Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Session 3

Session 3:
Using the Party fund I commissioned a Pavilion with the colors and two headed dragon of Brevoy from Oleg's wife Svetlana, it will not be ready for 4 more weeks in game time, but its going to be pretty badassed when its completed. After dealing with turning in quests a kind priest asked us to look for a temple of Erastil in the forest, we agreed and promptly found it in the second place we looked and was attacked by a bear man who thanked us for killing it. We then found that the water in the temple pool was a potent healing potion with a very small shelf life.

Attempting to assign the role of GM to (31310) DM...
(31236) NapalmMoose (enter): 18:14
(31236) NapalmMoose: Sup
(31303) Carden (enter): 18:15
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (31236) Jeremiah Nixon...
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (31303) Carden...
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: sup Carden
(31303) Carden: hey
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: Have Either of you played Skyrim yet?
(31310) DM: no, I've not
(31310) DM: my son said he got himself a copy and thought it was really good
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: it is
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: been playing it since it came out
(31310) DM: Paizo just announced this afternoon that a new company called Goblinworks will be working on a Pathfinder Online game
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: do you have a link to this bit of news?
(31310) DM: right there on the main Paizo website
(31310) DM: http://paizo.com/
(31310) DM: GW's web site is http://goblinworks.com/
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: tht sounds like its going to be good
(31327) Khaine (enter): 18:44
(31327) Andraste: Hello
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (31327) Andraste...
(31310) DM: Hi
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: Sup
(31327) Andraste: Lets do more explorin :3
(31303) Carden: .
(31303) Carden: i think the three of us could explore east/west safely =)
(31310) DM: Reckless emailed me earlier today and said that he would be a little late
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: its possable but lets wait a bit longer for the others
(31310) DM: haven't heard anything from anyone else
(31327) Andraste: safety :P?
(31327) Andraste: I am hoping to finally hit level 2 xD
(31303) Carden: would be nice =)
(31303) Carden: extra xp for being on time? :)
(31327) Andraste: indeed, how many sessions have we been in so far:P?
(31303) Carden: this would be 5 I think
(31303) Carden: or 4
(31310) DM: the AP doesn't really go by sessions
(31327) Andraste: So 100 exp per session
(31327) Andraste: Slow goings xD
(31310) DM: but by hexes explored and the encounters had in them
(31310) DM: plus XP from completed quests
(31303) Carden: what if we just role played at the outpost for the whole? we get nuffin?"
(31303) Carden: whole session^
(31327) Andraste: I don't think RP exp is relevant to a adventure path
(31327) Andraste: since the whole thing is planned out
(31303) Carden: just janking your chain ;-) Im just glad to being playin'
(31310) DM: well, once you get close to the next level, then I will probably give some bonus XP to get there
(31310) DM: I have to be real careful about not letting you advance too fast
(31310) DM: esp. with a 6-person party
(31327) Andraste: I am hoping to be level 2 so I can at least heal xD
(31310) DM: I hope my late afternoon reminder email didn't throw the others off
(31310) DM: I got busy first thing at work this morning and forgot about sending the reminder
(31310) DM: gonna have to put a reminder in Outlook
(31336) Zelata (enter): 19:10
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (31336) Zelata...
(31303) Carden: I was fine; Im just dedicated =)
(31310) DM: We can get started
(31310) DM: It's the evening of 4 Pharast
(31310) DM: today you met Kesten Garess and his three subordinates
(31310) DM: You also met Jhod Kavken
** (31303) Carden was working on the deer skin to make it of use **
(31310) DM: The highlight of tonight's supper was the delicious moon radish soup that Svetlana made.
** (31327) Andraste was busy talking to the party and making some contacts and helping out with the moon radish. **
(31338) Zelata (enter): 19:14
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (31338) Zelata...
(31338) Zelata: 8-)
(31310) DM: Booting '(31336) Zelata' from room...
(31336) Zelata (exit): 19:14
** (31236) Jeremiah Nixon enjoyed the meal and made small talk with various people **
(31338) Zelata: *burns everyone*
** (31327) Andraste stops her from doing so. **
(31338) Zelata: Shoot -,..,- forgot about sending the DM our log :P
** (31303) Carden voices his concern about heading south to the bandits before exploring more **
(31338) Zelata: Someone needs to give him the basic jist
(31338) Zelata: (Wonders were eveeryone is)
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( BAsic jist of what?))
(31338) Zelata: (( three of us stayed behind and RPed for about a half hour ))
(31338) Zelata: Everyone is gone o,..,o were is everyone?
(31303) Carden: craft roll for deer hide or a tunic or blanket [1d20+1] => [11,1] = (12)
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( I must have missed that ))
(31310) DM: You are able to make a servicable item from the hide.
(31338) Zelata: (( you did, nothing really happened scept one of the others lectured the other while I harrased them )
(31303) Carden: (wasnt here either but anyways)
** (31303) Carden is glad he got a blanket out of the hide after it was slobbered. **
(31310) DM: The night passes uneventfully and you sleep soundly in the beds in the guesthouse.
** (31327) Andraste wakes up, feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep in proper beds. **
(31310) DM: It is now dawn 5 Pharast, Starday
(31338) Zelata: (( Back to full HP I think ))
(31338) Zelata: (( Nope ))
(31338) Zelata: I wake up, and look for someone in the halls and is now determined to follow them, stalking them.
(31310) DM: Today marks the start of your second week in the Greenbelt
(31327) Andraste: "Well I hope all of you are ready for a bit more exploring," she says, leaving her room, carrying a small satchet
** (31236) Jeremiah Nixon reades himself for the day and then heads down to grab some breakfast **
(31338) Zelata: I sit next to Andraste and eat my breakfast.
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "Of course, any idea where we are headed to day? "
(31310) DM: Svetlana has tried a new recipe: moon radish pancakes
(31327) Andraste: "I suggest west, we haven't explored that part yet, and its quite close to where we were."
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "Sounds good"
** (31303) Carden arrives to breakfast catching the tail end of that "I agree Andraste" **
(31327) Andraste: "Zelata? What do you think?"
(31338) Zelata: I frown and look at you, surprised that someone asked her that,a nd then says "West"
(31345) Cairne Garess (enter): 19:27
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (31345) Cairne Garess...
(31345) Cairne Garess: crap, sorry got distracted and lost sense of time
** (31327) Andraste nods, finishing up her breakfast, "I will go ready the horses, meet me outside when you are done. Thanks for the meal, Svetlana." **
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "well then looks like we are in agreement then"
(31338) Zelata: (LAAAAAAATE!)
** (31303) Carden finishes eating before preparing for the trip **
(31303) Carden: (zelata shh)
** (31236) Jeremiah Nixon finishes his meal and heads outside **
(31338) Zelata: I hug Svetlena and tell her her pancakes were good, and take off for another adventure, and hopes she doesn't cause much trouble this time.
(31310) DM: You travel west and spend the day exploring (hex 2-4).
(31310) DM: Most of this section is plains, but there is some forested area on the western side
** (31303) Carden rides along "I suggest we go for two days before going south some and head back" **
(31338) Zelata: I nod
(31310) DM: The day's exporation and night of camping pass uneventfully.
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "Any idea what is to our south?"
(31327) Andraste: "More forest, Jeremiah. And perhaps the Thorn River."
(31338) Zelata: "Tons of stuff to bun"
(31310) DM: It is now dawn 6 Pharast.
(31310) DM: Where do you travel next?
(31327) Andraste: ((Continue west)
** (31303) Carden motions west **
(31338) Zelata: ((brb))
(31338) Zelata: ((back))
(31338) Zelata: I nod and stuff as if I actually understand.
(31310) DM: Hex 2-3 is a forest hex
(31327) Andraste: (Forests need explorin too : ) )
(31338) Zelata: ((You need to fix the map please))
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "Lead on then:
(31310) DM: You have been riding along for about four hours.
(31310) DM: Please roll perception checks.
(31338) Zelata: [1d20+1] => [6,1] = (7)
(31345) Cairne Garess: (Quick note to party, I have commisioned a pavilion tent so we will have leg room and the ability to have a fire inside our tent, is a little pricy but we can afford it)
(31345) Cairne Garess: [1d20+8] => [1,8] = (9)
(31327) Andraste: [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11) Perception
(31303) Carden: [1d20+6] => [18,6] = (24)
(31345) Cairne Garess: sonova crap!
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: Perception [1d20] => [20] = (20)
(31327) Andraste: ((oh god, someone roll good xD)
(31327) Andraste: (Thanks Carden : ) 0
(31327) Andraste: (And Jerry)
(31338) Zelata: ((Epic facking fale))
(31338) Zelata: ((Epic smyurfing fale, brb))
(31310) DM: Suddenly, Zelata's horse steps on something...
(31310) DM: Effect 1: Steel jaws: [1d20+10] => [15,10] = (25) melee, [2d6+3] => [3,6,3] = (12) damage
(31327) Andraste: (poor horse)
(31310) DM: and it's foot is caught in a huge bear trap!
(31310) DM: After looking around a little, Carden and Jeremiah notice another trap
** (31327) Andraste gets off her horse, quickly trying to calm the no doubt frightened animal. **
** (31303) Carden points to the other trap "There is another; watch out for more." **
(31310) DM: not well placed by trapping standards (where you try to avoid people and horses accidentally stepping on them)
(31345) Cairne Garess: "Easy trouble"
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "Looks like there are several traps"
(31338) Zelata: I gaze down at mai horse and says "That is gonna leave a mark"
(31310) DM: You can make heal checks on the horse
** (31236) Jeremiah Nixon carefully climbs down off his horse and looks around for a good sized stick **
(31338) Zelata: brb
(31303) Carden: "well the horse recover or not?"
(31338) Zelata: (heal check) [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11)
(31338) Zelata: ((fail))
** (31236) Jeremiah Nixon once he finds one he uses the branch to set off any other traps he can find **
(31338) Zelata: I assist
(31310) DM: No one else making a heal check?
(31345) Cairne Garess: Lets switch Zel to another horse, get this one calmed down and trip those traps.
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( I do not have that skill ))
(31310) DM: It takes four of you working together to pull the trap open enough to get the horse's foot out
(31310) DM: You can tell that it is broken.
** (31303) Carden assists in opening the trap to release the horse **
(31310) DM: So unless you have healing magic or a potion you know that you will have to put the horse down.
(31338) Zelata: * I assist using mage hand to push down on traps*
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "Any one know any healing magics?"
(31310) DM: (did Andraste lock up?)
(31303) Carden: (no clue thats what I was waiting on as well)
** (31303) Carden onces the horse is clear; using Erastil gift on the horse (CWL [1d8+1] => [8,1] = (9)) **
(31338) Zelata: ((DM Does my idea work?))
(31310) DM: It helps a little
(31338) Zelata: ((woo!))
(31310) DM: If you want to locate and flag all of the traps in the area you will have to spend another day searching them otu.
(31310) DM: out
(31359) Andraste (enter): 19:50
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (31359) Andraste...
(31338) Zelata: "Who's up for finding each trap and setting them off?"
(31345) Cairne Garess: I am, that is the second jaw trap that has gotten us intoi trouble.
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: " Might be a good idea, will take some time though"
(31303) Carden: "I think it would be wise"
(31345) Cairne Garess: I'm all for hunting, but this is ugly and needlessly cruel.
(31310) DM: Ok, those of you who look for traps, please make perception checks
(31303) Carden: [1d20+6] => [11,6] = (17)
(31359) Andraste: "Indeed, and very very dangerous to travellers."
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: Perception [1d20] => [12] = (12)
(31338) Zelata: [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11)
(31310) DM: Effect 1: Steel jaws: [1d20+10] => [13,10] = (23) melee, [2d6+3] => [3,3,3] = (9) damage
(31310) DM: Effect 1: Steel jaws: [1d20+10] => [19,10] = (29) melee, [2d6+3] => [3,3,3] = (9) damage
(31338) Zelata: ((Fail))
(31310) DM: Carden is able to flag several traps and trigger them with a stick without stepping into one
(31338) Zelata: Are those mine?
(31338) Zelata: if so I is dead -,..,-
(31310) DM: J and Z, however, each end up accidentally stepping into a trap
(31345) Cairne Garess: [1d20+8] => [15,8] = (23)
(31345) Cairne Garess: better searching
(31338) Zelata: Even if one hit me, I'm still dead
(31338) Zelata: I had 3 HP, I am now unconcious and bleeding to death
** (31303) Carden shakes his head at the scream of Zelata. Then goes over to see what she did **
(31310) DM: however, actually they stepped just on the edge, so that the jaws missed them (had to fail DC 15 by 5 or more)
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "GAH! SON OF WHORE!!"
** (31303) Carden asks the others after seeing Zelata alive "Think we cleared them?" **
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "I hope so"
(31310) DM: Your second night spent camping in hex 2-3 passes mostly uneventfully...
(31310) DM: Cairne, please roll a reflex save
(31338) Zelata: When a DM asks you to make a reflex save randomly... yer fucked))
(31345) Cairne Garess: gimmkie a sec
(31345) Cairne Garess: [1d20+0] => [18,0] = (18)
(31310) DM: You stumble, but regain your balance, as you start out of your tent after putting your boots on
(31310) DM: Looking down, you notice that your bootlaces are tied together
(31338) Zelata: I observe this and then say "I think a fey of some sort is following us"
(31338) Zelata: "This is not the first childish prank we have seen so far"
(31310) DM: Those with know (nature) can make a check to
(31345) Cairne Garess: Zel, when did you find the time to do this?
(31303) Carden: [1d20+5] => [1,5] = (6)
** (31236) Jeremiah Nixon looks at Zelata "I heard an old saying once, The guilty speak first" **
(31345) Cairne Garess: Burning ditz, we are working right now!
(31338) Zelata: I look at you and say "Do you honestly think I wanted to play a prank with yer boots, you'd even find them?!"
(31362) Andraste (enter): 20:01
(31310) DM: Booting '(31338) Zelata' from room...
(31338) Zelata (exit): 20:01
(31310) DM: Booting '(31359) Andraste' from room...
(31359) Andraste (exit): 20:01
(31338) Zelata (enter): 20:01
(31338) Zelata (enter): 20:01
(31338) Zelata (exit): 20:01
(31338) Zelata (enter): 20:01
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (31362) Andraste...
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (31338) Zelata...
(31310) DM: sorry, Z, booted the wrong ID
(31338) Zelata: ((Wth? ))
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( That was weird ))
(31310) DM: Booting '(31327) Andraste' from room...
(31327) Andraste (exit): 20:01
(31310) DM: (I'm clearing out the old stuck IDs)
(31310) DM: Booting '(31338) Zelata' from room...
(31338) Zelata (exit): 20:02
(31310) DM: Anybody with knowledge (nature)?
(31303) Carden: rolled a total 6
(31338) Zelata (enter): 20:02
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( I got knowledge Dungeoneering ))
(31345) Cairne Garess: none yet cboss
(31338) Zelata: ((What was that for?!))
(31310) DM: You're in my player list twice with the same ID
(31338) Zelata: ((I got kicked :'( ))
(31338) Zelata: Is not! O,..,O Someone else was
(31345) Cairne Garess: Either you are playing pranks while we are trying to clear traps or some invisibile entity is, and really how plausable is that?
(31310) DM: please exit and wait a few seconds while I clear the other one
(31338) Zelata: You already took care o mai twin
(31338) Zelata: Oh, DM, that's a glitch
(31338) Zelata: Sometimes everyone will show up twice over there o,..,o
(31310) DM: haven't seen that before
(31338) Zelata: They keep saying they'll fix it -,..,- and they never do.
(31310) DM: Z, make an INT check
(31338) Zelata: I have like 4 times now, and it dirives eme CRAZY, just like the glitch were everything you type is repeated twice.
(31338) Zelata: I stare at him and summon fire with a cantrip and say "MAGIC YOU DURP TARD!"
(31367) Segrid (enter): 20:05
(31362) Andraste: (Apologies, really bad net today)
(31362) Andraste: (So what happened while I was gone?)
** (31303) Carden shakes his head at the pranking "I think we should head south now and loop back" **
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (31367) Segrid...
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (31338) Zelata...
(31345) Cairne Garess: Zel is playing pranks on people
(31362) Andraste: (oh noes :3)
(31338) Zelata: ((Gimmie a sec, my broswer crashed, need to reload mai character))
(31338) Zelata: AM NOT! >:O
(31338) Zelata: [1d20+2] => [12,2] = (14)
(31338) Zelata: [1d20+1] => [9,1] = (10)
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "If not you, then who?"
(31338) Zelata: ((kk))
(31338) Zelata: Fairy type things are native in these parts!, they enjoy prnaking people, I have been the subject of a prank myself!"
whispering to Zelata, Not only do you think it might be a fey pulling the pranks, you also know that they can often be befriended by leaving them "gifts" (i.e., bribes)
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "Really now"
(31367) Segrid: Nature: [1d20+5] => [4,5] = (9)
(31338) Zelata: I frown and search my pack for something shiny. Finding my mirror, I leave it in plain sight with a bit of string wrapped around it in a fashion to resemble the bow on a present.
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "Now what are you doing?"
** (31303) Carden comments "regardless stop it both of you. Lets get packed and head out." Will lead south to loop back. **
(31345) Cairne Garess: Zel, you can't fool us when we are all watching you.
(31310) DM: It's now evening, you'll need to camp for the night before setting out for the next hex
(31338) Zelata: I look at Jeremiah and say "Leaving a present duh!"
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "Sure"
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( So camp for the night the head out in the morning? ))
(31310) DM: Yes, the next morning is 8 Pharast
(31367) Segrid: "Let's stop picking on the child, huh? If she's doing something, it's most likely less harmful than provoking troll anger this time at least."
(31310) DM: Z, please make a diplomacy check with an extra +1 bonus
(31310) DM: You notice that the mirror is gone
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "True"
whispering to Andraste, You can't find your holy symbol in your tent (or backpack, whereever you usually keep it at night)
** (31303) Carden packs up and mounts up "Shall we head out now?" **
whispering to Zelata, diplomacy check, please
** (31236) Jeremiah Nixon gets on his horse "Ready when all of you are" **
** (31303) Carden starts out and heading south **
(31310) DM: Zelata and Andraste, please see whispers!
(31345) Cairne Garess: ( I get back on trouble)
(31338) Zelata: Sorry, was brb
(31310) DM: Are you going to travel to hex 3-3?
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Yeah ))
(31338) Zelata: I nod and go to check on my mirror in da morning.
(31381) Andraste (enter): 20:19
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (31381) Andraste...
(31381) Andraste: (Seriously terrible internet, sorry guys)
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Its fine I have that from time to time ))
(31310) DM: Andraste, when you got up you weren't able to find your holy symbol in your tent
(31310) DM: after some searching you finally locate it in one of your saddlebags
(31338) Zelata: I stare at Andraste and say "I didn't do it I swear!"
(31345) Cairne Garess: Seriousy zel.
** (31381) Andraste nods, stringing the symbol back with the other two, "And I believe you, lets pack up before anymore of these strange incidents happen." **
(31310) DM: Zelata, you see that your mirror was taken.
(31338) Zelata: Kk, sweet, I smile and lay down some berries in the same spot.
** (31367) Segrid checks through his gear and his saddlebags, just to be sure everything is where it belongs. **
(31310) DM: You travel south into hex 3-3, which is another forest hex.
(31338) Zelata: I do the same.
(31310) DM: The Thorn river loops around the top portion of this hex.
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "And more forest, I didn't expect that"
(31367) Segrid: "Didn't the bandits ssay something about their camp being near the river?
(31310) DM: You can make a knowledge (geography) if you have it
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "They did"
(31367) Segrid: Geography: [1d20+5] => [6,5] = (11)
(31381) Andraste: "Indeed, if we follow the river, we should see the camp before long."
(31338) Zelata: I attempt to find more berries, or anything shiny while we walk (Perception) [1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4)
(31310) DM: You know that the Thorn river turns southward after it exits the east edge of this hex
(31388) Zelata (enter): 20:26
(31367) Segrid: "The river turns southward near here. We should follow it that way."
(31388) Zelata: ((Sorry))
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (31388) Zelata...
(31310) DM: It is now about midday, and as you ride along you begin to smell a horrible stench
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "What is that smell?"
(31367) Segrid: Nature: [1d20+5] => [19,5] = (24)
(31388) Zelata: "Smells like Wizard"
** (31303) Carden looks around for the source of the smell "No idea Jeremiah" **
(31367) Segrid: Smell familiar to me?
(31310) DM: perception check
(31345) Cairne Garess: [1d20+0] => [4,0] = (4)
(31367) Segrid: Perception: [1d20+4] => [18,4] = (22); +2 vs. Humans
(31345) Cairne Garess: [1d20+8] => [19,8] = (27)
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: Perception [1d20] => [8] = (8)
(31303) Carden: [1d20+6] => [15,6] = (21)
(31310) DM: definitely smells like a human corpse
(31388) Zelata: [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3)
(31310) DM: to Segrid
(31388) Zelata: ((I suck at noticing things))
(31367) Segrid: "Hold up people. I've smelled this before. Someone's dead. Keep your wits about you."
** (31367) Segrid dismounts and sets his shield, drawing his sword. **
** (31367) Segrid looks about for the corpse. **
(31310) DM: after dismounting, you soon find a narrow trail leading towards the south bank of the river
(31388) Zelata: "Just cuz they're dead doesn't mean they still can't kill you"
(31310) DM: as you get closer to the river, you find the body of a male trapper with several large logs rolled over his legs
** (31303) Carden dismounts as well and follows **
(31310) DM: apparently he was building a deadfall trap and it got loose on him
(31388) Zelata: "haha, wow, fail"
** (31367) Segrid looks around to see if he can figure out how this happened. **
(31310) DM: (Segrid, make another perception check)
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "Wonder who he was?"
(31367) Segrid: "The man's dead, Zelata, nothing funny about that."
(31367) Segrid: Perception: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6); +2 vs. Humans
(31367) Segrid: (speaking of fail)
(31310) DM: Anone else who closely examines the trap and body can also make a perception check
(31388) Zelata: "if he is the guy that set all of those traps back there? I find it rather humurous at the cruelty of fate"
(31388) Zelata: [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16)
(31367) Segrid: "Like it'd be funny if you were trapped in a burning building, you mean?"
(31310) DM: You notice a handaxe stuck in a stump just out of reach of the man's outstreched arm
(31388) Zelata: "Yeah, kinda like that"
(31310) DM: It is a nice looking hatched (masterwork hand axe)
(31345) Cairne Garess: I Dismount and look for something to dig with
(31310) DM: hatchet
(31388) Zelata: I walk over and look at the axe and him, take it, and put it another inch away embedding it into the wood another inch away "Damn is cfate cruel, or wait, what if this was an attack?!"
** (31303) Carden looks about as well; before checking the body for family symbol or such (perception [1d20+6] => [17,6] = (23)) **
(31388) Zelata: I take the Axe "He don't need it anymore"
(31367) Segrid: "More fairies?"
(31310) DM: Carden, you notice that the ropes that would have been holding the logs together appear to have been severed by something sharp
(31367) Segrid: "Prank gone wrong?"
(31303) Carden: "My intuition suggests otherwise. Bandit lady with axes"
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "Could be"
(31367) Segrid: "Aye, Carden that makes more sense. Although why they would leave this fine axe Zel is holding behind if it were her?"
(31388) Zelata: I frown and take the axe and slip it onto my back (Sweet, I can use a hand axe)
(31345) Cairne Garess: The sooner we start digging the sooner he can be in the ground.
(31388) Zelata: "Because he wasn't dead when the logs were on his feet"
** (31303) Carden nods to Cairne **
(31310) DM: (brb)
(31367) Segrid: "Aye, that'll cut back on the smell some too."
(31388) Zelata: "It was just out of reach for a reason"
(31393) Andraste (enter): 20:37
(31393) Andraste: (Grrr)
(31388) Zelata: Can I burn his obody please?! We can spread his ashes! PLEASE?!
** (31303) Carden comments to Zelata "Its the right thing to do and plus help with the smell." **
(31303) Carden: "No"
(31393) Andraste: (What did we find?)
(31393) Andraste: (The last part I was in here was when DM asked for a geography check)
(31303) Carden: (dead trapper by one of his own log traps which was sabotaged."
(31367) Segrid: ((deadfall cut to fall/trap/kill the hunter who was setting it, his axe just out of reach))
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( a very nicely made hatchet ))
(31388) Zelata: "Can I please burn him?! PLEASE!"
(31367) Segrid: ((which Zel took))
(31310) DM: (back)
** (31303) Carden looks to Zelata this time and repeats "no" **
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (31393) Andraste...
(31388) Zelata: "Imma take this hatchet, thank you very much"
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "No, Zelata we are gooong to bury him"
(31388) Zelata: I check to see if he has anything else of value as well.
(31388) Zelata: DIBS!
(31388) Zelata: [1d20+1] => [4,1] = (5)
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Going I mean ))
(31345) Cairne Garess: A Pyre is not a bad idea, but we have to stay and watch it burn, can't have it spreading.
(31388) Zelata: [1d20+1] => [9,1] = (10)
(31303) Carden: "I think we are close the bandits, fire will draw attention to us"
(31388) Zelata: "Spreading would be nice, my dream? Is to watch a entire forest burn to the ground" Dreamily stares off
(31303) Carden: close to^
** (31367) Segrid hands Zelata his whetstone. "Probably better keep it sharp. I'll need that back when you're done." **
** (31393) Andraste sighs as she sees the dead man, "Let us give the man a decent burial here. We can afford the time." **
** (31393) Andraste looks at Zelata, "That wouldn't please your goddess would it now?" **
** (31303) Carden asks "Can anyone find other tracks than ours or the trappers?" **
(31388) Zelata: I give it back and motion to my daggers, "ALready have one
** (31367) Segrid helps with the burial. **
** (31367) Segrid looks for tracks... **
(31367) Segrid: Survival: [1d20+4] => [9,4] = (13); +2 vs. Humans +1 track
** (31393) Andraste helps dig a hole to bury the poor man. **
(31310) DM: After burying the trapper, you finish exploring this hex and set up camp for the night.
(31388) Zelata: My goddess is the goddess of Nature, if she doesn't want a forest to burn down, it wont burn down, if it does burn down, it means that the cycle is to restart from fresh and that she was unpleased by that current forest.
(31388) Zelata: I use my Mage Hand to assist as well, pulling out 5 pound clods of dirt.
(31310) DM: Segrid, it looks like the trappers tracks lead back north/north-east
** (31367) Segrid points. Looks like he came from that way. DOn't see any other tracks." **
(31393) Andraste: 'That is a bit of a double standard Zelata. You expect others to preserve the forest while you justify burning it down."
(31388) Zelata: Takes a small bag, and places 10 gold in it, setting it off to the side and says "If any non-fairy touches this, I will burn yer eyes out"
** (31367) Segrid gets a good look at the man before he's buried so he can describe him to Oleg, see what he knows. **
(31393) Andraste: "I do not claim to be an expert in your religion though, so forgive me if I overstep my bounds."
(31388) Zelata: I frown and Adraste and says "Yer god does not let evil run were it wishes, he just stops evil through others, my goddess does not work through others, if she wants it done, she does it herself"
** (31303) Carden shakes his head at hearing Zelata as he prepares to eat some rations **
(31310) DM: that's your campfire
(31393) Andraste: "Very good then," she smiles, "Then I won't have to worry about forest fires for awhile."
(31388) Zelata: I frown and say "Have you never heard the saying 'Mother Nature's Fury?' my goddess will only work through others when she finds that we can do it ourselves, if we want to burn down a forest and she doesn't want it burned, then I will be in deep shit, if she does, then she would have already done it herself"
(31310) DM: You enjoy another peaceful night in the Greenbelt.
(31388) Zelata: ((I'm going with a more nindian stuyle religion here))
(31388) Zelata: I am preparing some berries and gold coins in a small bag.
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( brb ))
(31310) DM: Zelata, please make a reflex save
(31388) Zelata: [1d20+3] => [15,3] = (18)
(31393) Andraste: "As I said I am not an expert in your religion, so I shall simply accept whatever you say as the truth,"
(31310) DM: In the morning, Zelata finds her bootlaces tied together.
** (31303) Carden ponders if Zelata is just talking to be talking (know: religion [1d20+5] => [6,5] = (11)) **
(31388) Zelata: I smile and say "And I shall do the same for you, I plan on becoming one of her deciples, so if you may, exuse me, I will be back" I go to the corner and pray
(31388) Zelata: I smile as if I was dealing with a child, laugh at it and untie my shoe laces.
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: ((back))
(31310) DM: Once everyone is up, you all notice that Cairne has a black mask of soot around his eyes
(31310) DM: And those with quivers find all of their arrows poking out tip first
(31345) Cairne Garess: what?
** (31393) Andraste gives Cairne a bucket of water to wash his face, chuckling at his soot covered face. **
(31367) Segrid: "Joining the bandits, eh, Cairne."
** (31367) Segrid fixes his arrows. "Now, that's just dangerous." **
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: 'okay So It looks like Zelata was right we are being bothered by some kind of fairies"
** (31303) Carden sighes and fixes his arrows. "we have a stalker or something. No sees anything on their watch?" **
(31310) DM: suddenly you all hear two tiny voices of laughter
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "And there they are"
(31393) Andraste: 'It appears we have a few visitors," she says, taking a butterfly net from her horse.
(31310) DM: Over on a stump you see two small creatures, pointing at you all and laughing
** (31367) Segrid looks at Andraste nervously. **
(31310) DM: They stop laughing and both say "Hello, bigginses!"
** (31393) Andraste gives an amused grin, walking over to the pair, "I suppose you two are responsible for the entertainment these past few days?" **
(31310) DM: "We'd like to thank you for the mirror, berries, and gold. Also, for being such good sports."
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "Hello tiny little troublemakers"
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(31362) Andraste' from server... Removing dead client
(31310) DM: "I'm Perlivash, and this is my good friend Tyg-Titter-Tut."
(31362) Andraste (exit): 20:54
(31388) Zelata: I smile and say "did you enjoy my givfts?"
** (31303) Carden eyes the two "Well could you two give us some information?" **
(31310) DM: Perlivash is a small male butterfly-winged faerie dragon
(31367) Segrid: Nature: [1d20+5] => [15,5] = (20)
(31393) Andraste: "Hello there, little Feyfolk," she says, kneeling down in front of them.
(31345) Cairne Garess: "can I still blame zell? I think she';s in cahoots with them"
(31310) DM: "Yes, thank you very much."
(31388) Zelata: brb
(31310) DM: Tyg is a female grig, with a small female upper torso and a cricket's body and 6 legs
(31310) DM: Tyg asks you, "Are you here to kick out the mean bigginses?"
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(31338) Zelata' from server... Removing dead client
(31338) Zelata (exit): 20:56
** (31393) Andraste chuckles at Cairne's comment, then looks at Tyg, "By mean Bigginses. I suppose you mean the bandits who prey on others? If so, then we are." **
(31303) Carden: "I think so. They have an axe wielding lady?"
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "what do you mean Mean Bigginses?"
(31345) Cairne Garess: Hey, you guys are working for Zel right? She
(31367) Segrid: "i think Zel's innocent. None of the pranks involved anything catching on fire."
(31345) Cairne Garess: 's your ringleader right?
(31388) Zelata: I nod and hand them the last of my berries.
(31345) Cairne Garess: (I wanna blame zel...)
(31310) DM: "Um, thank (munch) you (smack) [burp] => burp."
(31393) Andraste: "Do you know anything about these mean bigginses, little Feys? Anything that could help us end their influence on these lands."
(31393) Andraste: ((I shall catch them and sell them :D))
(31310) DM: There's a bandit camp to the south east.
(31367) Segrid: "Along the river?"
(31310) DM: (Perlivash takes a stick and starts drawing a map in the dirt)
(31310) DM: Yes
(31310) DM: Be careful if you go up here, lots of traps in that area.
(31393) Andraste: "Thank you," she says, "Is there anything else you can tell us? And perhaps some way we can thank you for this information?"
(31310) DM: There's a hot springs to the south west
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "Yeah we found those"
(31310) DM: and some kind of old temple to the east of the hot springs
(31393) Andraste: Her eyes light up at the mention of the temple.
** (31367) Segrid smiles at Andraste. **
(31388) Zelata: Please pause
(31388) Zelata: I was afk, and am attempting to catch up, but can't read it because everyone is posting! >,..,
(31393) Andraste: (Press scroll off)
(31310) DM: (click the Scroll ON button to stop scrolling)
(31367) Segrid: "Anything or anyone near that temple?"
(31388) Zelata: Were is that?
(31393) Andraste: "Like a big mean bear or something?"
(31393) Andraste: ((Its right above the text box)
(31310) DM: Not that we've seen, but it's been awhile since we were down there.
(31367) Segrid: (next to the die roller. Just remember to to press it again when you're done))
(31393) Andraste: (er the place you type your text(
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "Hot spring sounds interesting"
** (31303) Carden asks the two faeries "Is the bandits camp near the river?" **
(31393) Andraste: "I think we should deal with the bandits first, they are a danger."
(31388) Zelata: I smile at the faries, and say "Do you think you could lead us through the traps? I will give you 10 more mirrors, and more gold if you help us."
(31345) Cairne Garess: Hot springs are somewhat obligitory.
(31310) DM: Tyg asks, "Does anyone play music? I like to listen to music."
(31388) Zelata: I do!
(31388) Zelata: Perform Sing
(31388) Zelata: [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25)
(31388) Zelata: ((Holy smurfing cow, I finnally get a 20?!))
(31367) Segrid: ((nice, Z))
(31388) Zelata: ((thanks! ^,..,^))
** (31236) Jeremiah Nixon is impressed that Zelata of all people can actually sing **
(31310) DM: "That was really nice. Thank you for playing for me."
** (31393) Andraste smiles as Zelata sings, taking a moment to sit down and enjoy herself for once. **
** (31367) Segrid looks at Zelata in amazement. Her voice tranfered from it's usually tone to one of beauty and grace leaves him dumbfounded. **
(31310) DM: "We've told you what we know of the surrounding area, but we can't go with you."
(31388) Zelata: I frown and say "Can you are least wait for us? I really enjoy your company"
(31393) Andraste: "Thank you for your help, little feyfolk. We do appreciate your help and entertainment," she gets up.
(31367) Segrid: "You're welcome to join us in our camp if you see us on the way back. No need to hide anymore."
(31310) DM: "Our nest is about here (points to dirt map) (in hex 3-4)."
(31367) Segrid: "And feel free to keep pranking Zelata."
(31388) Zelata: ((Fack, I should become a Bard O,..,O Holy smurf!))
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( brb again ))
(31367) Segrid: "It's very funny."
(31388) Zelata: I smile and say "Oh ok, whenever I travel through these parts, I will come and visit you! I say giving them another piece of gold, totally enchanted by the little fey folk
(31310) DM: Perlivash flys over and perches on Zelta's head/hat
** (31393) Andraste nods then turns to her group, "We have some new information now. Where should we go? Towards the bandit camp, the temple perhaps?" **
(31310) DM: "We like you bigginses."
(31388) Zelata: I smile and laugh saying "And I like you too!"
(31310) DM: "Good bye for now. Be careful!"
(31367) Segrid: "I think we need to end the bandit threat. Searching the rest of the territories without having to worry about them harassing Master Oleg would be nice."
(31310) DM: "Come on, Tyg, let's go play tag--you're it!"
(31393) Andraste: "Yes, the new guards are a reassurance, but..."
(31388) Zelata: "I will, you be careful too! I would be dismayed if you pranked the wrong people! And they hurt you!"
(31310) DM: Perlivash and Tyg fly off to continue their game of tag.
(31310) DM: So it's now morning 9 Pharast
** (31393) Andraste pats Zelata, giving her a smile, "You should consider a career as a trabadour, you have a marvelous singing voice." **
(31310) DM: which hex next?
(31367) Segrid: Follow the river SE
(31388) Zelata: I watch them go with a sad look on my face.
(31393) Andraste: (I vote we attack the bandits south east.
(31303) Carden: SE direction; question about how far is the bandit camp away from our spot
(31388) Zelata: I smile and say "Thanks!"
(31388) Zelata: How about instead of attacking them, we draw them out? I can set some traps
(31388) Zelata: If you guys lay down some grease, a single spell is all it would take to capture them.
(31310) DM: everyone save your minis to your gametree
(31345) Cairne Garess: That was, that was.... thatwasnicezel.
(31388) Zelata: Then it'd be easy picking.
(31345) Cairne Garess: (looks at feet)
(31388) Zelata: I giggle and hugs Cairne, kissing his cheek "Thanks!"
(31367) Segrid: "What spell is that Zelata?"
(31310) DM: you are here in hex 3-3
(31310) DM: the Thorn river flows east into hex 3-4, then turns SE
(31393) Andraste: "Hold on now, judging by the information we have, I think there are around eight to ten bandits in that camp."
(31310) DM: Their nest is there in hex 3-4
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(31381) Andraste' from server... Removing dead client
(31381) Andraste (exit): 21:13
(31388) Zelata: I frown and say "what spell? If you lay down grease in a straight line, make a box, I cast Finger Fire, create a box of flame, you guys all pick them off from outside"
(31310) DM: the hot springs are in hex 4-2
(31310) DM: and the temple is in hex 4-3
** (31303) Carden comments "If we keep the element of surprise we should be ok Andraste" **
(31367) Segrid: 4-4?
(31345) Cairne Garess: Is there any particular magic people want for killing bandits?
(31393) Andraste: ((Obscuring mist :P we can hide inside and shoot at the bandits then move inside so they cant return fire)
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( BAck ))
(31310) DM: (it's too late tonight for a raid on the bandit camp--do you want to travel to hex 4-4 via hex 4-3 and check out the temple?)
(31303) Carden: (aww)
(31393) Andraste: (:P next week don't worry, lets head for the temple)
(31388) Zelata: I will stay back this time, I am still wounded, and possibly pick them off from a distance." She plans to be far enough away that it would take a bit for them to get to her, but close enough that she can see the indivisual bandits.
(31367) Segrid: ((sure))
(31388) Zelata: Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( We could use the temple as a fallback point if the bandit raid goes south ))
(31303) Carden: (ok temple)
(31388) Zelata: kk
(31345) Cairne Garess: Temple of doooom?
(31310) DM: So you leave for hex 4-3 on the morning of 9 Pharast
(31393) Andraste: "I would not be opposed if we were to make a few hours to relax in the hot springs," she says.
(31310) DM: and spend most of the day exploring until you come to the location that the fey told you about
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "And here we are"
(31388) Zelata: I skip along, singing to myself, lrelishing in my newfound singing voice.
(31388) Zelata: ((everything goes boom, a metoer hits, we all die))
(31345) Cairne Garess: ZELLL! (Bonk)
(31310) DM: The thick tangle of brambles gives way into a large clearing in the woods.
** (31393) Andraste gives a short prayer to Erastil as she approaches the temple. **
(31310) DM: The thick tangle of brambles gives way into a large clearing
(31388) Zelata: Also stops and gives a prayer.
(31388) Zelata: I advance forwards carefully.
** (31303) Carden takes a few steps into the clearing "By Old Deadeye" **
(31388) Zelata: Then drop all precatuion and skip ahead.
(31310) DM: Notes: The thick tangle of brambles gives way into a large clearing
in the woods, its border partially defined by ruined stone
pillars. The western face of the clearing is dominated by a
looming, upthrust ridge of rock, nearly 300 feet across and
rising to a moss-topped height of 100 feet at the center.
The side of this towering boulder facing the clearing has
been carved in the likeness of an immense elk, its antlers
drooping down from its weathered face to frame a 50-footwide
cave entrance. A flight of stone steps leads up to this
cave entrance from the forest clearing—both the steps
and elk face feel quite old and are thickly encrusted with
layers of moss. A 50-foot-long oval pool sits in the middle
of the clearing, its waters thick with algae.
** (31236) Jeremiah Nixon draws his sword "Shall we go have a look" **
(31310) DM: The water in the pool is foul and stagnent.
(31393) Andraste: "Yes, but keep yout wits about you," she says, drawing her shield and lance, "Remember there is said to be a bear around here."
(31388) Zelata: I attempt to figure out what god or goddess this belongs too
(31388) Zelata: [1d20+1] => [13,1] = (14)
** (31367) Segrid has shield and sword readied **
(31310) DM: roll Knowledge (religion)
(31388) Zelata: I just did
(31388) Zelata: 14
** (31303) Carden draws blade as he moves around the north side of the pool. Looking for bear dropping or anything of interest (perception [1d20+6] => [14,6] = (20)) **
(31310) DM: You're pretty sure this entire site is a shrine dedicated to Erastil
(31388) Zelata: ((Which god or goddess is that? I forget...my goddess?))
(31393) Andraste: ((Nope, Mine and Carden's)
(31303) Carden: http://pathfinder.wikia.com/wiki/Erastil
(31310) DM: The dear-headed man god
(31310) DM: deer
(31388) Zelata: ((pfft))
(31345) Cairne Garess: [1d20+7] => [8,7] = (15)
(31345) Cairne Garess: (draw my dagger and look for the thing that will hurt me.)
(31388) Zelata: I look around and then sit down and say "I miss the fey!"
(31345) Cairne Garess: [1d20+8] => [11,8] = (19)
(31310) DM: Carden doesn't find any bear doo-doo around the rockey areas
** (31393) Andraste urges her horse to trot towards the temple. **
(31345) Cairne Garess: (missing your partners in crime are you? To afraid to prank us without your fall guys?)
(31310) DM: Zelata and Cairne, please add your minis to the map
** (31236) Jeremiah Nixon carefully makes his way up to the opening **
(31388) Zelata: Everything is black
(31388) Zelata: I can't
** (31303) Carden moves onwards towards the steps, glancing into the foilage along what looks to be path (perception [1d20+6] => [16,6] = (22)) **
(31388) Zelata: I stay there with a pouty face on and says "If we aren't fighting the bandits, why cant they be with us?!"
** (31393) Andraste chuckles, "They will come when they feel like it, Zelata. Don't want them to be bored of us too quickly." **
(31310) DM: After you speak, all of a sudden a grizzly bear comes out of the temple cave and issues a bellowing roar!
(31310) DM: roll initiative
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: Initiative: [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22)
(31367) Segrid: Initiative: [1d20+5] => [11,5] = (16)
(31310) DM: Initiative [1d20-1] => [12,-1] = (11)
(31388) Zelata: I shart myself
(31388) Zelata: [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11)
(31393) Andraste: [1d20+3] => [2,3] = (5)
(31310) DM: Cairne and Carden?
(31421) Cairne Garess (enter): 21:35
(31303) Carden: [1d20+2] => [16,2] = (18)
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (31421) Cairne Garess...
(31367) Segrid: ((bear!roll init cairne)
(31310) DM: Cairne, please roll initiative
(31388) Zelata: I squeak and attempt to play dead
(31310) DM: Start of round 1
(31310) DM: Jeremiah is up first (full regular round)
(31421) Cairne Garess: [1d20+4] => [10,4] = (14)
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Im going to Use my Arcane Pool to give my Sword a +1 enchantment as a swift action then Im going to cast Magic Weapon on it for another +1 Enchantment ))
(31421) Cairne Garess: init
(31393) Andraste: (Enchantment bonuses don't stack :P)
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( They do With Arcane pool ))
(31310) DM: Carden's turn
(31388) Zelata: (( O,..,O ))
(31388) Zelata: (( Gets bikini and dives into the arcane pool for a swim O,..,O ))
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Only works for 1min at a time though ))
(31393) Andraste: ((I don't think they stack, since the bonus is both enhancement and they are both on the same weapon.)
** (31303) Carden casts a spell on himself (divine favor) before switching to his bow; steadying his horse as it moves back a few steps (5') **
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( One sec I will Check ))
(31303) Carden: (done)
(31310) DM: Segrid's turn
** (31367) Segrid moves forward, banging his sword against his shield trying to gain the bear's attention. **
(31393) Andraste: (I think you should go forward a bit xD)
(31310) DM: Cairne's turn
(31367) Segrid: These bonuses can be added to the weapon, stacking with existing weapon enhancement to a maximum of +5. Multiple uses of this ability do not stack with themselves.
(31367) Segrid: (from prd on arcane pool))
(31421) Cairne Garess: cast mage armor
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Yep ))
(31393) Andraste: (Alright :3)
(31421) Cairne Garess: ac is 14
(31310) DM: Bear's turn
(31388) Zelata: O,..,O BAD BEAR!
(31388) Zelata: Dun't kill meh Dx<]>
(31310) DM: The bear double moves to close with Segrid (but couldn't charge due to the rubble).
(31310) DM: Zelata's turn
(31388) Zelata: Woo!
(31388) Zelata: I stand back and say "You are a big bear!" and then I cast Finger Fire
(31388) Zelata: [1d20+1] => [11,1] = (12)
(31388) Zelata: -,..,- Can I reroll every roll DM? These dice hate me
(31310) DM: is that a touch attack?
(31303) Carden: (hehe it wasnt a 1 atleast be thankful)
(31388) Zelata: They only roll good when it's notneccisary for my survival
(31388) Zelata: And yes it is
(31393) Andraste: (Do you have precise shot?)
(31310) DM: it hits (his touch AC is only 10)
(31388) Zelata: ((True Carden, don't curse me))
(31388) Zelata: ((WOO!))
(31388) Zelata: [1d6+1] => [3,1] = (4)
(31388) Zelata: 4 Fire dmg -,..,-
(31310) DM: You singe some of his fur (I'm saying that he isn't in melee yet since he hasn't attacked)
(31310) DM: Andraste's turn
(31310) DM: Booting '(31345) Cairne Garess' from room...
(31345) Cairne Garess (exit): 21:50
** (31393) Andraste manouvers her horse around the Bear, attacking it from behind with her lance. **
** (31393) Andraste slams her lance forward at the Bear [1d20+4] => [15,4] = (19) (Flank) **
(31310) DM: that hits
(31393) Andraste: [1d8+1] => [7,1] = (8) Damage if that hits
(31310) DM: The bear lets out a terrible roar of pain.
(31310) DM: Start of round 2
(31310) DM: Jeremiah's turn
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( How close am I to the Bear?))
(31310) DM: at least 50' away
(31310) DM: with the pool between you
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( kk ))
** (31236) Jeremiah Nixon runs around the pool to get closer to the bear **
(31388) Zelata: Would the pool be flamable? (Int Check) [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11)
(31310) DM: no
(31310) DM: Carden's turn
(31388) Zelata: Awwwwwwwww
(31421) Cairne Garess: not everything is burnable!
(31393) Andraste: (not even water :3)
(31388) Zelata: I want it be! >,..,>
** (31303) Carden decides to nudge his horse forward before stopping it and fires at the bear (attack [1d20+4-4] => [17,4,-4] = (17) dmg [1d8+4] => [8,4] = (12) **
(31393) Andraste: (nice shot!)
(31310) DM: (now, do you have precise shot?)
(31421) Cairne Garess: burning ditz
(31393) Andraste: (He already took that into account)
(31310) DM: oh, ok
(31393) Andraste: (see the -4?)
(31310) DM: yes, then you hit!
(31310) DM: Segrid's turn
(31367) Segrid: "Sorry, bear, but this will be over soon." Segrid flourishes his blade and attacks the bear, taking advantage of Andraste's distracting it.
(31367) Segrid: Melee: Flanking Longsword [1d20+6] => [17,6] = (23) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [1d8+2] => [3,2] = (5) damage
(31310) DM: bear isn't looking very good now at all, but it's still up
(31310) DM: Cairne's turn
(31421) Cairne Garess: Mordrakin's lube er I mean GREASE!
(31393) Andraste: (Lucky I left a space for that :D)
(31310) DM: so there?
(31421) Cairne Garess: yuppers
(31310) DM: Reflex [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11)
(31388) Zelata: ((Grease is not flamable))
(31393) Andraste: (*trips. I tripped even though I have 4 legs!)
(31367) Segrid: (this bear is not having a good day)
(31388) Zelata: ((xD Nope))
(31310) DM: The bear attempts to stand up: Acrobatics [1d20+1] => [14,1] = (15)
(31388) Zelata: ((hey guys, I gotta go, it's 8 PM O,..,O))
(31393) Andraste: (Does he provoke :3?)
(31310) DM: but in doing so provokes AoO from you guys around him...
(31388) Zelata: ((Can't we pick this up after? Or just stay? I can stay for another 30 mins))
(31367) Segrid: Melee: Flanking Longsword [1d20+6] => [8,6] = (14) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [1d8+2] => [5,2] = (7) damage
(31310) DM: miss
(31388) Zelata: Can I throw a dagger?! :o
(31310) DM: (just about done)
** (31393) Andraste slams her lance into the bear as it tries to get up [1d20+4+4] => [6,4,4] = (14) Flanking, Prone Lance [1d8+1] => [4,1] = (5) **
(31393) Andraste: (Dont forget +4 for hitting a prone enemy :3)
(31367) Segrid: (ah, yeas, so 18 for my to hit)
(31310) DM: ok, then you both hit him, finishing him off
(31388) Zelata: Can I throw a dagger? If I can [1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4) dmg [1d4+1] => [4,1] = (5)
(31310) DM: what happens next is kind of wierd
(31388) Zelata: I like miss by a mile -,..,-
(31310) DM: once the bear is slain, it makes an almost human-sounding sign of relief,
** (31393) Andraste withdraws her lance from the fallen hide of the bear as a dagger wizzes over her head. **
(31310) DM: then collapses in on itself, transforming first into an incredibly old human man with a look of peace in his eyes, and then a moment later
(31310) DM: crumbling into a skeleton and thence to dust.
(31388) Zelata: ((Do we gain a level?!))
(31310) DM: (I'll let you know if you do.)
** (31367) Segrid freaks out, dropping his sword. "Oh, gods! What did we do?" **
** (31303) Carden watches in awe of the event **
** (31236) Jeremiah Nixon looks at his sword then at the dead bear "That was over quicker tha I thought it would be" **
(31303) Carden: "He must've been cursed to guard this place"
** (31367) Segrid shakes, looking with pleading eyes at Andraste for an explanation. **
(31310) DM: At this moment, the entire shrine seems to grow more vibrant and colorful.
(31310) DM: The water in the pool becomes crystal clear.
(31388) Zelata: I walk over and look at the dust and I pick it up, can I discern wathat it is? Craft Alchemy: [1d20+3] => [1,3] = (4)
(31367) Segrid: Will: [1d20+0] => [5,0] = (5)
(31388) Zelata: I find that I am holding POO! -,..,-
** (31393) Andraste looks equally amazed at the change, "I think the bear was connected to the shrine..." **
** (31367) Segrid backs away the pool **
(31367) Segrid: "Ahhhhh!"
(31393) Andraste: "As a sort of curse and sentry. By defeating it, I think we lifted it."
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "Strange at any rate"
(31388) Zelata: I look around, I look into the water, and throw a rock into it.
** (31393) Andraste gets off her horse, heading over the Crystal clear pool of water, testing the water with a hand. **
** (31303) Carden looks into the pool a moment to see the difference (perception [1d20+6] => [1,6] = (7)) **
(31393) Andraste: "Show some respect, Zelata. This is a Temple," her face looking as she hears the splash.
whispering to Zelata, You detect a faint magic aura coming from the water.
(31388) Zelata: I watch the rock sink to the bottom and say "Weird, this stuff is man-made, why doesn't his temples grow?"
(31388) Zelata: ((kk gtg guys, sorry))
** (31367) Segrid looks around, bewildered. Then, sheepishly, he goes back and picks up his sword. **
(31388) Zelata: Err nvm
(31388) Zelata: I bend down and drink da water and say "Ish magical"
(31310) DM: (you heal [1d8+5] => [7,5] = (12) hp if wounded)
(31388) Zelata: WOOP!
** (31393) Andraste uncorks one of her vials, filing it with the crystal water and after a short prayer, takes a small drink. **
** (31303) Carden shakes his head as Zelata and dismounts. He goes inside the temple/cave **
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: "So are we going to bury this old man, or should we cremate him?"
(31388) Zelata: I stare at da water and say "I needme flasks NOW!" *begns drinking her fill*
(31310) DM: for 24 hours the water acts as a potion of CLW caster level 5
(31367) Segrid: (he's dust)
(31236) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Ah right didnt see the part about him turing into dust ))
(31393) Andraste: "We should bury him," she says, filling both of her vials with the crystal water.
** (31367) Segrid kneels by the pool and offers thanks to the god Erastil for the miracle he just witnessed. **
** (31303) Carden checks the cave for any holy items/symbols or other items **
(31310) DM: I'll figure out exact XP but it doesn't look like you have enough to level yet
** (31236) Jeremiah Nixon puts away his sword and follows Carden into the temple **
(31310) DM: Nothing of interest in the cave
(31388) Zelata: Dx
(31388) Zelata: Looks around for anything valuable
(31310) DM: well, that's it for tonight
(31421) Cairne Garess: (sets up camp)
(31388) Zelata: Or shiny for her Fairy Friends
(31388) Zelata: kk, cya! ^,..,^
(31310) DM: have a good turkey day and we'll head for the bandit camp next week
(31393) Andraste: woo : )
(31367) Segrid: goodnight, happy TG
** (31393) Andraste pretty much stops Zelata from just taking any random shiny from the temple >:3 **
(31393) Andraste: woo : ) see ya next week
Disconnecting from server...
Game disconnected!

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