Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Session 5

Session 5
We returned to the trading post after witnessing a genuine miracle in high spirits, we told the cleric where his temple was and of the holy act we had witnessed and collected some cash for killing bandits and I ordered a pavilion with my family's heraldry with my own growing funds. then we decided that the forest was too full of horrors and we should hit the plains for a while, we promptly ran into the hut of an old man who makes the healing potions Oleg sells, he gave us a quest and then we headed east. We found a giant trapdoor spider and I got to try my new cleric powers out. I blessed the party then went behind the party member who was next on initiative and buffed him with touch of luck. The spider bit him and poisoned him and I was able to treat the poison quickly and effectively. Our ranger explored the trapdoor spider's lair and found a corpse with a treasure map and a pendant that is a symbol for the local bandits.
We thanked the quest giver for letting us camp in his yard and then headed east, smack dab into the x of the treasure map. Weird.
The treasure contained some platinum, a ring, some stuff I do not care about and oh my gawd a spellbook!!!
4 spells I did not have before and one I did, in a water damaged spellbook. good on me.

 (35866) Andraste: Hello
(35871) DM: Hi
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: Sup
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: Did you get my updated Character Sheet?
(35871) DM: no
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: I sent a link in an email
(35866) Andraste: did you get mine?
(35866) Riani: test
(35866) Gabriel Holt: test
(35866) Riani: nvm
(35866) Andraste: So Carden died last night.
(35871) DM: ok, I found Jeremiah
(35866) Andraste: I really wanted to smite some bandits
(35871) DM: still says 1 for Level, though
(35871) DM: yes, I got Andraste's as well
(35866) Andraste: What about mine, Andy?
(35866) Andraste: woo
(35871) DM: I put Napalm's email in my save folder and overlooked it when I was updating stuff
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: I forgot to change that, but the rest is updated
(35868) Segrid: I smote em for you Andraste
(35866) Gabriel Holt: test
(35866) Andraste: test
(35866) Andraste: there we are
(35866) Andraste: nice Segrid ;3 who landed the killing blow on the one with two axes, and was she tough?
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: brb
(35868) Segrid: She's the one who coup de graced Carden
(35868) Segrid: I'm the one who coup de graced her.
(35866) Gabriel Holt: Test
(35866) Andraste: test
(35866) Andraste: *nods*
(35866) Andraste: well did you collect the reward for defeating five bandits?
(35871) DM: (not yet; have to return to Oleg's for the reward once it's sent from Restov)
(35866) Andraste: Fair enough, what did we find in the camp?
(35866) Andraste: I bet one of those hatcets were masterwork :3
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: Back
(35868) Segrid: Jeremiah is the one who dropped her, though
(35866) Andraste: Nice
(35871) DM: 33321) DM: Searching around the camp, beneath the K2 platform on the ground you find some folded up tents, firewood, and food under a canvas tarp
(35874) Cairne Garess (enter): 18:41
(35871) DM: (33321) DM: Digging down beneath that stuff, you find 200 gp worth of coins
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (35874) Cairne Garess...
(35866) Andraste: yayill gotten gains
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Crossbow Bolt to the Neck ))
(35871) DM: (33321) DM: and a pair of silver earrings, a wooden music box, four crates of furs, and a polished wooden case of potent greenish herbal liquor.
(35871) DM: There are still 8 bottles with liquor in them.
(35871) DM: You find 80 gp total on the bandits
(35871) DM: Kressle has 85 gp on her
(35871) DM: along with studded leather armor, 2 masterwork handaxes, and 4 daggers
(35871) DM: she also has a potion of CLW on her
(35874) Cairne Garess: Did we get anything off of the organs we harvested off of carden's corpse?
(35871) DM: But I'm saying that you used the potion on Carden before high-tailing it back to the temple
(35866) Andraste: You get a chastising from Andraste
(35874) Cairne Garess: So my Goddess has called me to her service, that pretty cool.
(35866) Andraste: I presume we sold all of Kressle's things?
(35868) Segrid: The liquor is supposed to be for someone they call the Stag Lord, who is apparently their overboss, a bastard drunkard who can knock a horse out with one punch and wears a mask for a face...
(35868) Segrid: (Not yet, we just returned to the temple post haste to ressurect Carden, because that's what the disembodied voice told us to do- a second Erastil miracle.
(35866) Andraste: see you should worship Erastil.
(35866) Andraste: He's cool like that
(35874) Cairne Garess: carden was only mostly dead but this nice old man gave us a chocolate covered pill.
(35866) Andraste: Noted on the Stag Lord thing.
(35868) Segrid: And we got the password to their fortress, if they don't change it by the time we get there.
(35866) Andraste: Hmm perhaps we could use the alcohol to sneak inside?
(35868) Segrid: Not that we know where it is.
(35868) Segrid: Maybe.
(35866) Andraste: a possibility we cannot ignore. Heres to Z and Card coming on
(35866) Andraste: *Drinks the alcohol in celebration*
(35868) Segrid: Quote: [Tue Nov 29 22:43:18 2011] => Tue Nov 29 22:43:18 2011 : (33321) DM: "Our boss is a monster of a man. Calls himself the Stag
He's a deadeye with the bow, and I saw him crush a
prisoner's hand to mush in one fist. Come to think of it,
I've never seen him without his creepy stag helmet on--
some of my friends think he ain't got no face under it, but
not me--I think that creepy helm is his face!"
[Tue Nov 29 22:43:54 2011] => Tue Nov 29 22:43:54 2011 : (33321) DM: "It's hard keeping track of who's working for the boss,
so we use a master phrase as a sort of password to get in
to the fort on the northeast shore of the Tuskwater. Unless
it's been changed recently, the current phrase is, 'By the Bloody Bones of St. Gilmorg, who wants to know?'; And no,
I have no idea who 'St. Gilmorg' is."
[Tue Nov 29 22:43:56 2011] => Tue Nov 29 22:43:56 2011 : (33285) Jeremiah Nixon: "Well that sounds lovely"
[Tue Nov 29 22:44:16 2011] => Tue Nov 29 22:44:16 2011 : (33321) DM: "The Stag Lord is a bloody drunk. All that booze under the
platform's for him. He's half of what he used to be, and ain't
never been right in the head. A few weeks ago he punched
my horse for spittin' in the yard. Personally, I wouldn't care
if he dropped dead tomorrow, but even drunk out of his
mind he's still got a fair amount of fight to him."
[Tue Nov 29 22:44:44 2011] => Tue Nov 29 22:44:44 2011 : (33321) DM: "The Stag Lord keeps a strange old man locked up in the
basement. I suspect the old guy might actually be running
the show, using the Stag Lord as a puppet, you know. I got
a look into the old guy's eyes once, and it terrified me. He
ain't someone I'd want to cross."
(35871) DM: Carden emailed that he might be a little late if his son's basketball practice runs over
(35871) DM: haven't heard anything from Z
(35866) Andraste: hmm well if she drops, we're down our arcanists
(35866) Andraste: though the world would be less burny I suppose, for better or worse
(35871) DM: well, I take that back
(35871) DM: Rone emailed me yesterday saying that he won't be in town 12/27 and 1/3
(35871) DM: but he didn't say anything as to why he missed last week
(35866) Andraste: Well darn =(
(35866) Andraste: I dont know if I'll make those two days btw
(35866) Andraste: since my holidays havent been planned yet, suffice to say you will know
(35874) Cairne Garess: Zel was mean to me.
 (35874) Cairne Garess: So, as I said on the forums, I say we run all the ways home.
(35866) Andraste: I agree.
(35874) Cairne Garess: three day journey
(35868) Segrid: We can ride back and let the priest know about the temple, turn the few bandits we captured in to Oleg and sell our lootz.
(35871) DM: It's now getting close to sunset.
(35874) Cairne Garess: And Carden's organs.
(35868) Segrid: He's using those...
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( I saw we rest for the night then head out in the morning))
(35868) Segrid: Find a place to camp...
(35871) DM: It's still 10 Pharast and you are back at the temple in hex 4-3.
(35868) Segrid: Ok, rest in the temple area then.
(35868) Segrid: Feels safe here. :)
(35866) Andraste: Yes it does, *Andraste will pray at the temple's fountain in thanks for saving Carden's life, dragging along anyone who wants to join her*
(35874) Cairne Garess: (I pray as well, thanking the stag god for his intervention)
** (35868) Segrid definitely joins her. Having witnessed two miracles, he is begining to believe old deadeye has plans for at least some in the group. **
(35871) DM: As you are praying, you each see a vision of what looks like a tall statue of Erastil set on a base.
(35874) Cairne Garess: (Sheyln is not a jealous goddess)
(35886) Arelius (enter): 19:05
(35874) Cairne Garess: yay!
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (35886) Carden...
(35868) Segrid: (Hi Carden, wb to the living!)
(35886) Carden: (hehe)
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon settles in for the night **
** (35868) Segrid bloinks his eyes several times. **
(35874) Cairne Garess: (do i see this)
(35871) DM: The night passes peacefully as you sleep solidly after your exhausting battle with the bandits.
** (35868) Segrid gives thanks to Erastil for Carden's ressurection. **
(35871) DM: Both Cairne and Andraste saw the vision
(35871) DM: Segrid awakens to remember a brief dream of a hunting lodge outside of which stood a statue of Erastil
(35871) DM: (on horseback it takes between 4-6 hours to cross through a hex--it doesn't take all day for each hex--that's for when you're having to explore and map it)
(35871) DM: (so it will take around 12-14 hours riding time to get back to Oleg's)
(35866) Andraste: ((Breakneck speed!)
** (35866) Andraste wakes up and talks to Carden and everyone else about the dream/vision, "What does it mean?" **
(35868) Segrid: So if we leave early in the morning and press through the day, we should make it shortly after nightfall?
(35871) DM: yes
(35868) Segrid: "I had this dream last night, an old lodge with a statue of the stag lord outside."
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon eats and prepares his spells for the day before joining the others "Might be a sign of some kind **
(35874) Cairne Garess: "the gods talk to us in holy places, obviously Erastil approves of us. Its also possible Erastil wants a statue replaced or erected at his temple. either way I thinkis should be restored."
(35868) Segrid: "Clearly, we are receiving communication from a higher power. Perhaps Old Deadeye wants us to find this statue. Maybe the priest at Oleg's can give us more insight. He had visions of the bear."
(35874) Cairne Garess: "good idea, I'm completely new at this holy man stuff and Erastil is not my specialty.
(35866) Andraste: "This is the first time I had such a vision, but perhaps it means he wants us to restore his temple and his faith in this lands. We best find our Brother in Faith back at the fort."
(35871) DM: (so are you heading back towards Oleg's then?)
(35868) Segrid: (yes, we can talk as we ride)
(35874) Cairne Garess: "easy trouble"
(35866) Andraste: "Indeed, we are accomplishing much in these strange lands my friends. All of it positive."
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "Well I had no such vision, but I will help if I can"
(35871) DM: As you are riding along the trail a little after mid-day, you are greeted by Perlivash and Tig-titter-tut.
(35868) Segrid: "Hullo, friends."
(35871) DM: "Hello, biggines!"
** (35866) Andraste smiles as she spots the two pranksters, "Hello my little fey friends." **
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "Hello"
** (35886) Carden listens to all the talk; still pondering his experience with death **
(35868) Segrid: "We got the big badenses for you. They shouldn't be causing problems any more."
(35871) DM: "Where is other female, Zelata?"
(35871) DM: asks TTT
(35871) DM: "Ah, that's great!" says Perlivash
(35866) Andraste: ((Hmm..I still have no idea how to explain away her absence)
(35874) Cairne Garess: (she disapeared in a puff of foul smelling smoke?)
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "She went ahead to Olegs Trading post"
(35868) Segrid: "I thought it was too quiet."
(35871) DM: "Ah"
(35874) Cairne Garess: want some food?
(35871) DM: "Sure!"
(35874) Cairne Garess: (I give them a ration, and if the like a drink of the hooch we took)
(35871) DM: Perlivash sniffs the bottle
(35866) Andraste: "By the way, do you happen to know anything about a fellow called the Staglord?"
(35868) Segrid: (ooo I bet they love the hooch)
(35871) DM: "Phew...that smells like the breath of a lot of those mean bigginses!"
(35866) Andraste: "He's the leader of the mean biggines," she says.
(35868) Segrid: "That's what they say anyway."
(35871) DM: "No, we haven't heard of him."
(35874) Cairne Garess: "Too Much can make you either a mean bigginess, or a very handsy one"
(35868) Segrid: "We'll find him and put him to the sword as well."
(35871) DM: "Well, we're off to play some more. Good luck on your next trip out if we don't see you back this way again soon."
(35866) Andraste: "I don't drink for this reason," she says, before nodding at them, "Well could you help us find out a bit about this man, please? We have nothing to go on with at the moment, but we still must end his hold on this land."
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "Same to you"
(35871) DM: It is dark by the time you reach Oleg's and the front gate is closed.
** (35866) Andraste rides towards the front gate, raising a torched hand, "Open the gates please. It is us. We bear good news for everyone!" **
(35871) DM: Kesten Garess opens the gate
(35871) DM: "Welcome back."
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "Good to be back"
(35874) Cairne Garess: Greetings Kin, we bring good news!
(35868) Segrid: "A soft bed will be so refreshing..."
(35871) DM: (in a low voice) "I'm on night watch duty. Everyone else has turned in for the night."
(35866) Andraste: "Thank you, Sir Garess," she nods her head as the gates open, giving a radiant smile.
** (35886) Carden nods at Garess **
(35866) Andraste: "I am sure Oleg and the others wouldn't mind! Especially since we have a certain ring for Svetlana."
(35871) DM: (ring?)
(35874) Cairne Garess: we got the ring?
(35871) DM: (no you didn't)
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "I think that can wait till the morning"
(35874) Cairne Garess: we have dead bandits?
(35868) Segrid: (nope)
(35871) DM: (there were 2 bandits left alive after the battle)
(35874) Cairne Garess: we have hooch and the blessings of the gaods.
(35868) Segrid: (we have those 2 as prisoners.. I had them bury the others)
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( and some captured bandits ))
(35866) Andraste: ((Darn, scratch what I said then, I would have made sure we searched the camp for the ring))
(35868) Segrid: "Aye, it can wait till morning. These two prisoners need to be secured."
(35871) DM: Kesten: "I'll take care of these two."
(35868) Segrid: ((we searche dthe camp, it wasn't there)
(35868) Segrid: ((maybe the bitch gave it to the stag lord))
(35868) Segrid: ((or sold it))
(35874) Cairne Garess: Hootch and divine approval.
(35866) Andraste: "Thank you, I hope you do not mind us making your jobs a little less eventful," she chuckles.
(35871) DM: One of the bandits told you that a couple of bags of loot were stolen by a group of filthy mites
(35874) Cairne Garess: well that sounds promising.
(35866) Andraste: ((Yes indeed)
(35871) DM: He thinks they most likely fled to their lair under the old sycamore tree
(35868) Segrid: Geography: [1d20+6] => [14,6] = (20)
(35866) Andraste: (Sycamore tree? *Nostalgia*)
(35868) Segrid: (Do I know where that is?)
(35871) DM: No
(35874) Cairne Garess: can the bandit show us?
(35871) DM: no, they just think that it's to the SE of the thorn river camp
(35874) Cairne Garess: good enough fo me.
(35874) Cairne Garess: does oleg have any pack saddles?
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon heads to the bunk house "I am going to bed and will see you in the morning" **
(35871) DM: most likely he does
(35874) Cairne Garess: ok, I have a list of equipment I want to pick up.
(35871) DM: After a dreamless night you awaken to the smells of cooking bacon and eggs and baking biscuits
** (35886) Carden does some extra prayers tonight **
** (35866) Andraste also awakens to a growling belly. **
(35871) DM: It is the morning of 12 Pharast and Svetlana is busy at work setting up breakfast tables outside
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon gets dressed prepares his spells for the day and heads down to grab a bite to eat **
(35874) Cairne Garess: (I first read growing belly, i was a little concerned)
(35868) Segrid: "Mmmmmnnn. So much better than dry rations."
** (35886) Carden heads to breakfast as well and smiles at Segrid's comment "indeed" **
(35866) Andraste: ((xD))
** (35866) Andraste eats her meals slowly but enjoying it immensely after two days of Segrid's and Z's cooking. **
(35871) DM: Svetlana: "Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes."
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon digs in "So good" **
(35866) Andraste: ((We're eating air it seems))
(35871) DM: Oleg calls you into the building
** (35866) Andraste heads inside after she fastens her armor and armored skirt. **
(35871) DM: Oleg: "Here's a package for you from Restov. Sounds like money to me (shakes it and coins jingle)"
(35900) Cairne Garess (enter): 19:42
(35871) DM: There is a short note along with 600 gp. This is the reward for clearing out the bandits.
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (35900) Cairne Garess...
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "Ah good"
(35900) Cairne Garess: stupid openrpg.
(35900) Cairne Garess: I bought some pack saddles, food and healers kits with the communal fund.
** (35886) Carden is just glad one task is done and noted **
(35871) DM: You notice a couple of new posters on the wall outside Oleg's office
(35871) DM: Wanted: Tatzlwyrm:

Source: Wanted poster at Oleg's Trading Post

Task: The way everyone talks about tatzlwyrms,
one might think they're swarming throughout the
Stolen Lands. This isn't the case; they're actually
quite rare. A tatzlwyrm head would be a great
conversation piece at Oleg's. He has promised a
reward for anyone who can deliver one.

Completion: Slay a tatzlwyrm and deliver its head.

Reward: Oleg will pay 600 gp for a relatively
undamaged tatzlwyrm head.
** (35866) Andraste reads the note in the package. **
(35866) Andraste: ((Woo 600 gp richer, lets divy up!)
(35871) DM: Wanted: Tuskgutter:

Source: Wanted poster at Oleg's Trading Post

Task: Every Greenbelt hunter has a story about
Tuskgutter, each wilder than the last. Whoever
manages to kill the ill-tempered beast will get a
nice reward from old, retired Vekkel Benzen, who
lost his leg to the monster pig a year ago.

Completion: Deliver Tuskgutter's head to Oleg's.

Reward: Vekkel has promised his masterwork longbow
and six +1 animal bane arrows to whoever can kill
Tuskgutter. He also promises to share the head
cheese he plans to make out of this trophy.
(35900) Cairne Garess: Androste, this looks liek your deal.
(35871) DM: Booting '(35874) Cairne Garess' from room...
(35874) Cairne Garess (exit): 19:47
(35866) Andraste: "I am interested indeed," she nods her head at both posters, mentally copying it to her head.
(35871) DM: (I already posted abuot the kobolds, didn't I?)
** (35886) Carden listens to the new tasks "I think we should clear the areas to the south east of Oleg's. Securing the area for travel" **
(35868) Segrid: "Excellent. After breakfast, we should determine our next move. We have much of the land left to explore for the sworldlords."
(35868) Segrid: (yes)
(35900) Cairne Garess: Source: Wanted poster at Oleg's Trading Post
(35900) Cairne Garess: (is the cleric around?)
(35866) Andraste: "Indeed, the south east needs to be secured, especially the land surrounding the only road from brevoy."
(35871) DM: Yes, Jhod is at breakfast
** (35886) Carden nods **
** (35886) Carden heads to the breakfast **
** (35866) Andraste turns to Brother Jhod, putting one of her wooden symbols of Erastil in front of him, a smile plastered on her face. **
(35871) DM: "Good morning, sister. You look happy."
(35900) Cairne Garess: party fund updated.
(35868) Segrid: .
(35900) Cairne Garess: it was an eventful trip
(35871) DM: "Did you find the temple?"
(35866) Andraste: "That is why I am happy. I have found the temple, and it is filled with Erastil's blessing!"
** (35868) Segrid nods. "And the bear in your dreams. Turns out he was a man... cursed perhaps." **
(35900) Cairne Garess: "I'll let Carden and Andraste tell teh story"
(35871) DM: "Very interesting."
** (35868) Segrid nods, looking at Andraste. **
(35866) Andraste: "Two miracles occured before my eyes, you see Brother Carden standing before you now because he has intervened and returned his faithful follower to life!"
(35871) DM: "Erastil be praised!"
** (35886) Carden nods "There is a divine pool at the temple
(35871) DM: "I will prepare to go there and continue the work of restoring the temple. I ask that you escort me there the next time you set out in that direction."
(35871) DM: "In return, I will provide all of my spellcasting to you for free."
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "Sure, and just so you know there are some Fae out that way, they seem friendly enough but they like to pull pranks"
(35866) Andraste: "Very generous of you Brother Jhod, but I think for now, we wish to secure the area around the south Rostland Road."
(35871) DM: "That's fine. It will take me a few days to get ready."
(35871) DM: brb
(35866) Andraste: "Or perhaps travel further south east, what do you all think?"
(35868) Segrid: "Also, speaking of the bear... of visions... there is more."
** (35886) Carden quirks a brow at Segrid **
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "How about east then south?"
** (35866) Andraste looks to Segrid, waiting for him to say more of his vision **
(35868) Segrid: "Andraste and Cairne have seen a statue of Old Deadeye... and I think I dreamt of the same statue outside of an old hunting lodge."
(35868) Segrid: "There may be more for us to find in these savage lands of the old faith."
(35871) DM: "Huh. Perhaps it is another site that is sacred to Erastil."
(35868) Segrid: "Indeed, and we will keep our eyes open."
(35866) Andraste: "Yes, Old Deadeye surely means something of the dream, something we will no doubt find out in time,"
(35871) DM: (ok, so where to now?)
** (35886) Carden nods **
(35868) Segrid: 2-6?
(35886) Carden: (east then south)
(35868) Segrid: SE
(35868) Segrid: 2-6 then 3-6
(35871) DM: hex 2-6 is a plains hex
(35900) Cairne Garess: those of you with survival, keep an eye out for tazlewyrm tracks
(35900) Cairne Garess: and boar tracks.
(35868) Segrid: Survival: [1d20+5] => [12,5] = (17); +2 vs. Humans +1 track
(35868) Segrid: (18 for tracking, 20 for tracking humans :) )
** (35886) Carden keeps an eye out for things (survival [1d20+6] => [10,6] = (16); perception [1d20+7] => [5,7] = (12)) **
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( We are headed South East I believe ))
(35900) Cairne Garess: perception
(35900) Cairne Garess: [1d20+9] => [7,9] = (16)
(35868) Segrid: east to 2-6 then south to 3-6
(35871) DM: As you explore the hex, you come upon a small hut
(35871) DM: there is a small trail of smoke rising from the chimney
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "Wonder who Lives there?"
(35900) Cairne Garess: "should we say hello?"
** (35886) Carden nods "Sure; note who is in the area nearby" **
(35900) Cairne Garess: "I guess we ride to the hut while announcing ourselves"
(35866) Andraste: "Didn't someone mentioned an old hermit making potions? Maybe this is him?"
(35871) Bokken: "Hello there. Who are you?"
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "Could be"
(35866) Andraste: "Or perhaps it is one of the many trappers living in the area," she asks, tapping her chin.
** (35871) Bokken has a couple of glass tubes in his hands. **
(35866) Andraste: "Hello there good sir. We are travellers exploring these lands and have chanced upon your cottage. I am Andraste of Brevoy, what of you?"
(35871) Bokken: "Name's Bokken."
** (35871) Bokken looks inside a covered box outside the hut. **
(35871) Bokken: "Darn it. Out of fangberries again!"
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: ?me keeps an eye out while the others Talk to the old man
(35871) Bokken: "How can I make potions to sell at Oleg's without fangberries?"
(35871) Bokken: "You know old Oleg?"
** (35866) Andraste nods her head, "We are friends with the good man, Mister Bokken." **
(35900) Cairne Garess: Ooh, Bokken has an exclemation point over his head
(35871) Bokken: "He's one of my best customers. Says people really like the taste of my potions. It's the fangberry juice that given them that special flavor."
(35871) Bokken: "Would you all be willing to do me a favor?"
(35868) Segrid: "Aye, I just drank a potion of yours the other day.. tasted better than the usual bitter taste of those draughts."
(35868) Segrid: "A friend of Oleg's is a friend of ours. What way may we aid yuou, friend?"
(35866) Andraste: "indeed, I find them a refreshing drink at times," she nods, "We could take a small detour to grab some fangberries for you, Bokken."
(35868) Segrid: Nature: [1d20+6] => [14,6] = (20)
(35871) Bokken: Gathering Fangberries:

Source: Crazy old Bokken

Task: Bokken's something of an eccentric, but he sure
knows how to make delicious potions. His secret is
fangberry juice, but he's running low. A large thicket of
fangberries grows about 55 miles southwest of Oleg's.

Completion: Bring Bokken enough berries to make
fangberry juice for seven potions. Make sure they're
not dirty... Bokken won't bother washing the berries
before he uses them.

Reward: Bokken gives the PCs a 25% discount on all
potions for a month.
(35866) Andraste: "Would you happen to have a few potions for sale?"
(35866) Andraste: ((btw did anyone divvy up the 600 gp for ending the bandits?)
(35871) Bokken: "Well, yes, let me check. Come on inside..."
(35868) Segrid: (100 each plus 100 for party fund?)
** (35866) Andraste gets off her horse, tying her reins to something solid before heading inside. **
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Yep ))
(35866) Andraste: ((What about Z?)
(35900) Cairne Garess: not that I heard of.
(35900) Cairne Garess: well then party fund is doing pretty nice.
(35871) Bokken: "I've got 2 CLWs, 2 endure elements, and one cure moderate."
(35900) Cairne Garess: but that does not cut zel a share.
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Z has missed two games so far I see no reason a share should go to her ))
(35868) Segrid: [600/7] => 85
(35900) Cairne Garess: Bokken, may I ask what disipline your trainning is under? (Cleric, druid, alchemist, adept, oracle, bard?)
(35871) Bokken: (adept)
(35868) Segrid: ((well, we can put it at 85 each and 170 for party fund and give Z her 85 out of that if she shows up again))
(35900) Cairne Garess: (Damn, in a few levels I need to hire a druid)
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon climbs off his horse "How much for one of the Cure Light Wounds?" **
(35900) Cairne Garess: (se seemed so into the game, were we too mean to her, was she afraid of segrid's socks?)
** (35886) Carden looks around **
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Could be some personal stuff, no way to know until we ask her ))
(35871) Bokken: 50 gp
(35871) Bokken: Notes: Bokken mention his younger brother and spits as he does
so, bitterly holding up his right hand and indicating his
missing pinky finger: “Bastard cut that offa me the last
time he hit my mother, Desna rest her soul. But he took off
right after to live in a hollow tree down south rather than
face the guards, so I guess it all worked out well enough.
Funny thing is I don't even remember his name.”
(35920) Zelata (enter): 20:24
(35868) Segrid: HI Z!
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon digs out 50 gold pieces and hands them over **
(35920) Zelata: ((Sorry, was at the store, attempted to hurry up, my mom had other ideas))
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (35920) Zelata...
(35868) Segrid: (85 gp reward for stopping the bandits added into your funds Z)
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "Do you remember what he looked like?"
(35920) Zelata: ((what did I miss?))
(35920) Zelata: ((Sweet))
(35900) Cairne Garess: ZEL!!!
(35900) Cairne Garess: (I cast create water over zel's head)
(35866) Andraste: "((See told you :P)
(35871) Bokken: "Not really. It's been so long ago now, and we were really just kids then."
(35868) Segrid: "Well, Bokken, we will certainly keep an eye out for whuzzhizname for you then."
(35866) Andraste: "He is living in a tree to the south...but what d you want us to do with him exactly?"
(35920) Zelata: ((DM, my character has been updated))
whispering to Zelata, email me the updated sheet or a link to it please
(35900) Cairne Garess: Just out of curiosity Bokken, have you heard about a pig named "Tuskgutter"?
(35871) Bokken: "No, but then again I don't get many visitors out here."
(35866) Andraste: ((What does Bokken want us to do with his brother?))
(35871) Bokken: "Well, I'd better get back to working on these potions. Be careful if you run into my brother. He's a crafty one."
(35900) Cairne Garess: (Zel, you missed the bandits, we killed the wbitch with the two hatchets. It was the most freaking epic fight I have been in in ages)
(35866) Andraste: ((Dont remind me D: I missed it too))
(35871) Bokken: "You can do to him as you like."
** (35871) Bokken spits again. **
(35900) Cairne Garess: Have you by any chance seen any tatzlwyrms?
(35871) Bokken: "No, not around here. I think they usually prefer being close to streams in wooded areas."
(35920) Zelata: I nod as if I know what you guys are speaking of.
(35900) Cairne Garess: (want me some tatz hides)
(35868) Segrid: "Well, Bokken, we have some more exploring to do. When we get to the berries, we'll be sur eto gather some for you."
(35871) Bokken: "You're welcome to camp out here tonight. Sun will be down in a little while."
(35868) Segrid: "That is most generous of you."
(35920) Zelata: I nods some more.
(35900) Cairne Garess: "why thank you very much Bokken!"
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "Sounds good to me"
(35920) Zelata: Ooooh! Can I make the camp fire?!"
(35886) Carden: "sure"
(35900) Cairne Garess: (before going to bed I cast Crafter's blessing on Bokken, if he makes a craft check in the next 48 hours he gets a+5 luck bonus)
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: 'Only if you are Carefull doing it"
(35920) Zelata: "yes!" I begin to dance like a small child while I gather the necceserry wood.
(35920) Zelata: "Don't worry!"
** (35868) Segrid watches Zelata dance around. **
(35866) Andraste: "Thank you, Mister Bokken. We'll ensure we find some of those berries for you indeed."
** (35866) Andraste decides to go help Zelata gather wood, dancing as well. **
** (35868) Segrid smiles. "Want help gathering the wood, Zelata?" **
** (35868) Segrid watches as Andraste joins Z's dance. "But, umm, not with the dancing." **
(35900) Cairne Garess: (Bokken spends his days crafting a potion that saves lives in a manner that makes the medacine taste bgood, it is important to encourage those that create band encorage beauty and Bokken qualifies)
(35920) Zelata: "Yes please!"
(35920) Zelata: "Oh come on! Dancing is good for lifting the spirit!"
** (35868) Segrid helps the two women gather the wood for the fire. **
(35900) Cairne Garess: ( I cast guidance on the dancers)
(35920) Zelata: I stop and ask the wizard "Is it possible to make potions to care for the hair?"
(35868) Segrid: "My spirits are high enough enjoying watching you dance. Thank you, though."
(35920) Zelata: "Like potions to untangle hair, make hair shinier, softer, and such?"
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon picks out a nice spot for his bedroll while everyone is gathering firewood **
** (35866) Andraste falls down a few times from the weight of her armor, but she is very quick to get back to her feet due to her natural agility, "Come join us, Segrid. Erastil promotes happiness in the simple things in life," she offers ahand to him. **
(35866) Andraste: "Companionship being one of them," she smiles.
(35871) DM: "Perhaps. I've never tried to make anything like that before."
** (35868) Segrid nods and begins dancing with the ladies, obviously completely unsure of himself and his movements much more rigid than his normally graceful self. **
(35920) Zelata: I frown and say "If you can, I'll pay for some!"
** (35886) Carden smirks as the other dance. He pulls out the set of antlers he got from the trolls stag. he start to work on them (craft [1d20+6] => [14,6] = (20)) **
(35868) Segrid: "I bet Svetlana would enjoy that as well. Perhaps there is a market for it."
(35871) DM: "Tell you what, I'll think about it and if I have any fangberries left over from what you bring me I'll see what I can do."
(35900) Cairne Garess: (cast guidance on carden, +1 to crafting, touches carden with luck, roll two dice, pick the best)
(35886) Carden: (cool)
(35920) Zelata: I nod and tackle hug him before continuing on my hunt for wood.
(35886) Carden: [1d20] => [6] = (6) [1d20] => [3] = (3)
(35886) Carden: (ha)
(35900) Cairne Garess: (is my dutie to encourage craftsmen)
** (35866) Andraste abuses Segrid's strength to lift up heavier fire wood. **
(35900) Cairne Garess: ok, so merely a 21
(35900) Cairne Garess: it works better in combat
(35900) Cairne Garess: luck domain is fun.
(35920) Zelata: I stop and say "Wait! Mr. Wizard, can you teach me how to brew potions?!"
(35900) Cairne Garess: so are cantrips.
** (35868) Segrid uses the heavier wood as an excuse to stop dancing as much. **
(35871) DM: "I'm an adept, honey. Probably don't have the patience to teach anyone now."
(35900) Cairne Garess: (besides, you are thinking craft: alchemy)
(35920) Zelata: I make a pouty face. "Do you know anyone who could?"
** (35886) Carden is able to get a rough dagger formed from one side of the antlers tonight and he'll leave it at that for now. Planning to work on it during the travel. He pulls his kit away before getting a small bite to eat **
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon watches everyone dancing around and wonders how they can sttill have so much energy **
(35900) Cairne Garess: "ok everyone I'm going to start the fire"
(35868) Segrid: Once Zelata has the fire started, Segris sits by the fire sharpening his longsword and watching the flames dance.
(35920) Zelata: "NO!" I tackle segrid and say "MY FIRE!"
(35920) Zelata: I start the fire with some spells
(35868) Segrid: (I think you mean Cairne)
(35900) Cairne Garess: :P
(35871) DM: The night passes uneventfully except for a period of about 20 minutes of very loud snorning coming from Bokken's hut.
(35900) Cairne Garess: awesome.
(35871) DM: You are up at the crack of dawn. Bokken is apparently still sleeping.
(35871) DM: Today is 13 Pharast.
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon readies himself and his spells for the coming day **
(35920) Zelata: I frown and say "WAKE UP MR. WIZARD!"
(35900) Cairne Garess: we are down to merely 87 days worth of trail rations
** (35886) Carden cringes as Zelata yells **
(35900) Cairne Garess: I wake up and cast create water on Zel.
(35868) Segrid: "Let the man sleep, Zelata. He's old and has earned that much."
(35900) Cairne Garess: I mean 87 servings, its like 13 days.
(35920) Zelata: I tackle Cairne and smear mud on his face.
(35920) Zelata: I say "Fiiiiiiiiiiiine"
** (35886) Carden shakes his head at the two as he packs up **
(35900) Cairne Garess: get offa me you burning ditz
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon shakes his in disapprovel **
(35920) Zelata: I said segrid o,..,o
(35920) Zelata: ((Nvm))
(35900) Cairne Garess: (I cast prestidigitation to clean the harpy sweat off of me, and the mud.)
(35920) Zelata: "Quit getting me all wet! It's uncomfortable!"
** (35866) Andraste wakes up a bit earlier, "Hello friends," she says as they all awaken, "Not too much mischief in the morning, Zelata. Wouldn't want to burn out too soon do we?" **
(35900) Cairne Garess: (are her trail rations just pixie sticks?)
(35868) Segrid: "It'll take more than a few gallons to douse that flame, my friend. "
(35920) Zelata: ((I cast presdigitation to create a breeze to annoy his eyes))
** (35886) Carden mounts up, waiting for the others **
(35920) Zelata: ((Yes, they are))
(35868) Segrid: "Shall we continue our explorqations, then?"
** (35868) Segrid mounts up. **
(35920) Zelata: ((Remember, she is 14 and has ADHD ;) ))
(35920) Zelata: "Yeah! I miss the fairies!"
(35900) Cairne Garess: (I top off everyone's water and douse the ashes of the fire.)
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon eates then mounts up ready to head out **
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( I did not know she was 14 ))
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( I was thinking closer to 20 ))
(35868) Segrid: "Yeah, we saw them on the way back. Too bad you went ahead of us."
(35920) Zelata: ((Nah 14))
(35920) Zelata: I eat my rations as well.
(35868) Segrid: "They send their regards."
(35920) Zelata: I begin to pout (( brb laundry ))
(35900) Cairne Garess: (hit the books, though I don't really need to study)
(35900) Cairne Garess: (pray)
(35871) DM: (off to hex 3-6?)
(35900) Cairne Garess: "We fed them"
(35868) Segrid: (yes)
(35900) Cairne Garess: (conjure a salt lick for trouble, let him lick it before it disapears into nothingness)
(35871) DM: Hex 3-6 is a grasslands hex
** (35866) Andraste prepares her bow and her sword in case of combat, leading the party with Segrid. **
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon stays toward the middle of the group **
(35871) DM: As you are riding along you come upon an area widely strewn with bones
(35868) Segrid: As we travel, Segrid speaks to Andraste and Carden for more information about the worship of Erastil.
(35868) Segrid: When we get to the bones, Segrid falls silent and looks around for signs of enemies or other dangers
(35900) Cairne Garess: Anyone here any good at animal training?
(35868) Segrid: Perception: [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25); +2 vs. Humans
** (35866) Andraste gladly explains the more simple terms of Erastillian worship, but as they enter the boneyard she draws her bow, but keeps one hand on her shield, **
(35866) Andraste: (Nice one Seg) [1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4) Perception
(35920) Zelata: ((Guys, brb, need to run to the store, Adraste, can you ghost me? I can send you my sheet))
(35871) DM: Segrid, looking up ahead, you see what looks like a flap or lid of grass move up slightly then close back down
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon readies his crossbow "Keep your eyes open" **
(35868) Segrid: "Something underground. Everyone be ready." Segrid points.
** (35886) Carden keeps an eye out for things (survival [1d20+6] => [20,6] = (26); perception [1d20+7] => [9,7] = (16)) **
(35868) Segrid: and dismounts
(35868) Segrid: Drawing shield and sword
(35900) Cairne Garess: [1d20+9] => [4,9] = (13)
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon climbs off his horse when the others do so "See something?" **
(35900) Cairne Garess: (Dismounts, tells trouble not to go far)
(35871) DM: you notice that the bones are from all kinds of animals--boars, bears, deer, and even a few human bones
** (35868) Segrid cautiously moves towards where he saw the grass move. **
** (35866) Test1 stays on her horse, keeping cautious, casting detect evil in front of where she is going. **
(35900) Cairne Garess: jeremiah, you look spooky.
** (35866) Andraste stays on her horse, keeping cautious, casting detect evil in front of where she is going. **
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon follows after **
(35900) Cairne Garess: I say, t'is is a worryin' predicamen'.
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Yeah was the only Tiefling picture I could find that did not look down right evil ))
(35900) Cairne Garess: hey guys, I've got some new buffs in my buff store.
(35871) DM: As Segrid approaches, suddently a large spider jumps out from beneath the flap...
(35871) DM: roll initiative
(35871) DM: Initiative [1d20+5] => [13,5] = (18)
(35900) Cairne Garess: [1d20+4] => [15,4] = (19)
(35866) Andraste: [1d20+3] => [2,3] = (5) Init
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: Initiative: [1d20+2] => [17,2] = (19)
(35886) Carden: [1d20+2] => [12,2] = (14)
(35868) Segrid: Initiative: [1d20+5] => [9,5] = (14)
(35900) Cairne Garess: jerimiah has a nbetter dex than me, he goes first.
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( My Dex is 14 ))
(35871) DM: Z?
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Do you have Improved Init Cairne? ))
(35900) Cairne Garess: yes
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( then you can go before me ))
(35900) Cairne Garess: me or jerimiah
(35900) Cairne Garess: or spidy
(35866) Andraste: (higher MOD wins, so Cairne)
(35900) Cairne Garess: I cast bless
(35871) DM: ok, start of round 1
(35866) Andraste: (Two cardens? In case one dies :P)
(35871) DM: Cairne's turn
(35871) DM: you see this big black and red spider the size of a pony
(35900) Cairne Garess: Everyone who is 50' of me gets a +1 to strike an a+1 to save against fear
(35900) Cairne Garess: I 5' to androste
(35871) DM: it has climbed out of its tunnel and is heading for segrid
(35871) DM: Jeremiah's turn
(35900) Cairne Garess: (I am awesome)
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( I use Arcane pool to Enhance my Cross bow and Then Fire at the Giant spider ))
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: Ranged: Arcane Light Crossbow: Attack [1d20+4] => [18,4] = (22) Damage [1d8+1] => [3,1] = (4) Crit on 19-20/x2 Range 80ft
(35871) DM: hit
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Thats a 23 On the attack with Cairnes Thing ))
(35900) Cairne Garess: open rpg does not like images from wikipedia.
(35871) DM: it's AC is 18
(35950) Arelius (enter): 21:14
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (35950) carden...
(35871) DM: The spider changes course and closes with Jeremiah
(35871) DM: and tries to bite him
(35871) DM: Bite [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15), Damage [1d6+2] => [3,2] = (5) plus poison
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( My Ac is 15 ))
(35866) Andraste: "Away from my friend you vile thing! I shall be your foe," she says,
(35866) Andraste: ((That hits then))
(35866) Andraste: ((you should roll fort save vs poison)
(35871) DM: make a fort save, DC 16
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Do I need to roll fort for thr Poison?))
(35871) DM: yes
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: Defenses: FORT: [1d20+3+1] => [17,3,1] = (21)
(35900) Cairne Garess: nice
(35871) DM: you are not affected by the poison
(35871) DM: Carden's turn
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "Son of a..!"
** (35950) carden readies his bow as he nudges his horse forward abit before he notches an arrow; it soon flying towards the spider ([1d20+4] => [3,4] = (7) dmg [1d8+3] => [3,3] = (6)) **
(35950) carden: (boo)
(35871) DM: Segrid's turn
** (35868) Segrid moves over to flank the spider and attacks Blessed Flanking Longsword [1d20+9] => [16,9] = (25) (Crit 19-20/x2) for [1d8+2] => [3,2] = (5) damage **
(35871) DM: you land a solid blow on the spider
(35871) DM: Andraste's turn
(35871) DM: You there?
(35871) DM: Adraste is uncharacteristicly frozen in fear
(35871) DM: round 2
(35871) DM: Cairne's turn
(35900) Cairne Garess: I give Jerimiah the touch of luck, he rolls two dice on his next d20 roll and picks the best
(35871) DM: J's turn
(35871) DM: Booting '(35886) Carden' from room...
(35886) Carden (exit): 21:23
(35866) Andraste: ((sorry, was using the restroom)
(35866) Andraste: (I'll be more attentive from now on)
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Going to drop my Crossbow Draw my longsword and attack the Spider ))
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: Melee: Longsword: Attack [1d20+3] => [2,3] = (5) Damage [1d8+2] => [8,2] = (10) Crit 19-20/x2
(35871) DM: spidey dodges your blow
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Second d20 [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20) ))
(35900) Cairne Garess: roll again
(35900) Cairne Garess: roxors.
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( nice ))
(35871) DM: but then takes a direct hit to the face
(35871) DM: do you want to roll again for damage? you'll have to take what you get if you do
(35866) Andraste: (Why would he roll again for max damage xD)
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( No you only reroll the Attack Dice Damage is not rerolled ))
(35871) DM: now spidey tries to bite you again
(35871) DM: Bite [1d20+4] => [19,4] = (23), Damage [1d6+2] => [6,2] = (8) plus poison
(35871) DM: DC 16 fort save again
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: Defenses: FORT: [1d20+3+1] => [5,3,1] = (9)
(35871) DM: [1d2] => [2] = (2) str damage
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "GAH!"
(35871) DM: Carden's turn
(35871) DM: spidey looks like he's on his last legs
(35866) Andraste: ((Also just say I am surprised next time, Andraste is completely immune to fear))
** (35950) carden summons the might of Erastil (judgement destruction) and fires another arrow at the spider...[1d20+4] => [15,4] = (19) dmg [1d8+4] => [1,4] = (5) **
(35866) Andraste: (er wait nevermind, thats level 4 xD)
(35871) DM: Carden's arrow hits true, felling the vile beast!
** (35868) Segrid goes over to the spot the spider came from to see what's down there. **
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon sits down hard "I don't feel so great" **
(35900) Cairne Garess: [1d20+8] => [8,8] = (16)
(35900) Cairne Garess: Heal (treat poison, dc 16)
(35868) Segrid: Perception: [1d20+5] => [15,5] = (20); +2 vs. Humans
(35871) DM: (it's a DC 10 climb check to descend the tunnel, which is covered in webs)
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "Thanks man"
(35900) Cairne Garess: "I have a torch in my pack, give me some time to patch up Jeremiah"
** (35950) carden collects the arrow from the spider and wipes it clean before following Segrid **
(35868) Segrid: Climb: [1d20-2] => [11,-2] = (9)
(35900) Cairne Garess: The treat poison gives you a +4 to your save, it does not cure or stop the poison
** (35866) Andraste moves over to Jeremiah, "Hold still!" she says, touching his hand trying to draw out the poison, suddenly, a wave of healing passes through his body [1d6] => [4] = (4) hp healed from lay on hands. **
** (35868) Segrid tries again **
(35868) Segrid: Climb: [1d20-2] => [9,-2] = (7)
** (35868) Segrid gets closer to falling. **
(35900) Cairne Garess: Segrid, hold on a minute, I will help you in a minute, but I have to make sure the poison has run its course.
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "Thanks for that, feel better already"
(35900) Cairne Garess: can I take ten on a heal check now that tcombat is over?
(35871) DM: yes
** (35950) carden tries to climb inside [1d20+5] => [7,5] = (12) **
(35866) Andraste: "Well...thats new?" she says, releashing her grip on Jeremiah.
(35868) Segrid: "Hmmmnnn.. I could make the climb if I do this." (puts away his shield and takes 10)
(35871) DM: You make your way down about 25' to the bottom of the shaft
(35900) Cairne Garess: Ok, I'm not sure how many saves you have to make but you get a +4 to each of them
(35871) DM: there is a partially-consumed body of a bandit lying here
(35871) DM: the body is wearing leather armor and there is a short sword nearby
(35871) DM: you can make a perception check to search the body
** (35950) carden comments loudly "Eeww." He looks around at area/body [1d20+7] => [3,7] = (10) **
(35871) DM: (poison cure is just 1 save)
(35871) DM: (or effect is over after 4 rounds)
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon gets back on his feet "Lets go see if they found anything" **
(35920) Zelata: ((I have a bit apparently, until we leave, so, I will play until I have to go))
(35920) Zelata: I cast Resistance on the person that is being effected by poison.
(35900) Cairne Garess: Ok, Zel, when Segrid is done with that cave I need it to be on fire, can you do that?
(35920) Zelata: Gives him a +1 to the save.
(35866) Andraste: "Do you need any more healing, Heremiah? I think I can still do it a few more times."
(35871) DM: Segrid, roll perception please
(35900) Cairne Garess: I also can heal.
(35868) Segrid: Perception: [1d20+5] => [13,5] = (18); +2 vs. Humans
(35871) DM: You find 10 gp on the bandit's body
(35920) Zelata: My face lights up and I begin emptying all my grease containers ((I have 5 I think)) and then throwing all my burnables down (Extra clothing rope and some lamp oil))
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( Guys poison is taken care of ))
(35920) Zelata: (( kk ))
(35900) Cairne Garess: how about hit points?
(35920) Zelata: "Just give me the word and it's ablaze!" She said, her face is lit up with excitment.
(35871) DM: as well as a silver Stag Lord amulet woth 20 gp on a leather thong around the bandit's neck
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "Save it we may need it later"
(35871) DM: then you notice something protruding from the bandit's left boot
** (35868) Segrid examines the short sword **
(35900) Cairne Garess: ok, I'll wait till tonight.
(35868) Segrid: Huh
(35871) DM: it is a scrap of paper
** (35868) Segrid looks in the boot. **
** (35868) Segrid rolls out the paper and takes a look at it. **
(35866) Andraste: "Alright, my friend. You look a little weak, do you need some rest before we continue?"
(35871) DM: the scrap of paper bears a simple drawing of a claw-shaped dead tree atap an otherwise barren hill, with an 'X' in blood scrawled by the tree's roots.
(35920) Zelata: ((kk, gtg, when they tell me, I light it on fire, bbl in like 10 mins k?))
(35900) Cairne Garess: what? you want that I burn the cave?
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "Ill be fine"
(35900) Cairne Garess: you look pretty pale for someone who is fine.
** (35868) Segrid ties a rope around the corpse, pockets the gold map and amulet, slings the sword, and begins the climb back up, letting the rope lag behind him so the body can be brought up and properly buried. **
** (35950) carden quirks a brow at the makeshift map of Segrid's hand and goes to exit **
(35866) Andraste: "Indeed," she nods at Cairne, "But if you say you can travel, I will not stop you, but we can stop anytime you like. Those were bad bites."
(35900) Cairne Garess: Indeed, I start sorting out the human bones in the piles of bones for burial as well.
(35868) Segrid: Once up, Segrid drags the bandit's body up. "I suggest we bury this man.. as well as any human bones in this field."
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "Well they do Itch a bit"
(35871) DM: After burying the body you spend what is left of the day completing the exploration and mapping of this hex.
(35868) Segrid: (lol, good call Cairne)
** (35868) Segrid shares the map and the gold with the others. **
(35950) carden: "I surprised there has been so many bandits operating here"
(35866) Andraste: "Again with this stag silver symbol, it is probably connected to the Stag lord. Perhaps we should collect these, it may help if we try and infiltrate his base later."
(35900) Cairne Garess: (Channel energy)
(35900) Cairne Garess: [1d6+8] => [2,8] = (10)
(35900) Cairne Garess: [1d6] => [1] = (1)
(35868) Segrid: "Probably got attacked headed towards the road to the north."
(35900) Cairne Garess: [1d6] => [6] = (6)
(35900) Cairne Garess: 9 hit points
(35900) Cairne Garess: everyone is healed 9 hit points
** (35950) carden nods **
(35871) DM: You are also able to get a full 8 hours of sleep overnight.
(35900) Cairne Garess: and for a split second as the positive energy pulses through you yo see the world as the beautiful thing it is.
(35900) Cairne Garess: Zel, light up that spider hole.
(35866) Andraste: "Thank you Cairne, it appears our night in the temple and perhaps drinking the healing waters itself has empowered us to heal wounds before our eyes, I give my thanks to Erastil for this divine gift."
(35900) Cairne Garess: (we torch the trapdoor)
(35871) DM: the webbing and dead grass burns hot and quick
(35900) Cairne Garess: Praise be to Sheyln. And Earistil.
(35950) carden: "Amen"
(35871) DM: ok, now it's 14 Pharast
(35871) DM: where to today?
** (35950) carden gets up and heads out **
(35868) Segrid: 3-7?
(35950) carden: (east again?)
(35900) Cairne Garess: 81 rations left.
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon readies himself and his spells for the day **
(35900) Cairne Garess: unless spiders are edible.
(35900) Cairne Garess: (I pray)
(35871) DM: You spend this day exploring and mapping hex 3-7, which is another grasslands/plains hex
(35900) Cairne Garess: (and bribe trouble with another conjured treat)
(35871) DM: The day is uneventful for the most part except for a short mid-day rain shower.
(35900) Cairne Garess: (Any edible animals?)
(35900) Cairne Garess: [1d20+8] => [13,8] = (21)
(35871) DM: (we'll do one more hex tonight)
** (35868) Segrid enjoys the cleansing rain until he gets cold from it. **
(35871) DM: Yes, you don't have any problem finding game
(35900) Cairne Garess: (I tell Zel the rain is the gods disaproving of her hfire)
(35868) Segrid: (South from here?)
(35871) DM: to hex 4-6 or 4-7?
(35866) Andraste: (I vote 6)
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( sounds good to me ))
(35950) carden: (ok)
(35868) Segrid: 4-6 then
(35871) DM: ok
(35871) DM: As you explore hex 4-6, you begin to encounter more hilly terain (this is a hills hex).
(35866) Andraste: "It is a good thing we did, ending that spider's life, it has killed a few humans it seems, no doubt passerbys, but also bandits."
(35871) DM: Riding along, you see off in the distance an old lightning-struck oak tree that stands atop a low hill. The only tree in a 2-mile radius.
(35868) Segrid: "It would be a danger to anyone travelling in the area."
(35900) Cairne Garess: well, that looks like something
(35871) DM: Approaching from the north, the tree looks eerily like a claw reaching for the clouds.
(35868) Segrid: "That looks like the tree on the bandit's map."
** (35868) Segrid pulls out the map. **
(35900) Cairne Garess: well then, lets check it out.
** (35950) carden quirks a brow and looks around; wondering the cause here (perception [1d20+7] => [3,7] = (10); Survival [1d20+6] => [11,6] = (17)) **
(35900) Cairne Garess: also detect magic on the stuff segrid found.
(35871) DM: (no magic auras on those items)
** (35868) Segrid rides Halafos closer then dismounts to check out the tree and the ground around it. **
(35871) DM: make a survival check
(35950) carden: [1d20+6] => [13,6] = (19)
(35871) DM: and you can add your tracking bonus
(35868) Segrid: Survival: [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8); +2 vs. Humans +1 track
(35900) Cairne Garess: cast guidance on arc\den when he starts slooking at the dirt all intense.
(35900) Cairne Garess: carden
(35900) Cairne Garess: +1 to kill
(35900) Cairne Garess: skill
(35900) Cairne Garess: why can I not tiype?
(35900) Cairne Garess: type!
** (35868) Segrid knows something is here, so take 20.... **
(35871) DM: On the north side of the tree, in a hollow at the base of the trunk near the roots, you see a section of earth that has been disturbed
(35868) Segrid: for 28 vs. human
** (35868) Segrid digs **
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "Find Something?"
** (35950) carden aids Segrid **
(35871) DM: after about 10 minutes of digging, you manage to unearth a bundle wrapped in a heavy leather cloak
(35900) Cairne Garess: I cast detect magic
(35871) DM: you detect magic!
(35871) DM: upon cutting the binding and unwrapping the bundle, you find the following:
(35866) Andraste: "I think this is what's his name's house. Bokken's brother."
(35871) DM: a masterwork dagger
(35866) Andraste: "He did mention he lived in a tree, just a guess however."
(35871) DM: a wand of burning hands (CL 2, 8 charges)
(35871) DM: a silver ring worth 75 gp (not a wedding ring)
(35871) DM: a potion of CLW
(35871) DM: a masterwork heavy mace
(35866) Andraste: (ooo a mace)
(35871) DM: (which seems out of place with the other stuff)
(35871) DM: a potion of water breathing
(35871) DM: 10 pp
(35871) DM: and finally a spellbook
(35871) DM: Unfortunately, rain has seeped down into the cache and has damaged much of the spellbook
** (35760) Jeremiah Nixon gives a low whistle at the find **
(35871) DM: but five spells remain legible: identify, mage armor, reduce person, silent image, and unseen servant
(35900) Cairne Garess: Uh, want book?
(35866) Andraste: "This is...quite a haul," she says, looking at the esquisite mace.
(35900) Cairne Garess: may I has book?
(35871) DM: the leather cloak is not magical
(35868) Segrid: "Indeed., Cairne, I'm sure you will get the most use of it. Zel can't read anyway."
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: "I have no intrest in those spells"
(35900) Cairne Garess: you know what? I'm just going to take the book as my part of the treasure, anyone object to me putting the postions in the kitty?
(35868) Segrid: "oop, err... choses not to learn spells that way, that is."
(35871) DM: so we'll stop here
(35871) DM: you'll spend the night camping in this hex
(35868) Segrid: "Sounds good to me, Master Garess."
(35970) Andraste (enter): 22:08
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (35970) Andraste...
(35900) Cairne Garess: Zel will get a kick out of the wand, unless we want to sell it.
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: (( kk will see yall next week ))
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon: Disconnecting from server...
(35760) Jeremiah Nixon (exit): 22:09
(35900) Cairne Garess: My dagger is allready a masterwork, so I have no need of it.
(35950) carden: Carden wont take any
(35871) DM: so we'll play Kingmaker next week and on the 20th, then I think I will offer to run something different on 12/27 and 1/3 and whoever wants to play can
(35900) Cairne Garess: I will spend the next four hours trying to figure out the spells that I do not allready have in my spellbook.
(35871) DM: then we'll resume Kingmaker on 1/10
(35900) Cairne Garess: [1d20+8] => [19,8] = (27)
(35900) Cairne Garess: [1d20+8] => [12,8] = (20)
(35900) Cairne Garess: [1d20+8] => [2,8] = (10)
(35900) Cairne Garess: [1d20+8] => [7,8] = (15)
 (35900) Cairne Garess: I can cast every spell but the illusion, but illusion is my bane anyway.
(35900) Cairne Garess: I am a Conjurer, why would I want to fake creating something anyway?
Disconnecting from server...
Game disconnected!

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