nuggets.
(44409) Segrid: ((I agree Cairne, and Segrid was also paying her respects for the beautiful thing we have found)
(44400) DM: (Cairne, please see my whisper)
(44427) Zelata: "YES!" I squeal dancing around again before placing them in one of her spell component pouches.
(44409) Segrid: "Well, the Master Garess, what do you think? Does this have potential?"
(44408) Cairne: "How should I know?" "i'
(44427) Zelata: "You're mister know it all!"
(44408) Cairne: I'll write my family post haste and send for construction workers and a mining camp.
(44427) Zelata: She hugs him "But it's ok, we forgive you"
(44426) Andraste: You can hear her chuckling from your conversation, "Don't take all day men. We still have lots of untamed land to tame."
(44426) Andraste: "Oh and Zelata too."
(44409) Segrid: (("Have you ever thrown a fistful of glitter in the air?"))
(44427) Zelata: "I am tamed! I'm just exited!"
** (44409) Segrid smiles. **
(44400) Mikmek: Hey, what you find down there?
(44427) Zelata: ((That would be a waste of glitters.
(44427) Zelata: ))
(44427) Zelata: "Sparkles!"
** (44400) Mikmek calls down from the entrance **
(44427) Zelata: "lots of them! It was like heaven!"
(44409) Segrid: "Come on Zelata, let me give you a hand getting back out of here."
** (44409) Segrid climbs back up. **
(44427) Zelata: "Why?"
(44427) Zelata: I climb back up as well and begin singing to the sky.
(44426) Andraste: "He's just trying to be helpful Zelata," she smiles.
(44409) Segrid: "Because you are becoming a young lady, and I am trying to become a young gentleman."
** (44409) Segrid smiles at Zelata. **
** (44400) Mikmek approaches Zelata. **
(44400) Mikmek: I will ride with you now if it OK.
(44426) Andraste: "I wouldn't call you young anymore, Segrid," she giggles, giving him a small mischiveious tap on the chest.
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: "They found gold Mikmek"
(44427) Zelata: "Ok then" she says allowing him to help, feeling akward before she explodes into dance and song again only intensidied by mikmeks comment.
** (44400) Mikmek 's eyes get big... **
(44400) Mikmek: gold...
(44427) Zelata: Singing [1d20+3] => [2,3] = (5)
(44400) Mikmek: Me keep secret
** (44409) Segrid smiles broadly "Well, as long as you call me a gentleman, I suppose I can live with that dear Andraste." **
(44400) Mikmek: no tell others
(44427) Zelata: I don't know about any gold, but there was all kinds of glitters!"
** (44409) Segrid bows widely before remounting. **
(44426) Andraste: "Its alright, I like the adult gentlemen more than the young ones anyway," she responds with a smile, before remounting as well.
(44427) Zelata: "Let's go kill some mites! I wanna burn something now"
(44400) DM: By the time that you exit the cave, daylight is starting to fade
(44426) Andraste: ((Lets continue : P)
** (44336) Jerimiah Nixon winces at Zelatas wailing "Thank you for keeping it secret MikMek" **
(44408) Cairne: Zel you allways want to burn things, if wyou had your way you would sleep in a pile of ashes.
(44427) Zelata: She begins caughing and gagging before says "water, my throat is dry....water"
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: "You mean she dosent alreadyt do that?"
(44427) Zelata: "Nah, I'd sleep in a forest of ash"
(44408) Cairne: (I top of her water skin)
(44427) Zelata: "NO! Bad for your hair and skin"
(44427) Zelata: "Thanks you!" before she downs her water again.
(44427) Zelata: Singing check [1d20+4] => [4,4] = (8)
(44426) Andraste: "Lets go look for a safe place to camp for the night," she says, her eyes twitching a bit from Zelata's singing.
(44427) Zelata: "My voice is not agreeing with me today."
(44409) Segrid: "Looks like the old sycamore... let's make a little less noise, if you please." Segrid dismounts, notching an arrow and keeping his senses peeled as he approaches the tree.
** (44426) Andraste also readies her bow, getting ready for the inevitable. **
(44409) Segrid: "You think we should wait until morning?"
(44427) Zelata: "What's wrong?"
** (44432) Carden dismounts; eying for a place to set up a sleeping spot **
(44400) DM: You are still at the gold mine
(44427) Zelata: "No! I wanna burn something!"
(44400) DM: it is getting dark
(44426) Andraste: (owh xD)
(44400) DM: The mite lair is several hours away by horse.
(44409) Segrid: (oh, sorry, thought we moved on.)
(44426) Andraste: "Yes, I do. We're still quite far from the Sycamore tree, if I recall," she says.
(44408) Cairne: Zel, you know the rules: if you want to start the campfire you have to gather wood.
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: "Well its getting dark we could camp here for the night"
(44427) Zelata: She stomps her foot but does it.
(44409) Segrid: ((In that case, we can camp nearby (don't think we can bring the horses down into the cave)
(44427) Zelata: I wanna sleep with the sparkles!"
(44427) Zelata: ((Zelata would make for a interesting queen))
(44427) Zelata: ((Hey, guys, I need to run to the store to get my moms medicine, give me about 15 minutes please, brb))
(44426) Andraste: (an interesting queen, a short-lived queendom)
(44426) Andraste: (:P)
(44427) Zelata: ((wait, nvm, they need to forward something using the phone, the phone is my internet, give me about 10 minutes please))
(44409) Segrid: "Indeed. Firewood time." Segrid goes off to gather firewood.
** (44426) Andraste goes off to help Segrid. **
(44427) Zelata: ((back))
** (44409) Segrid smiles as Andraste joins him. **
(44427) Zelata: "I want a cat"
(44427) Zelata: "I want a kitten now"
(44400) DM: Zel, are you going to sleep in the cave then?
(44427) Zelata: ((Yes))
(44409) Segrid: "How are you feeling tonight? A little more yourself?"
(44427) Zelata: I make up my bed and such in the cave before going back to the camp for dinner.
(44427) Zelata: "I am sleeping with the sparkles tonight! Thought you should know!"
(44408) Cairne: (Skill focus: any knowledge, eldritch bloodline arcane, if you walk around with a stack of books then you might convince people you are a wizxard instead of a lowly sorcerer)
(44427) Zelata: ((lowly?))
(44426) Andraste: "I feel more cautious now," she says, picking up a twig, a soft smile on her lips "And I treat you differently. but otherwise I think I am exactly the same."
(44427) Zelata: ((well you said sorcerer, I'm a sorcereress so... ;) ))
** (44409) Segrid smile coyly. "Oh, what kind of different treatment should I expect, milady?" **
** (44432) Carden gets a meal from trail rations as he takes a seat. **
** (44409) Segrid gathers a few sticks for the fire. **
(44426) Andraste: "We'll see," a small smile of mischief crosses her lips. Most unexpected of her.
** (44336) Jerimiah Nixon climbs down into the gold cave and settles in for the night **
(44408) Cairne: (I see if I can make gold dust adhere to Zel's skin with Prestidigitation)
(44427) Zelata: I find Andraste to announce that I am sleeping in the cave.
(44427) Zelata: Finding the two of them alone, I back out of the clearing slowly.
(44409) Segrid: "Oops." Segrid says, drawing closer to Andraste. He whispers conspiritorally "We forgot to do the firewood dance."
** (44426) Andraste picks up the last twig around the area, "Only with Zelata, Segird," she chuckles, "Speaking of Zelata, isn't it her turn to pick the firewood today." **
(44408) Cairne: (its allways Zel's turn, I just keep telling her she does not get to start the fire if she does not gather the firewood)
(44409) Segrid: "She's... distracted. Something sparkly. I'm glad we found something thqat makes her so happy without burning anything down."
(44426) Andraste: "Hmm...perhaps we should use this newfound information to our advantage," she says, "Oh but come, its getting dark. The others will wonder where we are as the languish in the bitter cold."
(44426) Andraste: they*
(44409) Segrid: "Well, I guess the others are waiting." He smiles, and turns back to camp.
(44400) DM: everone settles in for the night
(44400) DM: who all is sleeping in the cave?
(44408) Cairne: (I don't think she realizes we'd let her do it anyway)
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (( I am ))
(44426) Andraste: (( Me as well))
(44409) Segrid: ((I will be staying up top with the animals.))
(44432) Carden: (up top_
(44409) Segrid: ((and keeping watch))
(44409) Segrid: ((when not sleeping))
(44400) DM: everyone make perception checks
** (44409) Segrid looks up at the night stars. "Hmnn.. sparkles." **
(44409) Segrid: Perception: [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22); +2 vs. Humans
(44467) Zelata (enter): 19:55
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (44467) Zelata...
(44467) Zelata: ((sorry, the internet failed, it does that sometimes))
(44408) Cairne: [1d20+9] => [6,9] = (15)
(44432) Carden: [1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22)
(44426) Andraste: [1d20+1] => [4,1] = (5) Perception
(44408) Cairne: I liked rolling a 20
(44409) Segrid: ((Perception check, Z)
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: Perception [1d20] => [8] = (8)
(44467) Zelata: Perception [1d20+4] => [20,4] = (24)
(44467) Zelata: ((Stares at the rool dumbfounded and kicks the floor "WERE THE FACK WAS MY TWENTY A FEW ROLLS AGO!"))
(44467) Zelata: ((what happened?))
(44409) Segrid: ((don't know yet))
(44467) Zelata: ((oh))
(44426) Andraste: (Are we fighting a giant peen?)
(44400) DM: if you're sleeping in the cave, put your mini in there
(44467) Zelata: ((Looks like it doesn't it?))
(44409) Segrid: ((no, you're in the peen. :P ))
(44467) Zelata: ((Yes sir!))
(44467) Zelata: ((I'm a chick so is cool))
(44467) Zelata: ((Sparkles got happy!))
(44467) Zelata: ((sorry))
(44400) DM: ok, while you are sleeping and dozing off those that got a 20 or higher hear something moving around the entrance to the cave
(44467) Zelata: I wake up with the garbled word "Sparkles?"
** (44409) Segrid reaches for his bow and takes a look. **
** (44432) Carden slowly turns to look for the source of the noise; trying to not make any himself **
(44467) Zelata: I get up and walk to the front of the cave.
(44400) DM: You are jolted awake by a large animal trying to look inside the cave!
(44400) DM: roll initiative!
(44400) DM: Initiative [1d20+1] => [9,1] = (10)
(44409) Segrid: Initiative: [1d20+5] => [16,5] = (21)
(44467) Zelata: "
(44467) Zelata: Initiative [1d20+1] => [5,1] = (6)
(44426) Andraste: [1d20+3] => [15,3] = (18) Init
(44408) Cairne: [1d20+4] => [19,4] = (23)
(44432) Carden: Init [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20)
(44400) DM: Jeremiah?
(44467) Zelata: ((Hey, how do you make a status perm?))
(44400) DM: change the entries under Idle Status Alias, etc. under OpenRPG / Settings / Chat Tab
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: Intiative [1d20+2] => [6,2] = (8)
(44400) DM: ok, so you are all awakened as the bear lets out a loud roar
(44467) Zelata: ((xD Just figured that out thanks :P, prob should have looked before I asked))
(44400) DM: Cairne, you're up first
(44467) Zelata: I say "MY SPARKLES BITCH!"
** (44336) Jerimiah Nixon jerks awake at the loaud roar and snatches up his sword **
(44408) Cairne: I hide behind segrid and give him lucky touch
(44400) DM: Segrid's turn
** (44409) Segrid shoots an arrow at the bear "Hey, there's nothing there for you!" **
(44409) Segrid: Then draws his sword
(44409) Segrid: Ranged: Longbow [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13) (Crit 20/x3) for [1d8] => [5] = (5) damage
(44409) Segrid: [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22)
(44409) Segrid: (lucky touch, take second to hit roll)
(44400) DM: the arrow hits!
(44400) DM: Carden's turn
(44467) Zelata: ((Hey, by the way, may I inquire as to whom is a warrior type and whom isn't?))
(44409) Segrid: ((Thanks Cairne)
(44408) Cairne: NP
(44426) Andraste: (Cairne is the warrior, Andraste too :3)
(44467) Zelata: ((kk))
(44409) Segrid: ((Depend on your point of view))
** (44432) Carden raises out with a hand and whispers something; a spell (Daze DC 13) at the bear as he gets to his feet; drawing his blade. **
(44400) DM: Will [1d20+2] => [15,2] = (17)
(44400) DM: Andraste's turn
(44467) Zelata: ((Hey, adding a different mini))
(44408) Cairne: cairne is a wiz/cleric, he is no warrior
(44400) DM: Booting '(44427) Zelata' from room...
(44427) Zelata (exit): 20:09
(44467) Zelata: ((Anyone see anything otheer than a loading thing?))
(44467) Zelata: ((Nvm))
(44400) DM: Andraste delays
(44400) DM: The bear charges at Zelata and tries to bite her!
(44400) DM: Bite [1d20+7] => [11,7] = (18) melee, Damage [1d6+5] => [2,5] = (7)
(44467) Zelata: ((Sorry))
(44400) DM: hits AC 20 while charging
(44426) Andraste: (I'll take my action now :o)
(44426) Andraste: (also that bear looks suspiciously like Pedo bear xD
(44467) Zelata: ((Hits))
(44467) Zelata: I scream "For the sparkles!"
(44467) Zelata: ((Shut it >,..,>))
(44467) Zelata: ((Sorry))
(44426) Andraste: "Get back Child!" she says, quickly getting up and double moving (drawing her sword then her shield as part of both move actions), standing face to face with the bear.
(44400) DM: Carden's turn
(44467) Zelata: ((It was eating me!))
(44432) Carden: (I already went)
(44426) Andraste: (Yea he was before Andraste)
(44400) DM: oh, ok
(44400) DM: had you down twice at 20 and 8 for some reason
(44467) Zelata: ((I was 8))
(44400) DM: Z's turn
(44467) Zelata: I move back a bit and cast mage armor.
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (( Im 8 as well ))
(44426) Andraste: (Take a five foot step or you'll provoke)
(44467) Zelata: Hiiding behind Jerimiah
(44400) DM: J was 8, Z was 6
(44467) Zelata: ((Well ladies first))
(44467) Zelata: ((Was I? :( Oh, and then fine a 5 foot step))
(44400) DM: take your turn J
(44467) Zelata: Then this is what I do on my turn
(44467) Zelata: ((Wait, were's the Kobold?))
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (( going to Enhance my long sword as free action and the move up and attack the bear ))
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: Arcane Longsword; Attack [1d20+4] => [15,4] = (19) Damage [1d8+2] => [5,2] = (7)
(44400) DM: hits
(44400) DM: Initiative [1d20+1] => [17,1] = (18)
(44426) Andraste: (Are we rerolling inits?)
(44400) DM: ok, start of round 2
(44400) DM: Cairne's up again
(44408) Cairne: touch of luck
(44467) Zelata: ((No idea))
(44408) Cairne: segrid kick some ass
(44400) DM: Segrid's turn
(44409) Segrid: "Make me bigger, brother." Segrid charges the bear. Charging, Flanking Longsword [1d20+10] => [18,10] = (28) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [1d8+2] => [2,2] = (4) damage
(44409) Segrid: ((can I be affected by touch of luck more than once?)
(44400) DM: hits
(44408) Cairne: yes
(44409) Segrid: [1d20+10] => [7,10] = (17)
(44426) Andraste: (it only lasts one round though)
(44409) Segrid: (Ok, wasn't sure)
(44400) DM: Carden's turn
** (44432) Carden charges the bear as well; strike with his blade at the bear's backside [1d20+7] => [1,7] = (8); dmg [1d6+2] => [6,2] = (8) **
(44432) Carden: (boo)
(44467) Zelata: ((CASPER! CASPER IS HERE!))
(44400) DM: Mikmek (who was sleeping up in a tree) climbs down and approaches to see what is happening...
(44400) DM: Aaayyy, BIG bear!
(44409) Segrid: "Keep back, little guy."
(44467) Zelata: Stay back! He eat you!"
(44400) DM: The bear spins around and attacks Carden...
(44400) DM: Claw [1d20+7] => [7,7] = (14) melee, Damage [1d6+5] => [3,5] = (8) plus grab
(44400) DM: Claw [1d20+7] => [5,7] = (12) melee, Damage [1d6+5] => [6,5] = (11) plus grab
(44400) DM: Bite [1d20+7] => [14,7] = (21) melee, Damage [1d6+5] => [6,5] = (11)
(44400) DM: looks like the bite hits
(44409) Segrid: (yikes)
(44467) Zelata: ((Clad I'm not carmen))
(44400) DM: Andraste's turn
(44426) Andraste: (ouch)
(44467) Zelata: Glad**))
(44467) Zelata: ((I think cargen may be hurt a bit))
(44400) DM: (I rolled a d4 to see who it would attack and got a 1, which was Carden)
(44467) Zelata: ((thank heavens it wasn't me :(
** (44426) Andraste smashes her weapon into the Grizzly bear's side [1d20+2+3] => [5,2,3] = (10) Damage [1d8+1] => [1,1] = (2) Damage "Get back Carden!" **
(44400) DM: (miss)
(44400) DM: Jeremiah's turn
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (( Im going to use my Spell Strike ability which lets me channel a touch spell through a melee weapon and the touch spell will be Corrosive Touch ))
(44426) Andraste: (Jeremiah, you will still provoke an AoO for casting a spell while threatened)
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: Arcane Spell Strike Longsword: Attack [1d20+4] => [15,4] = (19) Damage [1d8+2] => [5,2] = (7) Corrosive Touch [2d4] => [2,3] = (5) Acid damage
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (( I know ))
(44400) DM: both effects hit
(44400) DM: Zelata's turn
(44467) Zelata: Firebolt
(44467) Zelata: Firebolt [1d4+1] => [2,1] = (3) "BURN BITCH!"
(44408) Cairne: (how is this bear looking?
(44400) DM: at 11 hp
(44426) Andraste: (Beary good!)
(44400) DM: Start of round 3, Cairne's up
(44467) Zelata: ((poor thing, is all like "B-b-b-b-but I just wanted to take a seasonal nap! :( ))
(44408) Cairne: CLW on segrid
(44408) Cairne: [1d8+1] => [2,1] = (3)
(44409) Segrid: (I'm not hurt)
(44409) Segrid: (Carden is)
(44408) Cairne: Don't spend it all on one monster.
(44408) Cairne: I said carden
(44408) Cairne: right?
(44432) Carden: (Im not hurt)
(44409) Segrid: (you just took 11 )
(44400) DM: You took 11 bite damage frmo the bear
(44409) Segrid: (from the bite)
(44432) Carden: (oh missed the attack)
(44426) Andraste: (ha xD)
(44432) Carden: (yea hurt some)
(44408) Cairne: well then take your 3 hit points like a big boy.
(44400) DM: Mikmek continues to watch the battle, making little pretent thrusts into the air with his "shortsword".
(44400) DM: This time the bear attacks Jeremiah...
(44400) DM: Claw [1d20+7] => [10,7] = (17) melee, Damage [1d6+5] => [6,5] = (11) plus grab
(44400) DM: Claw [1d20+7] => [7,7] = (14) melee, Damage [1d6+5] => [2,5] = (7) plus grab
(44400) DM: Bite [1d20+7] => [11,7] = (18) melee, Damage [1d6+5] => [5,5] = (10)
(44409) Segrid: (wait, you missed my turn)
(44426) Andraste: (Score a lucky 20 Segrid :D!)
(44409) Segrid: Melee: Flanking Longsword [1d20+8] => [13,8] = (21) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [1d8+2] => [6,2] = (8) damage
(44409) Segrid: and don my shield
(44400) DM: ok, bear is looking pretty bad now
(44400) DM: Carden's turn
** (44432) Carden feels bad for the beast; even with being hit. He tries to hit with the back of his blade (nonlethal) [1d20-1] => [15,-1] = (14); dmg [1d6+2] => [4,2] = (6) **
(44400) DM: (sorry, I was thinking that he did the healing)
(44400) DM: misses
(44432) Carden: (flanking?)
(44400) DM: with flanking would hit AC 16
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (( Ok the first attack puts me at 3hp the second attack misses and the last attacl puts me at -7 ))
(44408) Cairne: Carden, please don'
(44408) Cairne: t feel bad for the fury murder maker, if you feel bad use all of its corpse.
(44400) DM: let's say that it only hit with the one claw
(44400) DM: then Carden knocked it out!
(44467) Zelata: I watch Jerimiah go down and say "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
(44467) Zelata: I begin kicking it "YOU KILLED HIM! YOU KILLED HIM!"
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (( So im at 3hp then ))
(44400) DM: yeah
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: "Im fine Zelata just a bit bruised"
(44400) DM: At first I thought Z was going to sleep in the cave alone
(44408) Cairne: Jerimiah here is some heals
(44408) Cairne: [1d8+1] => [3,1] = (4)
(44467) Zelata: I turn around and squeak "A ghost"
(44400) DM: then I was going to have her wake up sleeping with a furry creature (but just a baby bear)
(44400) DM: he he
** (44426) Andraste touches Jeremiah *Lay on hands* [1d6] => [3] = (3) **
(44467) Zelata: ((That's mean DM you were plotting my demise!)))
** (44432) Carden gets between Zel and the bear "Animals arent our enemy" **
** (44336) Jerimiah Nixon sighs in relief as his wounds close "thank you kindly" **
(44467) Zelata: ((wait, nvm, that would have been awesome, knowing Z, she'd prob beg to keep it :P))
(44467) Zelata: "I'm not mad at the bear, I'm mad at my goddess for not warning me"
(44400) DM: let's take a 5 minute break
(44467) Zelata: ((Darn, I wanted to be sleeping with a cuddly baby bear! :( ))
(44467) Zelata: ((kk ))
(44409) Segrid: "Well, that was exciting." Segrid smiles. Anyone want to give me a hand turning this bear into provisions?"
(44467) Zelata: I stare at the blood on my napkin before saying "I think I'm hurt!"
(44467) Zelata: ((got a few HP left))
(44408) Cairne: (I cast crafters blessing on myself and begin taking the hide off.)
** (44426) Andraste presses a hand against Zelata, discharging another 2 Lay on hands [2d6] => [5,6] = (11) on her **
(44426) Andraste: "Here you are, Zelata. Do you feel better now, child?" she says.
(44467) Zelata: "thanks"
(44467) Zelata: "Let's have roast bear"
(44408) Cairne: [1d20+9] => [8,9] = (17)
(44467) Zelata: nods before skipping of to make sure the sparkles are ok.
(44408) Cairne: Looks like Oleg is getting a rug.
(44426) Andraste: "Anyone else injured?" she says, getting up.
** (44409) Segrid cleans his blade off before assisting Cairne in bear steaking **
(44409) Segrid: Survival: [1d20+5] => [4,5] = (9); +2 vs. Humans +1 track
(44467) Zelata: I take his claws
(44426) Andraste: "Jeremiah? Segrid?" she asks them about their wounds.
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: "I could use a bit more healing if you have it in yu"
(44409) Segrid: "I'm fine. Carden, Jeremiah and Zelata took the brunt of its attacks."
** (44432) Carden shakes his head as the butcher the bear; pretty much disgusted "Im fine; butcher the defenseless bear" **
** (44432) Carden heads away from them **
(44467) Zelata: I follow Carden and ask him what's wrong.
(44400) DM: (back)
(44409) Segrid: "Didn't seem defenseless when it was clawing your face."
(44408) Cairne: "It was Hardly Defenceless, if it had growled at us we would have left it and driven it off later but it attacked."
(44408) Cairne: "Now the only appropriate thing to do is make sure it does not go to waste."
** (44409) Segrid shrugs and continues to make sure the bear's corpse is not wasted. **
** (44426) Andraste follows after Carden, sheathing her sword, "Carden they are right. The beast attacked us and could have killed any number of us. It wounded you, Zelata and Jeremiah as well." **
(44408) Cairne: Yeah, later on I'll channel healing into you people.
(44408) Cairne: (who has survival?)
(44432) Carden: "doesnt matter now but think about it. Why was the bear here? Was the cave its home; its hunting ground? Did we intrude?"
(44409) Segrid: (me)
(44426) Andraste: "I doubt it Carden, if it was, we'd see more signs of its presence. Corpses, droppings, dropped fur."
(44408) Cairne: (then you should know how to build a improvised smoker so we can preserve as much of the meat as possible.)
(44409) Segrid: (I'll give it a go....))
(44409) Segrid: Survival: [1d20+5] => [19,5] = (24); +2 vs. Humans +1 track
(44426) Andraste: (Awesome :D)
(44408) Cairne: (Smoked bear and a pelt!0
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (( Nice ))
(44400) DM: The remainder of the night passes uneventfully.
(44400) DM: By morning you have a lot of smoked/jerked bear meat
** (44426) Andraste puts a hand on his shoulder, "Brother Carden, this is the way of nature. I hope you do not become upset with the group." **
(44408) Cairne: [1d6] => [3] = (3)
(44408) Cairne: [1d6] => [4] = (4)
(44408) Cairne: [1d6] => [5] = (5)
(44467) Zelata: ((back))
(44408) Cairne: everyone heals 12 points
(44408) Cairne: in addition to rest
(44408) Cairne: connection problem's zel?
(44467) Zelata: I hug him and squeeze him tightly and says "I'm sorry, my religion teaches us, killing animals is not a good thing to do, but if it be neccessary, make use of all of it"
(44467) Zelata: ((yes))
(44400) DM: On to the mite lair?
** (44336) Jerimiah Nixon readieshis spells and himself for the day ahead **
(44409) Segrid: (yes)
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: "Thanks for the Healin Cairne"
(44467) Zelata: As I pull away I look at him, exitement bubbling in her eyes before saying "SPARKLES!" and then dancing and skipping away.
(44408) Cairne: (Prestdigitation to clean the bear gore off of me, and clean up. I adhere more sparklys to Zel behind her back as well.
(44400) DM: Somewhat strangely, once you arrive you find the entry chamber of the mite lair just as you left it...
(44400) DM: Remember that it is low in here so you are at -2 on attacks
(44467) Zelata: "Hey look! I burned that one!" she says loudly before she cups her hands and screams "SPARKLES!"
** (44409) Segrid has shield and sword readied, remembering the small chamber **
** (44426) Andraste follows in after Segrid, hands on her sword. **
(44400) DM: R3 is where you found Mikmek
(44400) DM: and the centipede at the bottom of the chasm
** (44336) Jerimiah Nixon face palms at Zelatas outburst, but he really should expect that sort of thing by now **
(44409) Segrid: "Please, Zelata. Mites may not be powerful individually, but if you alert them all to our presence, they may pose a graver threrat."
(44400) DM: you haven't gone the other way yet
(44408) Cairne: Segrid should nbe first
(44400) DM: or crossed over the chasm the other wazy
(44400) DM: way
(44467) Zelata: "Sorry" she says in a grave whisper
(44426) Andraste: "South or east," she whispers.
(44408) Cairne: (I cast mage armor before netering)
(44408) Cairne: (AC 14)
(44409) Segrid: "Let's go east this time. I'm not sure we would want to be ambushed at that chasm."
(44467) Zelata: I also cast Mage Armor and Shield (+8 AC, new AC is now 19))
(44400) Mikmek: Be careful down there
(44400) Mikmek: Me stay here and call out if see others coming!
(44409) Segrid: "That's probably a good idea, little guy."
(44467) Zelata: I turn to him and say "Rabbit Skinner is a powerful magical awesomeness blade of awesomeness, you should use it wisely"
(44426) Andraste: "Alright Mikmek," she says to the small creature," Lead the way Segrid. But please be careful."
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: "Fair enough MikMek"
(44409) Segrid: (to R2)
(44467) Zelata: "It can kill ANYTHING"
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (( brb ))
(44408) Cairne: * results may vary
(44400) Mikmek: The wet-looking floor of this large cavern is crisscrossed by
several shallow trenches, each containing trickles of putridlooking
fluid. Six foul mounds of compost and dung lie heaped
about the room, each studded with small spherical eggs.
(44467) Zelata: "If you stab it enough times"
(44409) Segrid: "Looks like a hatchery, but for what?"
(44467) Zelata: I pick up a egg and throw it agains the wall.
(44426) Andraste: "Seems like the mite's nest," she says in a low whisper, "Possibly for their centipedes?"
** (44409) Segrid enters the cave cautiously. **
(44408) Cairne: [1d20+9] => [17,9] = (26)
(44408) Cairne: Perception
(44409) Segrid: "Could be... hopefully momma's already dead."
(44467) Zelata: "Can I burn the eggs? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSE?!"
(44400) Mikmek: Segrid, as you enter, you see a mite sitting on a stool in front of a large wooden tub, stirring whatever is in it...
(44400) Mikmek: There are 3 giant gentipedes feeding out of the tub
** (44426) Andraste holsters her shield and sword, drawing a bow instead. **
(44467) Zelata: I ask whispering loudly "Are we still going in ninja?"
(44426) Andraste: "Zelata, we're trying to be stealthy here. Centipedes are very dangerous remember?"
(44467) Zelata: I see the bugs and stand still before inching behind andraste whispering "I don't like bugs"
(44409) Segrid: (smaller than the whiptail?)
(44426) Andraste: "Centipedes aren't exactly bugs but I share your dislike," a small smile crosses her lips.
(44400) Mikmek: yes, just regular giant ones, not huge ones
(44400) Mikmek: Perception [1d20+5] => [4,5] = (9)
(44467) Zelata: I sit on the ground and wrap my arms around my legs rocking back and forth staring at the bugs.
(44408) Cairne: (Andraste: "Bugs, why did it have to be bugs."
** (44409) Segrid moves foreward to attack the nearest centipede **
(44400) DM: roll initiative
(44400) DM: Initiative [1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4)
(44409) Segrid: Initiative: [1d20+5] => [19,5] = (24)
** (44426) Andraste notches an arrow [1d20+3] => [15,3] = (18) Init **
(44400) DM: Initiative [1d20+2] => [2,2] = (4)
(44408) Cairne: [1d20+4] => [6,4] = (10)
(44432) Carden: Init [1d20+2] => [1,2] = (3)
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: Initiative [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20)
(44426) Andraste: (I know whose going first :P)
(44467) Zelata: Init [1d20+1] => [8,1] = (9)
(44409) Segrid: Melee: Longsword [1d20+6] => [9,6] = (15) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [1d8+2] => [1,2] = (3) damage
(44426) Andraste: (-2 remember :v)
(44409) Segrid: (oops, yeah, so 13 vs Flat footed ac)
(44426) Andraste: (Do ranged attacks suffer this penalty also?)
(44400) DM: -2 to all attack rolls
(44400) DM: but he hits their touch AC of 12
(44467) Zelata: ((Nice Touch AC, I may be able to hit that XD))
(44400) DM: Jeremiah's turn
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (( Im going to Enghance my longsword anf move up to attck ))
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: Arcane Longsword; Attack [1d20+4-2] => [18,4,-2] = (20) Damage [1d8+2] => [2,2] = (4)
(44400) DM: You cleanly slice it's head off!
(44400) DM: Andraste's turn
** (44426) Andraste draws her bow, firing it at GC 3 once she moves in close enough to get in a clear shot [1d20+5+1-2] => [13,5,1,-2] = (17) Damage [1d8] => [2] = (2) **
(44400) DM: you hit
(44400) DM: Cairne's turn
(44408) Cairne: I cast bless'
(44408) Cairne: everyone gets a+1 moral bonus to strike and saves against fear.
(44400) DM: Zelata's turn
(44467) Zelata: I cast finger fire
(44467) Zelata: [1d20+2] => [15,2] = (17)
(44467) Zelata: Sweet, I hit.
(44400) DM: against which one?
(44467) Zelata: [1d6+2] => [4,2] = (6)
(44467) Zelata: the weakest one that I see
(44400) DM: 3 goes down
(44467) Zelata: I dance around
(44400) DM: #2 bites at Jeremiah
(44400) DM: Bite [1d20+2] => [7,2] = (9) melee, Damage [1d6-1] => [1,-1] = (0) plus poison
(44400) DM: but misses
(44400) DM: Quoggy jump up off the stool and withdraws, shrieking as she goes...
(44400) DM: Carden's turn
(44400) DM: Start of round 2
(44400) DM: Segrid's turn
** (44409) Segrid moves forward and stabs at Quoggy: blessed Mite cave Longsword [1d20+5] => [7,5] = (12) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [1d8+2] => [3,2] = (5) damage **
(44432) Carden: (sorry wife is ill and had an emergency. Going to have to be afk abit)
(44400) DM: ok
(44426) Andraste: (Sorry to hear Carden, later)
(44467) Zelata: ( brb myself, have to move a couch )
(44400) DM: Segrid stabs Quoggy in the back, and she falls on the steps
(44467) Zelata: ( back )
(44467) Zelata: (( sorry to hear carden! :( ))
(44400) DM: Jeremiah's turn
(44400) DM: there's still one centipede left
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (9 Attacking the last centipede ))
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: Arcane Longsword; Attack [1d20+4-2] => [3,4,-2] = (5) Damage [1d8+2] => [8,2] = (10)
(44400) DM: miss
(44400) DM: Andraste's turn
** (44336) Jerimiah Nixon curses the low ceiling for thorwing off his aim **
** (44426) Andraste moves up to the centipede, drawing her longsword and holding her longbow with one hand. She gets into a position that allows Segrid to flank if he returns [1d20+3-2+1] => [6,3,-2,1] = (8) **
(44400) DM: another miss
(44400) DM: Cairne's turn
(44408) Cairne: hold
(44400) DM: Zelata's turn
(44467) Zelata: k
(44467) Zelata: "stand aside fellow humans, I never miss"
(44467) Zelata: I cast Firebolt
(44467) Zelata: [1d4+1] => [1,1] = (2)
(44467) Zelata: :\ I never miss, but I can't garuntee it will hurt much)))
(44400) DM: You hit but it's still up
(44400) DM: Start of round 3
(44400) DM: Segrid's turn
(44409) Segrid: blessed Mite cave flanking Longsword [1d20+7] => [20,7] = (27) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [1d8+2] => [6,2] = (8) damage
(44426) Andraste: (nice!)
(44409) Segrid: crit threat [1d20+7] => [13,7] = (20)
(44409) Segrid: [1d8+2] => [7,2] = (9)
(44409) Segrid: 17 damage :)
(44400) DM: chopped into nice little neat slices
(44400) DM: There is an awful smell coming from the tub
(44467) Zelata: I go up and burn it with some of my cantrips
(44426) Andraste: "Ah, my bug destroying hero," she giggles.
(44467) Zelata: The dead bug
(44400) DM: Looking into the tub almost makes you gag
(44467) Zelata: I squeak everytime I come near them.
** (44409) Segrid smiles broadly and bows to Andraste. **
(44467) Zelata: I go investigate the tub.
(44400) DM: it contains a paste made of ground-up kobold bones, kobold blood, and crushed mice
(44467) Zelata: I cover my mouth and look.
(44467) Zelata: Errr I hold my breathe and look
(44400) DM: make a fort save
(44467) Zelata: fort save [1d20+1] => [11,1] = (12)
** (44409) Segrid keeps his eyes "downcave" **
(44409) Segrid: while Z investiogates
(44400) DM: you just barely avoid tossing your cookies
(44467) Zelata: I want cookies! I pick up a piece of the dead mite and dip some of it in there, anything happen?
(44400) DM: nope
(44467) Zelata: "Hmmmm
(44408) Cairne: Zel, please start some fires.
(44400) DM: Segrid, make a stealth check if you want to try and see what is in the next chamber...
(44409) Segrid: "Try the egss. I hear they're delicious."
(44409) Segrid: Stealth: [1d20+4] => [1,4] = (5)
(44467) Zelata: I frown and then I toss the mite in and make it look like it was taking a bath, I put a slice of centipede on it's head.
(44400) DM: Perception [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15)
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: "Dont Im pretty sure they are poisonus"
(44467) Zelata: I don't care if I puke, I want to do that.
(44400) DM: You are just able to catch a glimpse and notice 8 or 9 mites in the next chamber
(44467) Zelata: Do I need to make a fort save?
(44400) DM: for eating an egg?
(44467) Zelata: I loot the mite first though.
(44467) Zelata: No
** (44409) Segrid points fervently with his sword, trying to indicate the mites to the others. **
(44467) Zelata: For placing the dead mite in the tub and making it look like it was taking a back
(44400) DM: Here's what you see...
(44400) DM: This damp room is haphazardly cluttered with broken
beds, chairs, wagon wheels, and an assortment of worn,
tattered, dingy, and broken objects pilfered or salvaged
from big folk. A row of bookcases stands crookedly propped
against the far wall, the shelves filled with bits of bone,
feathers, and dried centipede legs. Old window frames, cracked
and splintered, hang upon the wall like works of fine art.
(44426) Andraste: "Alright, lets continue," she says to Segrid, moving up. She casts Detect evil.
(44467) Zelata: I look over "Ooh I love mime games! Lemmie guess...........stab wound!"
(44467) Zelata: I look around and says "You guys need a good decorator"
(44400) DM: Two mites pitifully attempt to play a folk song on shabby stringed intsruments
(44467) Zelata: I destroy all the eggs by throwing them against the wall
(44400) DM: two more sit nearby, jeering and throwing rocks at the musicians
** (44409) Segrid moves up, trying to stay unnoticed. **
(44400) DM: another pair lie beneath a ragged sheet reading a book with torn pages (the book is upside down)
** (44426) Andraste gestures to the others to follow. **
(44467) Zelata: I walk in and take the instrement from one of them and say "You're doing it all wrong"
(44400) DM: Finally, three others are gambling with a small pile of cp over a set of grimey dice
(44467) Zelata: ((i am serious about that one though))
(44408) Cairne: (you handle the poop eggs instead of burning them?)
(44467) Zelata: I then begin to play the instrument I had taken from them
(44467) Zelata: No I was serious about walking in and taking the instrument from on of them and saying "Yer doing it all wrong"
(44467) Zelata: Perform Check Stringed Instruments [1d10+4] => [7,4] = (11)
(44467) Zelata: ((Ouch, probably didn't do too good myself))
(44426) Andraste: (Are the mites evil Andy?)
(44400) DM: yes, LE
(44467) Zelata: ((hope not, I'm surrounded by them))
(44467) Zelata: ((oh well, hope they like music :P ))
(44408) Cairne: (let them surround her so she can burning hands them)
(44467) Zelata: ((true))
(44400) DM: so Z, you run into the room?
(44426) Andraste: (Well she has a pretty good AC of 19 atm)
(44467) Zelata: And take a instrument from them and tell them "Yer doing it all wrong" and attempt to do it myself
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: "Oh gods someone stop her before it's...too late."
(44400) DM: M1 and 2 have the instruments
(44400) DM: when you grab one, they all take a swipe at you...
(44400) DM: Dagger [1d20+0] => [8,0] = (8) melee, Damage [1d3-1] => [2,-1] = (1)
(44400) DM: Dagger [1d20+0] => [1,0] = (1) melee, Damage [1d3-1] => [1,-1] = (0)
(44400) DM: Dagger [1d20+0] => [13,0] = (13) melee, Damage [1d3-1] => [3,-1] = (2)
(44400) DM: Dagger [1d20+0] => [15,0] = (15) melee, Damage [1d3-1] => [2,-1] = (1)
(44467) Zelata: Then I take M1s and atry to do it.
(44400) DM: roll initiative
(44408) Cairne: (Seriously next time we toss a corpse in the pool a divine hand is going to come down from the heavens and give us the finger)
(44467) Zelata: None of those hit few :D
(44400) DM: Initiative [1d20+1] => [19,1] = (20)
(44467) Zelata: ((ROFL!))
(44400) DM: Initiative [1d20+1] => [16,1] = (17)
(44409) Segrid: Initiative: [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13)
(44408) Cairne: [1d20+4] => [13,4] = (17)
(44467) Zelata: ((my throat is soar, thanks ouch, it hurts but that was so hillarious))
(44400) DM: Initiative [1d20+1] => [14,1] = (15)
(44467) Zelata: ((stay out of the wa so I can burning hands))
(44467) Zelata: Init [1d20=1] => 1d20=1
(44467) Zelata: Init [1d20+1] => [9,1] = (10)
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: Initiative [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20)
(44400) DM: others? initiatives?
(44467) Zelata: ^ lucky
(44467) Zelata: Carden is AFK
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (( Just got 20 on mine ))
(44467) Zelata: I got like a 8 I think, I always roll low :(
(44400) DM: Andraste?
(44426) Andraste: (hmm)
(44426) Andraste: [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11) init
(44409) Segrid: Initiative: [1d20+5] => [16,5] = (21)
(44409) Segrid: (sorry)
(44400) DM: ok, you're first
(44467) Zelata: ((remember, I need to use burning hands so, careful))
(44409) Segrid: (I rolled a 13, the 21 was an error)
(44400) DM: Jeremiah is first then
(44467) Zelata: ((OMG! A HONEST PLAYER!))
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (( I moment while I look something up ))
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (( Ok Im going to cast Flare Burst right in front of Zelata, but Before I do Im going to call out to her to shut her eyes so that she isnt affected by it ))
(44467) Zelata: I shut my eyes >,..,
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: "ZELATA CLOSE YOUR EYES!"
(44467) Zelata: ((DM, I need to ask you something about my character, may I PM it to you?))
(44467) Zelata: "but I'm playing a instrument! FINE!"
(44400) DM: what do they need to do to save?
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: Flare Burst: Save DC Fort VS 14
Effect: As flare but in 10ft burst
(44400) DM: Fortitude [1d20+0] => [14,0] = (14)
(44400) DM: Fortitude [1d20+0] => [10,0] = (10)
(44400) DM: Fortitude [1d20+0] => [3,0] = (3)
(44400) DM: Fortitude [1d20+0] => [13,0] = (13)
(44400) DM: so Ms 2-4 are dazzled?
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (( Yep ))
(44400) DM: M1, 2, 3, and 4 all cast Doom on Zelata
(44400) DM: make 4 will saves, DC 10 each
(44467) Zelata: ( :( I was teaching them how to play a instrement! )
(44467) Zelata: will save [1d20+5] => [5,5] = (10)
(44467) Zelata: will save [1d20+5] => [16,5] = (21)
(44467) Zelata: will save [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13)
(44467) Zelata: will save [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25)
(44400) DM: you are not doomed :-)
(44400) DM: Cairne's turn
(44467) Zelata: :\ piece of cake tbh
(44521) Andraste (enter): 21:48
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (44521) Andraste...
(44400) DM: Booting '(44426) Andraste' from room...
(44426) Andraste (exit): 21:48
(44400) DM: Cairne?
(44408) Cairne: Uh gimme a sec
(44522) Andraste (enter): 21:50
(44408) Cairne: Protection dfrom evil on segrid
(44522) Andraste: "Lets go!" she says to Segrid and everyone else.
(44400) DM: M5 and 6 cast doom on Zelata
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (44522) Andraste...
(44467) Zelata: ((i could use a size adjustment, in the small area, the power of my spells will not be weakened due to small size))
(44467) Zelata: will save [1d20+5] => [1,5] = (6)
(44467) Zelata: will save [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13)
(44400) DM: ha
(44467) Zelata: ((crap))
(44400) DM: You are filled with a feeling of horible dread and are shaken for one minute
(44467) Zelata: ((wait, I think I have the second will save feat, iron will, and then greater iron will or w/e))
(44467) Zelata: ((shoot nvm, can I still cast spells ))
(44400) DM: M7-9 toss darts at Zelata
(44400) DM: Dart [1d20+2] => [7,2] = (9) ranged, Damage [1d3-1] => [3,-1] = (2)
(44400) DM: Dart [1d20+2] => [6,2] = (8) ranged, Damage [1d3-1] => [2,-1] = (1)
(44400) DM: Dart [1d20+2] => [12,2] = (14) ranged, Damage [1d3-1] => [2,-1] = (1)
(44400) DM: but all miss (don't have precise shot)
(44400) DM: Segrid's turn
** (44409) Segrid delays until after Zelata's turn) "What's she up to?" **
(44400) DM: Andraste's turn
(44408) Cairne: (segrid, +2 ac from evil, +2 on saves against evil things)
** (44522) Andraste moves out a bit then waits. **
(44409) Segrid: ((yes, Z you can still cast-I'd suggest defensively)
(44400) DM: Zelata's turn
(44467) Zelata: ((k))
(44467) Zelata: I cast burning hands, save is reflex, DC is 14 I think
(44467) Zelata: Burning Hands [2d6+2] => [1,6,2] = (9)
(44467) Zelata: :\ crappy damage
(44409) Segrid: .
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (( If Zelata falls back Should I cast Obscuring Mist? ))
(44400) DM: M5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are in the area of effect
(44408) Cairne: mist would probably help z
(44409) Segrid: ((they have crappy hp anyway :)
(44400) DM: Reflex [1d20+3] => [18,3] = (21)
(44400) DM: Reflex [1d20+3] => [13,3] = (16)
(44400) DM: Reflex [1d20+3] => [14,3] = (17)
(44467) Zelata: It should have effected all but the last three mites, the size goes up with level
(44400) DM: Reflex [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20)
(44400) DM: Reflex [1d20+3] => [7,3] = (10)
(44409) Segrid: (no, burning hands is 15' cone only)
(44467) Zelata: (WTF?! WHY CAN'T I EVER ROLL LIKE THAT?!))
(44467) Zelata: ((nvm thinking something else >,..,>))
** (44409) Segrid moves forward to attack M3 **
(44467) Zelata: So, how many die?))
(44400) DM: all of those in the area
(44467) Zelata: ((I just took out over half of them ROFL))
(44409) Segrid: blesses Mite cave Longsword [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [1d8+2] => [2,2] = (4) damage
(44409) Segrid: Crit threat
(44409) Segrid: [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22)
(44409) Segrid: [1d8+2] => [2,2] = (4)
(44409) Segrid: (8 damage)
(44400) DM: which one did you hit?
(44409) Segrid: M3
(44400) DM: round 2
(44400) DM: Jeremiah is up
(44522) Andraste: (Hold on I'll take my action now DM)
** (44522) Andraste shoots Mite 2 [1d20+5+1-2] => [18,5,1,-2] = (22) to Mite 2 [1d8] => [1] = (1) **
(44467) Zelata: ((I have to go after this :( ))
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (( Im going to move up and attack Mite 4 ))
(44400) DM: Your arrow hits but doesn't appear to really wound the mite.
(44467) Zelata: ((fail andraste fail))
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: Arcane Longsword: Attack [1d20+4-2] => [18,4,-2] = (20) Damage [1d8+2] => [5,2] = (7)
(44467) Zelata: ((wait, wouldn't their moral crack after I just took out over half with a single spell?))
(44400) DM: yes, in fact now M1 and 2 withdraw to the south
(44400) DM: and with that we will stop
(44522) Andraste: (D:)
(44467) Zelata: ((great game, cya next teusday :D ))
(44522) Andraste: ((Yea thanks for the game :D)
(44467) Zelata: Such a good DM man
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: (( Fun times ))
(44522) Andraste: (I have to run my own soon so I'll jet))
(44522) Andraste: ((I'll see you guys next week :P
(44467) Zelata: :P I like how you descrive everything
(44522) Andraste: Disconnecting from server...
(44522) Andraste (exit): 22:01
(44467) Zelata: Hey, DM, I have a question about my character.
(44400) DM: yes, go ahead now that we're done with the battle
(44408) Cairne: woot
(44467) Zelata: :D
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: Before everyone takes off; I recently lost my Character nodes Does any one have one they would care to share
(44467) Zelata: I just wanted to make sure it was cool to do that before I shared it with everyone else
(44400) DM: just a sec...
(44400) DM: J, I just sent you a Pathfinder sheet node
(44467) Zelata: Is that it?
(44409) Segrid: here's the one I'm using J
(44467) Zelata: nvm lolzz
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: Thanks guys
(44467) Zelata: May I have one as well? :P
(44400) DM: see everyone next time
(44467) Zelata: yw
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon: later man
(44467) Zelata: bye
(44336) Jerimiah Nixon (exit): 22:04
(44467) Zelata: thx
(44467) Zelata: Disconnecting from server...
(44467) Zelata (exit): 22:05
Disconnecting from server...
Game disconnected!

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